You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1797 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (27)

Chapter 1797: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (27)

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After Qiao Yiyi said that, she lowered her head and continued eating.

Her mouth was very small and thus ate really slowly. Although so, she just kept eating continuously.

Lu Nanze watched her finish a breakfast meant for two. Everything went into her stomach and only a bowl of porridge was left for Li Tingting.

Lu Nanze’s gaze shifted to her flat stomach again.

After eating so much, where did all the food go?

When Li Tingting walked out of the bathroom, she no longer had any energy to argue with Qiao Yiyi about breakfast.

All she had done yesterday evening was vomit.

And all she had done today was vomit too. All this vomiting had resulted in her feeling weak now.

She sat on the sofa weakly and only regained a little energy after finishing the bowl of porridge.

Then she lifted her head once again. Qiao Yiyi had already sat by the hospital bed and was preparing food for Lu Nanze.

Watching the scene, Li Tingting was filled with envy. She directly took a step forward and said, “Let me feed Second Brother.”

The moment Qiao Yiyi heard her words, she took a glance at Lu Nanze, finished preparing his breakfast and moved aside.

Li Tingting took a step forward and picked up the porridge and spoon. Just as she was about to feed him, he said, “My leg is injured but I’m not handicapped. I don’t need you to feed me.”

Li Tingting: …

Li Tingting watched Lu Nanze finish his breakfast with a grieving expression. “Second Brother, after I got off work yesterday, I came over to accompany you. Let me accompany you for a walk today.”

Lu Nanze replied, “It’s alright. I have Qiao Yiyi to take care of me and that’s sufficient. You still have to go to work, I don’t wanna bother you.”

Li Tingting panicked. “How is this bothering me? If I compare Second Brother and work, obviously Second Brother is the more important one. I can’t work in peace if you’re injured!”

Even Qiao Yiyi couldn’t take her worried look anymore.

She blinked and said, “But Mr. Lu is just injured, not like he’s about to die. Miss Li, why are you so worried?”

Lu Nanze: …!

Li Tingting: …!

Both of them were speechless. How could Qiao Yiyi be so straightforward?

Lu Nanze looked at Li Tingting again and said, “Ok, since I asked you to leave, you should leave quickly.”

Since he had already made it so clear, there was no way Li Tingting could stay. She took a glance at Qiao Yiyi unwillingly and then said, “Second Brother, I’ll come and see you after work.”

Then she left unwillingly.

When Li Tingting finally left the hospital ward, Qiao Yiyi heaved a sigh of relief.

Although Li Tingting wasn’t causing her any trouble, she would choose not to have her if she could. If she could make her life more comfortable, she would.

As she thought so, Qiao Yiyi’s brows relaxed.

The hospital ward’s door was then suddenly pushed open.

Liang Liang stepped in in his winter clothes and directly went to Lu Nanze. He grabbed his shoulders and demanded, “Lu Nanze, tell me, where exactly is Traceless?”

He had chased Traceless for the whole night and, although the sky had already brightened, he still couldn’t find any traces of her.

She really hadn’t left any traces behind.

Liang Liang was livid, he was breaking down.

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