Chapter 502.1 - The Secret Of The Demonic Qi

Chapter 502.1: The Secret Of The Demonic Qi

Myriad swords secret art, this was the real myriad swords secret art. It was not the kind of technique that many cultivators use to turn one sword into ten thousand swords, but the real myriad swords secret art that use thousands of flying swords to attack.

Among the dao sects, perhaps some high-level sects could use the power of the whole sect to use such a technique. Other than that, no one could have the luxury of Yang Chen.

It’s not that having 10,000 flying swords in your hand would automatically make you able to perform this technique. The realm of spiritual awareness should be enough to be able to hold thousands of flying swords, this was the real trouble. And even if your spiritual awareness was extremely powerful, if the flying swords were not completely their own flying swords that retained their aura, it was impossible to do this.

In this mortal world, only Yang Chen, who was uniquely blessed with Xiao Tian, could truly use this technique. Of course, every flying sword was controlled after Xiao Tian, adding countless powers out of thin air.

Not to mention, the sharpness alone was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. And now, what Yang Chen wanted to use was this characteristic.

Thousands of sharp flying swords slashed on the same thousands of vines. Wherever the sword net went, the effect was that the vines encountered were being cut by thousands of knives, countless tiny pieces of finely divided branches kept flying around.

Wouldn’t the vines just recover? He would just cut it to pieces and see how it recovered. Yang Chen was playing with this idea, and he also needed to use this sword net to break the giant net of vines and escape from it. In other people’s circles, this was not an active way of fighting.

Yang Chen’s method worked well, and the sky full of vines was almost chopped into pieces by this huge sword net. Unfortunately, Yang Chen did not escape from the giant net of vines.

Although the chopped vines could not be restored for a while, every fragment that was chopped down began to diffuse into a thick black mist. Before Yang Chen’s flying sword flew back, the black mist contaminated the body of the flying swords.

Not every flying sword was tempered by the way of tempering a life source magic weapon, and not every flying sword was a flying sword that was accustomed to use, carefully refined, so those are just cleansing the flying sword. The unformed sword spirit in the middle, the flying sword that became blank, was immediately contaminated by the black mist.

Yang Chen controlled the flying swords and immediately noticed that something full of a cold and terrifying aura had touched his spiritual awareness thread, and he was shocked.

This was an unprecedented experience, even if he killed the demonic fiends with the demon qi before, he had never felt like this before. This pervasive black qi, could it be the demonic qi that was purified by this monster vine?

The demonic qi in the demon continent was very terrifying, but under normal circumstances, as long as it was not in the battle, the Yuanying stage masters could basically keep the demonic qi out of their body. Of course the prerequisite was not to enter the area with dense demonic qi, otherwise, if the cultivation base was not enough, they would only suffer the same fate as those demonic fiends.

Yang Chen didn’t expect that he would be attacked by demonic qi at this moment. Although it only invaded the flying sword, the spiritual awareness threads connected to the flying swords already felt the aura of the demonic qi.

If only a few of the flying swords were contaminated with the demonic qi, Yang Chen won’t feel too much anger, but this time there were thousands of flying swords. Yang Chen’s myriad swords secret art smashed countless vines at the same time but it also absorbed a lot of demonic qi and all of these demonic qi were fed back into Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness through the spiritual awareness threads connected with Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Boom, in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, as if a bomb had suddenly detonated, the whole area shook. But immediately, it was suppressed by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness.

Countless strands of black air permeated Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness threads and entered Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness. The black air only permeated for a while, and a black monster vine phantom formed in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, then it began to frantically attack the surroundings regardless.

However, this level of attack was simply not worth mentioning to Yang Chen. Yang Chen was about to easily erase the phantom of this monster vine and suddenly his heart moved, wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to understand the demonic qi?

After making a decision, Yang Chen did not immediately expel the demonic qi, but while controlling all the flying swords, he kept cutting off the branches of the vines that had just been connected but had not yet fully grown, while letting it go. Those black mists entered the sea of consciousness along his spiritual awareness threads.

The demon vine in his sea of consciousness was less than the size of a ruler at first, but as more and more demonic qi came in, the phantom began to grow up, and soon reached 3 meters in radius.

However, such a small size was simply a drop in the ocean for Yang Chen’s hundreds of acres of sea of consciousness. In order to thoroughly understand the characteristics of these demonic qi, Yang Chen simply let go of his consciousness and began to take the initiative to absorb the demonic qi.

This was a rather risky move, so when Yang Chen’s phantom vine in the sea of consciousness swelled to about ten feet, Yang Chen stopped absorbing it.

All the flying swords were recalled, and the black energy attached to the flying swords was absorbed by Yang Chen. Then, two fire dragons appeared around Yang Chen’s body. The yin and yang heaven burning fire directly formed a huge fire circle of ten meters square, blocking all the vines of the demonized monster vine.

The chopped branches of the demonized monster vine driven by instinct quickly recovered, but it seemed to be a little thinner than before. Immediately afterwards, countless branches began to rush towards the ring of fire that wrapped Yang Chen. As soon as it touched the flames, the vines immediately burned, causing the branches to retreat for a while.

The flame this time was completely different from the flame on Yang Chen’s bright Ray sword. No matter how much juice the demonized monster vine secretes, it cannot extinguish the burning flame. Instead, the juice was quickly dried by the slowly burning flame and disappeared into the wind.

The burning branches trembled randomly in the air, as if painful, but no branches dared to fall, the countless branches that did not burn, wrapped Yang Chen including the ring of fire from a distance, forming a big cocoon that was airtight.

Those branches that have been burnt were constantly swimming around in the forest, shaking wildly. After being unable to extinguish the flames above, the demonized monster vine seemed to have made a decision. All the burning vines quickly gathered together, and then the roots of the vines were quickly cut off. All the vines that were not on fire, all left this area.

This move surprised Yang Chen, who had always been in contact with the flame. Isn’t it that these demonized monsters have completely lost their active consciousness and act only by instinct? How could this demonized monster vine still make the decision to retreat?

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