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Chapter 2095 - Heaven Seed Ward

Chapter 2095: Heaven Seed Ward

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“Mo Fan, they were mentioning something about a Silver Stone Heart. Aren’t you interested in that?” Yu Shishi asked.

Mo Fan looked at Yu Shishi, then at the others, and admitted helplessly, “Fine, I’m uneducated. Please tell me what exactly a Silver Stone Heart is and what it’s used for.”

“You should know that we need some rare materials of the Earth Element to refine a real Heaven Seed. The Silver Stone Heart just gave me a great idea. Since you are after a Heaven Seed, it’s meaningless to only refine a Heaven-Inferior Seed. If you can collect some Silver Stone Hearts, I might be able to refine a real Heaven Seed!” Yu Shishi said quietly.

“Are you kidding me? You’re telling me I can turn something here into a Heaven Seed, even though it’s just a random mine we found?” Mo Fan found it hard to believe.

“Heaven Seeds are not made of fixed materials. I couldn’t guarantee you I could make a real Heaven Seed because I wasn’t sure what kind of Heaven Seed suits you and what material I should use to refine it. While you were wasting time here, I asked the little cub to dig out the Silver Stone Heart. I noticed it’s suitable to be used as the main material in refining a Heaven Seed after examining it closely,” Yu Shishi informed him.

“You’re telling me we can actually make a Heaven Seed with the Silver Stone Hearts?” Mo Fan asked in disbelief.

“The material we choose will decide the Heaven Seed’s attributes, Domain, additional effects, and the most important ability of a Heaven Seed, the ability to construct a Ward,” Yu Shishi went on.

“A Ward?” Mo Fan’s expression shifted when he heard the term.

Was he really that uneducated? Why did he not understand any of the professional terms Yu Shishi was talking about?

“What’s a Ward?” Mu Ningxue asked, rescuing him. Mo Fan let out a relieved sigh, happy to know that Mu Ningxue did not know what a Ward was, either!

“It’s similar to the Domain of a Soul Seed, but a Heaven Seed has a Ward. You can think of it as the absolute control over a certain Element. Within a Ward, even if your opponent is a few levels stronger, they will still lose the fight if they are restricted by the Ward,” Yu Shishi told them both.

As a matter of fact, Mo Fan was not familiar with Heaven Seeds. Not many books had information on them, since most of the textbooks called Soul Seeds the strongest Elemental Seeds.

He had never heard of a Heaven Seed with a Ward. Most importantly, it sounded extremely powerful!

“Can you please explain more about the Wards?” Mo Fan was fascinated by the Wards, which sounded so strong!

“The Heaven Seed you have is only a Heaven-Inferior Seed. Its power is around ten times that of an ordinary Spirit Seed. It only has some extra attributes and additional effects, but has yet to Awaken its power to form a Ward. I believe you are familiar with the Domains of Soul Seeds. They are capable of boosting the potency of your magic in a certain area, suppressing an enemy’s magic and allowing you to use some special abilities.

“It’s like a little boost to your strength while suppressing your enemy. It will give you an advantage if the gap between you and your enemy’s strength isn’t huge. However, if the enemy’s cultivation is far superior, the Domains won’t be as effective.

“The Wards are different. Normally, a Super Mage in the early stage won’t stand a chance against a Super Mage in the greater stage, right?” Yu Shishi prodded him.

“That goes without saying. The gaps between Super Mages are huge,” Mo Fan agreed.

A lesser Super Mage was usually describing a Super Mage with only one Element at the Super Level. They would stand no chance against a Super Mage with four Elements in the Super Level. It wasn’t just as simple as having three extra Elements at the Super Level!

“The Wards do not boost your strength or suppress the enemy. They are more like rules.

“For example, if your Ward has the rule ‘No one can construct a Star Palace here’, that means both you and your opponent are not allowed to use Super Spells. Will that increase your odds of winning when you are fighting a Great Super Mage?” Yu Shishi described for him.

“No one could construct a Star Palace?! Can a Ward be that powerful?” Mo Fan was shocked.

“Some Wards do have insane abilities like that. Why do you think it’s called a Heaven Seed? Anyway, you won’t be overwhelmed by your opponent’s strength, even when their cultivation is a lot stronger than yours!” Yu Shishi concluded.

Mo Fan was very excited after hearing her words, even though he had the urge to scold himself for being excited so easily. Either way, the Ward of a Heaven Seed sounded very alluring!

Mo Fan had the tendency to fight unfavorable battles. If the Ward could give him a chance to win a fight against stronger opponents, it would be perfect for him!

“Yu Shishi, just tell me how many tons of the Silver Stone Hearts you need!” Mo Fan was convinced.

“A fifth of the five silver mines should be made up of Silver Stone Hearts. Keep an eye on the East China Sea if you have the time. Didn’t the fatty just mention they are silver stone veins with higher density in the sea? You shouldn’t have a problem getting yourself a real Heaven Seed if you can collect enough Silver Stone Hearts,” Yu Shishi told him.

“A Heaven Seed with a Ward and four additional effects. I could easily conquer the world with the Earth Element!” Mo Fan burst out laughing.

It turned out that there were so many talented people around him!

An area with Silver Stone Hearts would normally contain other special materials. They could be used to forge low-level defensive Gear after refining them. If they were a little more extravagant, they could even use the Silver Stone to build walls!

If an entire wall was built with the Silver Stone, it would take even a Ruler-level creature some time to destroy the wall.

The Silver Stone was a lot more precious right now because of the grim situation along the coastline. Their prices kept increasing, as there was a huge demand for it.

The Silver Stone Hearts were even more valuable. They were the heart of a silver ore vein. The Battle Beast Mercenary Group was after the Silver Stone Hearts to forge themselves some outstanding magic Equipment.

The little cub tasted every valuable she discovered and lubricated it with her saliva.

As Mo Fan thought, the Silver Stone Hearts had fallen victim to her mouth. He proceeded to take the valuable stone from her mouth despite being disgusted by her drool!

“Speaking of which, the little cub was the first to find this mine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even know it existed. I only remembered it when you said you wanted to try out your new abilities. Does that mean the little creature already knew there was something valuable here in the first place?” Yu Shishi pointed at the little cub for emphasis.

“That means she was the one that brought us here. Since you have helped us find something so valuable, I’ll let you hold on to the Silver Stone Heart for a little longer. Make sure you don’t lose it!” Mo Fan told the little cub, and gave the stone back…

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