Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1407 - Exile Her From Country A

Chapter 1407: Exile Her From Country A

Late at night, Mu Yanyan was inside Lu Yeming’s room and wearing his shirt.

Narrowed eyes pinpointed on him in accusation.

Their eyes met. Jun Xiqing averted her gaze and turned to leave.

“Sister Jun!” Mu Yanyan called out in panic before quickly rushing after her as she caught Jun Xiqing’s hand and tried to explain. “Sister Jun, you have misunderstood. Nothing is going on between me and President Lu. After I hit my forehead just now, I went to take a shower. I didn’t have any clothes to change into, so… so I wore President Lu’s shirt.”

“Miss Jun, please don’t misunderstand President Lu. I can see that he likes you a lot. President Lu is so busy but will still take the time every day to coax you to pay more attention to him. Please don’t be angry with him anymore.”

Jun Xiqing halted her steps and looked at Mu Yanyan in amusement. “Miss Mu, please let go of me.”

“Miss Jun, if you are angry. Just scold me. You can even hit me…”

The words almost made Jun Xiqing laugh out loud. This Mu Yanyan truly loved to act.

“Miss Mu, please let go. I know that nothing happened between the two of you as it was your President Lu who messaged me to come over.”


Mu Yanyan was stunned.

Jun Xiqing smirked and waved the cell phone in her hand. She was not trying to mock her but her action itself was still full of derision.

Face pale, Mu Yanyan looked at the silent Lu Yeming.

Lu Yeming was looking at Jun Xiqing but his words were directed at Mu Yanyan. His tone was gentle. “Go back inside first.”


With that, Mu Yanyan obediently entered the room.

The two of them stood in the corridor and Jun Xiqing looked at Lu Yeming. “You messaged me to come over just to have me witness this?”

Lu Yeming smirked nonchalantly and stepped toward her, forcing her into a corner. He slapped one palm against the wall with a smack. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at her calmly. “Qingqing, this is my final attempt at coaxing you. Don’t be angry with me anymore. Let’s make up, okay?”

“Oh.” Jun Xiqing met his gaze with a smile. “President Lu, I see that you are now high in demand. There are countless women desperate to marry you, including this Miss Mu. If I continue being angry at you, you will take back your tiny bit of affection and transfer it to another woman?”

“Qingqing, this Mu Yanyan is not comparable to you at all. Nevertheless, she is obedient and sensible and takes great pains to please me. She really wants me to like her. Any man, especially a powerful man like me, would like her type.”

With that, Lu Yeming caressed her face. “I said before that I don’t have extra time and energy to spend on a woman. I have already invested too much in you, and wish to spend the rest of my life with you. But if you are truly unwilling, I will not force you. Mu Yanyan is also not bad. At least she knows how to please me.

“Qingqing, this is your last chance. Don’t play any more games with me to try and raise your value. Too many antics may end up derailing the train.”

After that unhappy incident at the hospital, Jun Xiqing had wanted to talk things out with him properly when she received his message. But now after listening to his speech, Jun Xiqing could see that there was no point at all.

It was not love, so she could be replaced anytime.

In his heart, he would always be comparing her to Mu Yanyan and other women, to see who was better. If she hadn’t seen his expression of deep love three years ago, she would have thought he was just that sort of guy.

But she knew he wasn’t.

He was the most devoted man she had ever met.

However, she was not the one he loved.

Jun Xiqing had never been the sort of person who wavered between choices or compromised herself for the sake of others. She blinked before looking up at him. “Lu Yeming, let’s break up then.”

Let’s break up.

She said ‘break up’.

Lu Yeming’s eardrums started to ache. No one knew if it was because this was the first time in his life that he was being ditched by a girl. A chilly malevolence came over his handsome face. “Say it again.”

Jun Xiqing felt like her heart had been stabbed. It was a gut-wrenching pain. But the more pain she felt, the more radiantly she smiled. “Lu Yeming, I said let’s break up. You can go find a woman who knows how to please you and service you. It can be Mu Yanyan or Mu Yanyan number two or Mu Yanyan number three. I won’t love you anymore.”

After she finished her sentence, the atmosphere turned so quiet that it would have been easy to hear a pin drop.

Suffocating. Oppressive.

Lu Yeming’s profound eyes glazed over with a tinge of red. Several seconds later, he gave a sudden laugh. “Alright. As you wish.”

Then he turned to leave. Passing a rubbish bin, he lifted a leg and kicked it.

The bin smashed into pieces with a loud crack.

He was full of anger.

Behind him, Jun Xiqing leaned against the wall. The rims of her eyes were moist.

At this moment, Lu Yeming turned back and glared at her furiously. “Watch your step in the future. You are nothing now, while I am still the emperor. If you dare to cross me, I will kill you.”

This time, he left for real.

After he threatened her.

Jun Xiqing held her face in her own hands. She felt like crying and laughing at the same time. This Lu Yeming was the most loutish miscreant she had ever met.

At the end of the day, she was still his ex and they had had a relationship. But he was so heartless when he was angered.

Jun Xiqing left the bar and Ping Ping grumbled behind her. “Your Highness, this President Lu is too much!”

Jun Xiqing remained silent.

Fan Men came over with a bunch of men in black. The men all had guns affixed to their waists. They looked like they were part of the Imperial Forest Army and appeared very forbidding.

Fan Men stood in front of Jun Xiqing. “Miss Jun, His Highness has ordered for your exile. You are to leave Country A immediately!”


Ping Ping gasped. What?

“Miss Jun, you heard correctly. His Highness is requesting that you leave Country A immediately. If you refuse, you will be arrested and jailed. Moreover…”

Fan Men glanced at Ping Ping before steeling his resolve and forging on. “Moreover, His Highness said that in the future, please avoid the places where he might be. Don’t ever appear before him again.”

Jun Xiqing crouched over and clenched her fists. This Lu Yeming was really burning the bridge that connected them. He was going to make things ugly between them.

Where was his nobility, his maturity, his dignity, his graciousness?

This lunatic!

At this moment, a bulletproof luxury car came to a stop near them. Jun Xiqing looked up. The window of the backseat was wound down to reveal a flawlessly handsome face. Lu Yeming.

And beside him sat the lovely Mu Yanyan.

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