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Chapter 916 - Volume 9 – Chapter 145: The Rebirth’s Pride (Part 2)  

Chapter 916 Volume 9 – Chapter 145: The Rebirth’s Pride (Part 2)

Along the way, every time Mo Xiaofei said something, it would happen immediately after a short while. Takeko went from the inexplicable at the beginning, to the panic later, to the awe at the back, and now, he had become a god in her heart.

“Now, do you believe it?” Mo Xiaofei looked at Takeko and asked suddenly.

Takeko nodded in fright at this time, knelt on the ground, lowered her head, and did not dare to lift it, “Sir, are you a god?”

“Me?” Mo Xiaofei paused, “It doesn’t matter what I am. What is important is that I saw an evil curse on you? No matter if it is you and the women in the village I see along the way, I can see this evil curse in them.”

“Ah! Sir!” Takeko looked up in a panic, “You even know this!”

“I can’t help but ponder upon this. I even have a way to help you resolve this curse.” Mo Xiaofei nodded, “I can let you stop being hurt by this curse.”

“Really!” Takeko’s eyes shined brightly. If it weren’t for the pain from kneeling on the ground, she almost thought she was in a dream – a dream that all women in Unripe Rice Village dreamt of!

“I’m heading to the ritual construction that took place in the village plaza.” Mo Xiaofei said calmly, “If you gather all the women in the village, I will naturally have a way to get rid of this curse for you.”

After speaking, Mo Xiaofei spoke with his back facing her. He moved towards the place he mentioned, but he didn’t walk normally. He levitated in mid-air in front of Takeko.

Not only did Takeko see this scene, but people not far away also noticed it. The Unripe Rice Villagers saw Takeko kneeling on the ground at this time and saw another person flying in the sky. Suddenly, they thought they had met a walking god and bowed in awe.

Takeko gritted her teeth, stood up abruptly, and mustered up her courage, “The sir said he could help us to resolve the curse on us. Let us all go to the ritual plaza to meet him.”

If someone claimed that they could resolve the village’s curse, no one would believe it. After all, even the witch on the shrine was helpless to it. But even the shrine’s witch couldn’t soar through the clouds. This was the descending god!

The god appeared, intending to lift the curse for the village women. This news spread throughout the village through word of mouth. The news even passed into the Nagato home.

At Nagato’s home, when Nagato Munechika heard the news, his brows, who had always been calm, frowned. Then, he showed a strange smile.

Unripe Rice Village turned lively. Mo Xiaofei, who had arrived early on ritual land, sat cross-legged at this time. He was right in front of the split statue.

He recalled this time. During the one-year reset time he had experienced previously, there were still some things that didn’t make sense. In the beginning, Takeko told him that the former witch had died because of a curse, and the witch who had just taken over was not yet fourteen years old. However, when he and Zixing successfully came to the fourth day, the witch who appeared on the ritual plaza was a middle-aged woman.

This inconsistency had revealed something. The Unripe Rice Villagers did not find such an apparent contradiction wrong at all. Thinking about this, the “Unripe Rice Villagers” might not be real. Everything here was Chizuko Nagato’s dream.

Later on the fourth day, the Unripe Rice Villagers disappeared out of thin air one by one, which proved this point. As for the time when these people disappeared, Mo Xiaofei had some thoughts in his mind.

The villagers disappeared early. Chizuko Nagato didn’t have a deep impression of them. The ones who disappeared later are those whom she held a deep memory of. As for the scene in the “Longevity Palace,” Chizuko Nagato had it carved into the bones. Of course, it could be maintained till the end.

As Mo Xiaofei came into deep thoughts, a group of people approached slowly in front of him. At first, they just walked slowly, seemingly afraid. Mo Xiaofei saw a few familiar faces. There were those in surprise who witnessed him fly away. At this moment, these people had awe on their faces.

Behind these people, it was Takeko. Behind Takeko, several village girls followed. Mo Xiaofei knew they were playmates who had a good relationship with Takeko. Other than that, not many people came. But Mo Xiaofei saw that the people from Nagato’s family followed along, but Nagato Munechika didn’t come.

“I heard that you can lift the curse of the village?” At this time, a Nagato family’s servant walked out and asked in a deep voice, “You must know that witch is also suffering from it. What makes you say that you can lift the curse!? Don’t be deceived by this guy. He must be deceiving you all and wants to benefit from our village!”

“Can I do it or not? You’ll know after you try it,” said Mo Xiaofei slowly. He was floating in front of everyone while he was meditating.

When had the villagers in these remote places seen this kind of magical power? It was the Immortal in the legend capable of flying in the sky!

Seeing Mo Xiaofei’s actions, the evil servant of the Nagato family was also frightened at the moment, with cold sweat on his head, shivering, thinking about the disrespectful remarks he had just said. He knelt on the ground with a thump.

“Ah! Sir, can you help us lift the curse?” A village girl walked out from behind Takeko, shivering, her face full of excitement.

Mo Xiong would wave his hand. Two white balls flew out at this moment. The ball flew in front of the village girl and stopped moving.

This was the Immortals’ magic!

Everyone was even more amazed.

Mo Xiaofei said calmly, “I used Immortal technique to refine these two pills. Take them back and find two women who are cursed to take them. You will know tomorrow if they are effective. But, it is up to you to decide whether to eat it or not. I won’t push you. However, your life is yours. If you don’t even dare to resist and don’t dare to try, and would rather stay under the control of a curse and survive, then I can’t help you either.”

The village girl stretched out her hand, wandering tremblingly at the two white balls that stayed in the air, never daring to catch it. Takeko, who was next to her, gritted her teeth at this time. She reached out and grabbed the two light balls directly into her hands. Then, she looked towards Mo Xiaofei, “Sir, I believe you!”

“I will not let you down.”

On the Tokyo streets.

Under the neon light, men and women of all colors were walking on the street. At the beginning of the night, there was a place that still maintained tranquility in this bustling downtown.

The people living near here were those who had a significant influence on the country. Some were masterminds hiding in the back but could control the government.

They might be the holders of a large consortium or an ancient family involved in all walks of life. There were also high-powered bureaucrats. Even because of the style of this country, there were big shots in control of influential social organizations.

The Suzuki family was such a family that could participate in the state.

In a room of Suzuki’s house that was used to store valuables, an old box suddenly trembled slightly. Soon after, the box that was shaking suddenly fell to the ground with a snap.

The box slammed open as a result, and a black bead rolled from the box. No one knew what material the bead was. It was neither jade nor gold.

At this moment, the bead suddenly emitted a trace of purple smoke. The purple smoke slowly gathered together and finally turned into the appearance of a little purple snake.

“Brother Alioth, we finally escaped.”

The exhausted voice sounded slowly in this particular room full of antique treasures.

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