You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1785 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (15)

Chapter 1785: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (15)

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Regardless, he really didn’t care about Qiao Yiyi.

After all, it was quite despicable of her to pretend to be a weakling so that she could marry him, and then do all sorts of nasty things behind people’s backs.

The man looked most dissatisfied at the mention of Qiao Yiyi, as he detested her.

He looked at Traceless and explained, “I married Qiao Yiyi because of her name. Traceless, I hope you understand my feelings for you.”

These things he said…

Qiao Yiyi was at a complete loss for words.

She pursed her lips as she thought of how the man had been treating her. She was compelled to ask, “So what are you going to do with Qiao Yiyi?”

The man pondered it for a moment in silence and started, “I already thought about this when I got married. It’s impossible for her and I to be together. Once our business has stabilized, I will get a divorce. We signed a prenup, so even if we were to separate, she would have no rights rights over the business.”

Qiao Yiyi: …

So Lu Nanze had had in mind right from the start to dispose of her rights after she served her purpose?

The bastard.

Although she was Traceless, she was also Qiao Yiyi

This sc*mbag was too disrespectful with others.

Qiao Yiyi’s expression clouded over immediately.

Lu Nanze walked towards her and said as he looked at her in the eyes, “Traceless, I—”

Before he could start, the girl laughed frostily and said, “No matter what, Qiao Yiyi is your newly-wedded wife. I don’t think we are suitable for each other. We’ll talk again when you’ve settled your family affairs!”

On this note, she turned, leapt out the window and left the hospital.

Lu Nanze: …

Lu Nanze looked at her figure disappearing into the darkness, stumped by the sudden hostility she had displayed towards him.

That was strange.

Could it be that she couldn’t accept that he was hitting on her as a married man?

But hadn’t Traceless already known that before coming today?

The fact that she had come to visit, even when she knew, showed that she didn’t mind.

Lu Nanze couldn’t figure out why Traceless was angry.

He grimaced and lay back on his bed staring out of the window, looking thoroughly confused.

Qiao Yiyi, who had left in a huff, was now back in her own sports car. After she had changed her clothes, she sat in the car fuming.

Lu Nanze was too despicable.

How could he treat her like that?

Did he know that she hadn’t had a choice in marrying him?

Did he think he was so desirable that all the women would throw themselves at him?

Ha! The detest was certainly mutual.

Qiao Yiyi sat there twitching her lips, feeling angry for a while. Finally, she sighed.

Actually, she was the one who didn’t make sense.

The Qiao Yiyi that Lu Nanze knew wasn’t even herself. That was just a puppet who appeared to be weak, timid and dull.

Lu Nanze liked her real self, and that was something to be happy about.

She sighed, started the car and then drove to the Lu family villa.

She had to go back to the house to pick up some clothes, otherwise she would have some explaining to do.

By the time she got his clothes, drove back to the hospital and walked into his room, Li Tingting had already returned.

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