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Chapter 915 - Volume 9 – Chapter 90: Forever Alone Windchaser  

Chapter 915  Volume 9 – Chapter 90: Forever Alone Windchaser

This time, Brother Black Panther did nothing to Liu Zixing.

During the last time he was trapped in a dog cage, there were countless horrible rooms with vicious dogs around. At this moment, it was just two macho men sitting around in the back seat of the van. Although it was still somewhat forceful, the treatment was much better.

Even the bald macho man who was sitting in front gave him a bottle of drinking water.

It wasn’t until about four o’clock in the morning that the bald man in front received a call. He nodded quickly, looked at Liu Zixing, and shouted, “The boss said you may go now!”

Liu Zixing was stunned. Black Panther protected him and let him stay safe for a while before letting him go. Was it because of the woman he didn’t know, who he brought out of the casino?

After these people saved him, they also asked about the woman. Everything was abnormal at this time. Black Panther didn’t even trouble him; this must be connected to that woman.

Thinking about this, since he chose that woman to draw cards for him, he had already instilled good luck on this Christmas Eve. He was seemingly played in destiny’s hands.

For this to happen, is it because of sheer luck?

Liu Zixing couldn’t figure this out. The luck of the day he won should have disappeared. At this time, his mind was muddy, groggy, and exhausted. He was unlike a few hours ago with brilliant luck, red face, and full of vitality, as if imbued with divine power.

At this moment, although the bald macho man had already said that he could leave, the two men around him remained motionless. Their actions were different from their words. Liu Zixing had experienced a lot of things. He understood it in his heart, so he said, “Several brothers also worked hard tonight. Each took half a million. Take it as my treat for your coffee.”

Liu Zixing didn’t care less about this petty cash in the past, but naturally, he didn’t care much about it now. The folks said the underlings were more challenging to deal with than the superior boss.

He took out his phone. In this era, the function of the phone was so perfect. He gave the men five hundred thousand yuan each in the car, which was considered a “red envelope.” These macho men were welcoming Liu Zixing to get off the car with a smile on their face. They even asked him if he wanted to go anywhere else. They were willing to give him a ride and so on.

Liu Zixing thought about it. He was still within the new development zone. He didn’t know the origin of the riders who pursued him just now. In the end, it was not safe to stay around here. It was better to utilize this ambiguous connection to Black Panther still ongoing. A convenient ride was helpful.

He asked these macho men to send him back to the city directly. Then, he left the car alone and disappeared on the nearby streets.

Soon after, Liu Zixing found a shabby hotel and checked in. At this time, he was sleepy, tired, and hungry. He casually asked for a bowl of instant noodles from the hotel’s front desk and a bottle of water. Then, he went upstairs alone.

The advantage of this kind of small hotel was the ease of checking in. There was no need for complicated procedures.

There was only a simple white single bed in the small room. He saw a few small cards on the ground after entering the door. The smell of disinfectant was a bit pungent, and the light was dim. Obviously, the light bulb had not been changed for a long time.

Liu Zixing had been eating extravagantly since he was young. However, the thick flavor of the ordinary instant noodles was enough to lift his appetite. He finished the noodles swiftly and even drank all the soup.

Seeing the last noodle residue sticking at the bottom of the instant noodles bowl, Liu Zixing didn’t let it go. He directly scraped it with a fork, put it in his mouth, and chewed slowly.

He tasted it carefully as though it was some delicacy.

Liu Zixing suddenly put down everything on his hands, covering his eyes with his hands, feeling lonely all over his heart, and remembering the scene of killing his father with his own hands in Liu’s mansion that night. He burst into tears without knowing it.

For most demon beasts, who utilize moonlight to cultivate, the best time to start was midnight. If one were to be more diligent, one could cultivate until the moon descended to the west and finally disappeared.

On the roof of the building, Windchaser, who Zixing mentored, had learned a new cultivation method. He had his demon beast power increased by nearly 10% in just three or two days.

This meager demon beast power was naturally incomparable with the peak power that True Dragon of Divine Land despised not long ago, but Windchaser knew that he had nothing to do with the demon wolf. As for the mysterious power from the paternal side, it fell silent since then; he had reverted to its original form too. He was no different from the ordinary little demon beast.

So at this moment, seeing the demon beast power increasing so rapidly, he was naturally pleased. Windchaser slowly opened his eyes and ended the night of cultivation.

Although there was still a few hours before the moonlight disappeared, he felt he was stuffed already. He knew that he had absorbed too much moonlight in the past few days. They were not refined into demon beast power yet. If he continued the absorption, it would only be counterproductive, so we have to give up.

However, Zixing was still absorbing the moonlight.

Moonlight was like a silver stream, rushing towards Zixing from all directions. However, the effect was several times better than Windchaser. After these two days of cultivation and the internal adjustments during the cultivation, Zixing’s face appeared full of vitality. She could walk normally in the daytime today.

She recovers so fast. Maybe she will leave soon?

There were some wolf-like demon beasts in this city, but so far, Zixing was the only female who looked about the same size as him. She was even a rare female type.

Even Zixing had a strange attraction force on him. Windchaser was subconsciously infatuated.

It was just that he had never had this experience, and he did not know how to deal with it. Thinking that he and Zixing were strangers coming together by chance and they would probably part way soon, he could not help but become a little irritable. It was like words were stuck in his throat.

At this time, Zixing almost finished the absorption for the night. She had been awake long ago. She naturally felt the sight of the outside world toward her.

She felt a little bitter in her heart. Her appearance was at this size because of the severe injury, causing her strength to regress. She could easily understand the meaning of the gaze looking at her.

Many members of the Greedy Wolf Clan were like this. She didn’t care about those Greedy Wolf Clan’s warriors who were just slightly outstanding. Naturally, she didn’t care about such a lesser coyote demon beast. He was not even an adult demon beast.

In her opinion, Windchaser was probably just a child. He had a young heart and yearned for the opposite sex instinctively.

She won’t stay for long. Since she taught Windchaser an advanced cultivation method suitable for the Greedy Wolf Clan, she had already repaid him. After that, how far this little coyote could grow depended on his fate.

However, Windchaser seemed to have a good perception. He was already familiar with the cultivation method in only two days, which made her a little surprised. She was only surprised in her heart and only treated it as an outlying case. She did not take it seriously in her heart. There were many demon beast clans. Although the major clans had declined, there were still some unique cases. Although his inborn bloodline was not precious, his talent was incredible. In the future, he might have the potential to ascend into a greater demon beast. But at most, he would be stuck at the level of the greater demon beast.

Many demon beasts on Divine Land deemed the greater demon beats as the upper limit, a lifelong pursuit. However, they didn’t know that there were higher levels above the greater demon beast.

For example, True Dragon of Divine Land was at the higher level. As for those with impure bloodlines but talented, it was their limit to reach the greater demon beast. There was no possibility of climbing further. It was the unbreakable bloodline chain in the demon beast clan.

Zixing didn’t know why she thought so much at this time, but she only regarded Windchaser’s excellent talent as the reason she was somehow interested.

She let out a sigh of relief and opened her eyes in the end.

Windchaser hurriedly shifted his sight at this time, being afraid of being discovered. Zixing was amused in her heart. This brat doesn’t know that I’m the young master of the noblest Greedy Wolf Clan. Naturally, he won’t be as cautious as the young talents in the clan in our interaction.

She had not felt so relaxed for a long time. She couldn’t help but smile, “Is there anything on my face? Why are you watching?”

En… you haven’t washed your face for several days. Your face is a bit dirty.”

Windchaser looked at Zixing and suddenly squeezed out such words.

I don’t know how to communicate with her. What can I do? I’m hopeless.

This is bad. She must hate me.

Unexpectedly, after Zixing was taken aback, she was laughing. Windchaser was stunned again and subconsciously said, “Zixing, tonight is Christmas Eve. Would you like to go out with me?”

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