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Chapter 714 - Volume 9 – Chapter 89: Interweave  

Chapter 714  Volume 9 – Chapter 89: Interweave

It was the roar of a beast.

With a loud throttle of the modified black motorcycle, it ran straight down from the steep staircase!

The bumpy posture was like a fierce tiger dashing with rage!

It was intimidating.

Dazhe, hiding in the silent night, had Zhan Lu transformed into a key and gently hung around his neck. At the same time, he tidied up his scarf and said softly, “This is what a man should do, Zhu Maolin. Not bad!”

Dazhe changed his posture from standing to sitting. He uncapped a bottle of green tea leisurely and drank it by himself with a smile on his face.

At this moment, a rider screamed, “Who!”

The black modified motorcycle suddenly braked at this moment. The inertia caused the rear part of the motorbike to be directly lifted to the air. The rider of the black modified motorcycle made a sharp turn and threw the rear part of the motorcycle on the opponent’s body. The opponent was knocked directly to the ground!

“Damn it!” The opposing party scolded and rushed frantically toward him without saying a word.

The man on the black motorcycle pulled out a huge silver wrench from the back, dashing out fiercely like a knight riding on a horse in ancient times.

The wrench was long and hard. It was the ultimate weapon substantial to deal fatal damage!


He was waving a long wrench on his hand as he yelled.

Hou Chen Yuhan was surprised, heard the familiar voice, and said in surprise, “Darling!”

“Come up the bike!”

At this time, Zhu Maolin threw the wrench on his hand directly, slamming on the shoulder of another rider who wanted to pounce on him. The pain was unspeakable.

At the same time, he twisted the throttle again. The black motorcycle started again and dashed towards Hou Chen Yuhan. He grasped Hou Chen Yuhan’s palm with one hand, lifted her, and put her behind him, “Hold me tight! ”

Hou Chen Yuhan didn’t bother overthinking. She didn’t know why Zhu Maolin was here. She just felt safe at the moment. She gritted her teeth and nodded. She then hugged Zhu Maolin’s back with all her strength.

With the high-speed rotating tires and a large amount of dust due to the ground friction, Zhu Maolin ignored these riders and rushed out!

“Chase them! Keep chasing!”

The riders who fell on the ground gritted their teeth and stood up reluctantly at this time. They quickly lifted the motorcycle that fell on the ground, stepped on it slowly, and chased out like a ferocious hyena chasing a lion!

“Darling, I…”

“Later.” Zhu Maolin didn’t turn his head back but responded in a gentle voice, “Hold me tighter.”

Hou Chen Yuhan nodded lightly. Her hands holding Zhu Maolin tightened subconsciously.

Zhu Maolin looked at the rear-view mirror of the motorcycle. The three motorcycles behind were chasing after him, frantically approaching. Looking at the way these guys cruise with motorcycles, they are not ordinary riders.

Zhu Maolin narrowed his eyes. So what, who could catch up to him?

His palm appeared to be directly on the motorcycle steering handle, even with the glove as a barrier. Zhu Maolin’s body bent a little lower with his chest almost touching the motorcycle’s fuel storage.

Against the gusting wind, the black motorcycle slanted hard toward the left, almost approaching the ground. It turned directly in the shortest distance. Hou Chen Yuhan subconsciously closed her eyes out of thrills with her heart palpitating.

Damn, who is this guy!

Even if they were chasing after them relentlessly, they were barely keeping up with the distance getting further and further. As a motorcyclist, this was no less than the most thorough humiliation.

In this speed competition, being thrown continuously away by the opponent was something that no rider in the world wanted to see.

They couldn’t help but twist the accelerator frantically with their eyes turning bloodshot. The person riding the black motorcycle in front was too arrogant. Worse still, he was going against the traffic at this moment!

There were no oncoming cars at all on the road in this new development zone.

“This direction… This fellow is heading towards a highway! We can’t let him succeed!”

“Yes, this guy’s motorcycle is well-modified. No ordinary person would do that. Once he gets on the highway, we will never be able to catch up!”

“I’ll go around and flank him!”

The higher the motorcycle’s speed, the louder the engine roar, especially on the empty road in this development zone. It was deafening like an airstrike!

A rider must have taken a shortcut at this time. At this moment, he was directly in front of Zhu Maolin, holding a thick and long iron chain.


“Close your eyes. Don’t be afraid. I won’t lose.”

Zhu Maolin assessed his surroundings quickly and found no other terrain available to be taken advantage of. He pulled out another wrench from the gap at the motorcycle’s head.

The rider who was stopping in front saw that this guy pulled out another wrench. He was terrified. Does this guy always carry a fatal weapon when he goes out?

I am the one belonging to the underworld! Hey!

After all, the rider blocking them at the front was still instinctively afraid of this terrifying wrench. He shrank his head; his body even shivered. Zhu Maolin was not stopped. He evaded the opponent quickly.

But, Zhu Maolin did not intend to rush to the highway. He rode directly toward the city through the road in this development zone.

The urban area was much more prosperous. More vehicles were coming home late at night or still on the road. The howling wind made Hou Chen Yuhan hear nothing. She hid behind Zhu Maolin. She couldn’t keep her eyes open due to the wind too.

She couldn’t hear any other sound except the wind, even if the sound of the engine were so close.

Her body shook along with the black motorcycle. The wind fanned her clothes; she felt chills seeping into her bones. She had no idea how many sedans Zhu Maolin had to overtake.

There was a long road ahead, like a winding road leading to a castle on a mountain in a painting. In this endless road, there was no one else.

Hou Chen Yuhan raised her head slightly. Gradually, tall buildings surrounded her. It was no longer the barren development zone. The bustling downtown had long since calmed down, but the neon lights were still shining.

These neon lights were like layers of aurora.

They had different arcs.

The neon lights above black motorcycles passed quickly over Hou Chen Yuhan’s head.

The motorcycle tail light was soon indiscernible among the neon lights. It passed the end of the road, disappearing.

The three riders finally stopped. They eventually failed to see the black motorcycle’s tail light, so they had to give up bitterly.

The chill remains. After all, it was winter at the end of December.

Hou Chen Yuhan went through the day in fear. At this time, her body was trembling because of the cold, but she was relieved somehow.

Has Zhu Maolin slowed down?

Hou Chen Yuhan didn’t know. She couldn’t gauge the motorcycle’s speed. The whistling not only concealed all her sense of hearing but also seemed to blur her sight on things passing by in the world. It felt like sinking deep into the mud.

Everything gradually slowed down in front of her eyes.

She worked hard to make her half-open eyes widen slightly and then put her ears behind Zhu Maolin. This had seemingly supported her through the howling wind fanning at her. She could hear the heartbeat in front of her.

Strong and powerful.

The speed of the motorcycle seemed to have slowed down. The chilly wind wasn’t too unbearable.

Hou Chen Yuhan blurted, “I just felt that the body seemed to be lifted. Is it wind?”

Zhu Maolin just turned his head slightly, opened the helmet’s cover, and said amusedly, “You are too fat. How can the wind lift you, unless it is a level 12 typhoon.”

Hou Chen Yuhan opened her mouth, wanting to bite this guy’s ear. However, seeing that he was wearing a helmet, she had no choice but to give up.

She suddenly chuckled, laid on Zhu Maolin’s back, and chuckled, “I, for a long time, haven’t laughed so happily anymore.”

“En, I heard your laugh.”

“Darling, let’s go for another round before going home, okay?”


The black motorcycle finally stopped at its original position. Zhu Maolin covered it with canvas again.

Hou Chen Yuhan was standing next to it. It was not too cold in the underground parking lot. She whispered, “It’s been almost a year, right?”

“Actually, I ride it sometimes too.” Zhu Maolin shook his head with his eyes a little complicated, “I just rode it secretly.”

Hou Chen Yuhan raised her head and asked, “When you don’t go home and say you’re working overtime?”

“Occasionally.” Zhu Maolin didn’t see the anger in his wife’s eyes.

He just reached out and grabbed Hou Chen Yuhan’s arm – right on the wrist. He dragged her to the elevator and walked in. She was so cute and obedient like the first time they met.

Later, in front of the house, Zhu Maolin fumbled his clothes and found that he did not bring the key.

Hou Chen Yuhan knocked on his head; she opened the door.

Before turning on the light in the living room, Zhu Maolin, who came in from behind, reached out and closed the door. He pressed Hou Chen Yuhan’s body against the wall directly at the entrance, holding her cheek in one hand, and kissed it roughly.

She took off his clothes.

He unbuttoned her clothes.

All the clothes were thrown on the ground casually. Zhu Maolin lifted Hou Chen Yuhan’s leg on the side. He was filling up her vacancy over the years with his private part.

The passion between them rekindled.

The gorgeous flower cards hidden in Hou Chen Yuhan’s clothes also disappeared quietly.

The flower cards in Boss Luo’s hand had quietly disappeared – which meant that the business deal had been canceled.

Of course, this business had never started. The customer was still hesitating when making a purchase. Naturally, there would be no follow-up.

This was the first time Luo Qiu had the transaction automatically canceled since he took office, but Boss Luo didn’t care.

Boss Luo nodded and said calmly, “The business deal is gone.”

He waved his hand as the flower card disappeared. Boss Luo snapped his fingers, “Since the husband and wife have rekindled their relationship, they will naturally be able to reproduce offspring. They should have a good child in the future. All the misfortune…Who knows?”

No one knew what the boss was thinking at this point. He looked at the maid beside him, smiled, and said, “There’s no right and wrong. But, it’s not good for others to call me a profiteer all day long.”

“Does the master mean, Miss Long?” the maid blinked.

“I didn’t say anything.”

Boss Luo waved his hand. A glimmering panel appeared in front of him, changing constantly. It included Dazhe, Number 18, Liu Zixing, and the status of Wang Yuechuan and Professor Trevor.

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