Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2123 - : The Invitation

Chapter 2123: The Invitation

“Let me settle Shenwu Academy!”

Su Mo sighed. The Star GuZhou would be the designed star for the Firmament Sect and it needed unification. So would the Shenwu Academy.

Needless to say, he would not use force on the Shenwu Academy.

“Sure!” Su Hong and Emperor Shi nodded in unison. They were aware of the relationship between Su Mo and the Shenwu Academy. They did not act recklessly.

Su Mo was contemplative and he glanced at Yi Xiaoxiao and instructed: “Xiaoxiao, please make a trip to the Dragon Tribe on my behalf. Meet Long Cang and invite him to join forces with our Firmament Sect to defeat the True Demon Tribe Sorcerer Tribe!”

“Good, when shall we attack?” Yi Xiaoxiao’s eyes glistened as he asked in a crisp voice.

“We shall plan and decide!”

As Su Mo replied in a solemn voice, he fished out a piece of crystal and infused it with his mind power and handed over to Yi Xiaoxiao: “You shall stay temporarily at the Dragon Tribe and await further instruction!”

“Yes Brother Su Mo!” Yi Xiaoxiao kept the crystal stone and took her leave from Su Mo and made her quick exit from the Firmament Sect.

“That’s all for today!”

Su Mo waved his hand to dismiss everyone. In a flash he had vanished from the palace.

Su Mo left the Green Space and appeared in front of another palace.


Su Mo was stunned by what he saw. There was a gigantic Defensive Air Shield enveloping the entire Star GuZhou.

He had only goneinto a retreat for a couple of days and he was surprised at the efficiency of his people to put up the defence works.

“Here comes the Grand Supreme Elder!”

“Come quick, that’s our Grand Supreme Elder!”

“Our respects to you, Grand Supreme Elder!”

“…. ”

Within seconds, there were screams and exclaims of surprise from the mountain peak.

Countless disciples from the Firmament Sect flocked towards Su Mo and paid their respects to him.

Between breaths, Su Mo was engulfed by his people.

Amongst these disciples, there were outsiders, however the bulk number of disciples came from within the Firmament Sect.

All the disciples looked at Su Mo admiringly, full of respect and awe.

As they spoke, the reputation and power of the Firmament Sect was fast travelling across the entire Galaxy. Almost daily there was news that the Firmament Sect had conquered a star.

The news had made the disciples proud to be a part of the Firmament Sect.

All these glories were brought by this young Grand Supreme Elder.

Su Mo wore a smile as he looked at everyone. Seeing the vibrancy and vitality among his disciples, he felt happy.

His gaze fell on a familiar shadow. This person was young and carried an air of grace. He was Luo Qianfan.

This Luo Qianfan, though young, had already attained Rank 6 Martial Honored Realm.

This benefit came from Su Mo, who had granted a Fighting Soul and increased his potential tremendously.

“Qianfan, who has installed the Defensive Air Shield?” Su Mo asked in his deep voice.

“Grand Supreme Elder, two years ago, we recruited a few Array Masters. Though they are considered not very good, they have studied the Formation Arrays of the Sky Tyrant Clan for days, and they have managed to install the formation. It’s a pity that the power of the formation is mediocre!” Luo Qianfan explained.

“Oh that’ll explain it!” Su Mo realised suddenly that despite the installation of the defence formation, its power lacked that of the Dragon Tribe.

However, it was better than having nothing at all. He would give time and patience for the Array Masters to do further study and research, before they would be able to enhance the prowess of the formation.

“How many disciples do we have now?” Su Mo queried again.

“We have almost three million new recruits!” Luo Qianfan replied.

Su Mo nodded as he watched farther. His disciples stood and filled more than ten mountains. It was quite a spectacular sight.

He spoke to the group. “Now you are in the best of times, with unlimited resources. Do enhance your trainings and cultivations in the minimum possible time. That’s the best way to repay the Sect!”

“Yes, Grand Supreme Elder!” his disciples replied in unison. The spectacular soundwave reverberated in the air.

“Good!” Su Mo nodded and, without further words, he left in a flash.

The crowd watched Su Mo departing shadow in awe. They struggled for Su Mo to notice them.

This was the legend of the Infinite Region. This was their Grand Supreme Elder from the Firmament Sect.


Su Mo had not left the Star GuZhou, he was heading in the direction of the Shenwu Academy.

Su Mo was moving extremely swiftly. Ordinary martial practitioners were not able to detect him.

Within moments, he had arrived at the Shenwu Academy.

“This is… Su Mo!”

“Oh my goodness! Su Mo is here!”

Two disciples guarding the entrance let out their surprised exclaims and hurried along to notify the others.

Swoosh Swoosh!

The two informants flew into the school and started to shout out the news.

There was commotion within the academy.

Su Mo was speechless. Perhaps it was for the better. These two guards would have notified the leaders. He would wait patiently.


Almost every disciple from the academy flew out and watched Su Mo from a distance.

“Is he really Su Mo?”

“Of course it’s him! Years ago his rank and cultivation was lower than mine!”

“What does he want from us? Does he expect us to submit to him?”

The disciples carried out their discussions in low voices, and they looked anxious and worried.


Another group of warriors flew out. There were almost a thousand folks.

This group belonged to the Du’s estate. The leader was dressed in green, he was elegant and poised. He was Estate Master Du.

Besides Estate Master Du, there were familiar faces such as Grand Master Huoyuan, Instructor Mu Li.

The expression carried on Estate Master Du’s face was solemn, almost expressionless. Grand Master Huoyuan was plain and nonchalant.

Instructor Mu Li showed a complicated expression. She watched Su Mo intently. Her beautiful eyes were clear and gentle.

“My respects to you, Estate Master Du and Grand Master Huoyuan!”

Before the crowd gathered, Su Mo had already held up his fists and bowed politely to the two leaders.

He did not put on airs and graces due to his current powerful status.

Both Estate Master Du and Grand Master Huoyuan had helped Su Mo a lot. Su Mo was naturally grateful and therefore his respect for them was demonstrated in his manners.


The disciples were shocked to see Su Mo pay his respects to their leaders. They were flabbergasted.

However, they felt and got the sense of Su Mo’s gratefulness to have been a disciple at the Shenwu Academy.

If Su Mo had such gratitude in him, he would be less likely to do harm to it.

Estate Master Du heaved a sigh of relief secretly. He was worried that Su Mo was no longer the Su Mo he had once known.

However, such a simple payment of respect had made him realise that Su Mo was still the same old Su Mo. Maybe he was in a more powerful position today, but his heart was unchanged.

Grand Master Huoyuan nodded smilingly. He was pleased that his judgement of Su Mo did not fail him.

“Su Mo, you have been most kind and respectful!”

Estate Master Du led the crowd towards Su Mo and greeted Su Mo.

Even though Su Mo had not had a change of heart, he was now the ultimate leader in the Infinite Region. He dared not make any missteps.

“Estate Master, I have a favour to ask of you in this visit!” Su Mo commenced.

“Oh, what is it?” Estate Master Du raised an eyebrow. Today Su Mo was already the Ultimate Leader. What help would he need from them?

“Estate Master, I represent the Firmament Sect to invite Shenwu Academy to join our Sect!” Su Mo spoke sincerely.

Everyone was stunned by Su Mo’s request. The intention for Su Mo’s visit was to invite Shenwu Academy to join his Firmament Sect.

In a flash, the disciples were emotional. They found that it would be a true blessing to join the Firmament Sect.

After all, today’s Firmament Sect was like the Sun. Sheen Academy would be insignificant compared to the Firmament Sect.

Estate Master Du was silent for a while. He was not resistant to the idea. He was feeling nostalgic.

He had foreseen this coming. However, he was still caught by surprise by Su Mo’s invite.

During this period of time, the Firmament Sect had conquered Star GuZhou with ferocious speed. They had not laid a finger on the Shenwu Academy.

He understood that the intricate relationship between the Shenwu Academy and Su Mo was the main reason behind its safety.

In fact, Estate Master Du had considered his options for Shenwu Academy and whether it should exit from the Star GuZhou or submit to the Firmament Sect.

However, he had a premonition that Su Mo would visit him. He had been waiting for Su Mo to hear his thoughts.

He was not resistant to Su Mo’s proposal. After all, he would have thought it was a beneficial move.

Though he was the Estate Master, he was also a martial warrior. Joining the Firmament Sect would be an opportunity for him to advance his martial prowess.

However Estate Master Du delayed his reply. He turned to the respectable Grand Master Huoyuan.

Upon seeing this, Su Mo turned to greet Grand Master Huoyuan and said in a genuine voice, “Grand Master Huoyuan, your art of mastering the Old Refiner Weapon would benefit the Firmament Sect. I wish you to hear this area!”

Su Mo issued an invitation to Grand Master Huoyuan. He had hoped that the entire Shenwu Academy would join the Firmament Sect.

Despite the fact the disciples of the Shenwu Academy came from external thirteen formidable groups, it would be handled well.

He had full intention to subsume the thirteen groups in time to come.

Soon after he spoke, Su Mo glanced at Instructor Mu Li dressed in a white flowing robe. He smiled. “Instructor Mu Li, we have not seen each other for years. I believe you have inherited from Grand Master Huoyuan!”

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