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Chapter 373

Chapter 373

“Turn to the side a little bit.”

The Noble obeyed me and turned his head slowly.

He listened better than I thought.

“How is it?”

The Noble asked me, as I was observing the back of his head.

How did they do it?

“I don’t think I can.”

“Ah… Is that so.”

The technique of immortality was amazing even to me.

The one drawback is that their heads are translucent and smooth like glass.

How to solve the shortcomings… I looked around the Noble’s head and could not come up with a specific method.

“I wanted to see how immortality was possible, so it seems like the body is made of magical materials. Of course you won’t die if you do this. Although, your physiology will also disappear. Well, it’s natural that there is no hair. Have you seen fur on a magic stone?”


It was definitely a strange operation.

It is a surgery that replaces only the body with magical substances without affecting the ego and soul.

If this operation was possible even in the days when there was no advanced science and technology, there must have been some god intervening.

This is unbelievable.

“I think what I said earlier would be possible instead.”

“You mean going back to the original body?”


“… Thank you so much, God.”

The Noble named Dosifer, who was introduced by Lee Jun-seok, surprisingly, wanted to return to his original body.

I thought it was because of the baldness, but he said he had no intention of becoming a noble.

“Isn’t it a waste of immortality?”

“It’s not a waste at all. I am a priest who serves the God of Death.”

It wasn’t that Lee Jun-seok introduced me to him for nothing.

Both Lee Jun-seok and Dosifer were cooperating with the same goal of killing Thanatos’ nobles.

“I was forced to choose immortality to destroy the apostles.”

I guess so.

If all of the social leaders became immortal nobles, he would also have to be a noble in order to keep them in check.

Or maybe we have to gather the will of the lower class and start an uprising.

No matter how large a force the crowd has, it is difficult for mortals to destroy immortals with wealth and power.

It wasn’t a question of ability, it was a question of the available time allowed in life.

“If everything is sorted out, and if I have a chance, I want to return to being a normal human again.”

Dosifer said firmly.

“I think immortality will be a waste as well. If you do research, you might be able to transplant your hair one day.”

Immortality isn’t just something you can obtain.


When you become a deity, you naturally acquire it, but it is not something you would like to gain.

On the other hand, immortality is a blessing that you just need to rejoice in comfort.

“Thank you, but I have to decline. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to approach the great rest.”

“Why, because of the God of Death?”

I asked if he was considering immortality as a curse rather than a blessing because he worshipped the God that symbolizes death.

“It’s a curse. Death is the only absolute truth that exists in the world.”

It’s the absolute truth.

I think I heard that somewhere.

Dosifer spoke with a passionate voice like a theater actor.

He started talking with excitement that he felt joy in revealing his beliefs that he had to hide to live.

“Why is life precious? It is because there is an end. We can live more passionately because we have limited time.”

Lee Jun-seok, standing outside of Dosifer’s view, shook his head and sat down on a chair a little further away.

It seems that Lee Jun-seok has already heard Dosifer’s lecture on theology.

“There will be a cycle in everything. The beginning will promise the end. Death in itself proves this world.”

“One thing.”

There is a loophole in the theory of the theology of death.

“There is one exception.”

“What is that?”

There are beings in this world who have overcome death.

Unlike mortals, there are beings free from the truths of the world.

Even though they are trapped in their own truth, they remain the exception in the face of death.


Dosifer crumpled his face.

Look at him. Look at you not managing your facial expressions.

I told you that I am definitely a god.

“That’s right, God is the exception.”

Rather than managing his facial expressions, Dosifer distorted his face even more.

As if he was angry with the fact.

“There are too many gods in this world. There are too many.”

Well, I can’t stand it.

I hit Dosifer’s head.


“You big bald head, there’s nothing you can’t do before God! You’re going to die.”


“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Asked Dosifer.

I nodded and affirmed.

Dosifer’s residence had a glass ceiling.

Like his head.

Unlike Earth’s night sky, stars and satellites were clearly visible.

[The God of Death is very impatient!]

[The God of Death urges you to take action!]

You’re going to die soon from stress.

I must move before the God of Death falls out in rage.

“So what was you two’s original plan?”

Lee Jun-seok and Dosifer looked at each other for a while and then explained their idea to me.

“It was to assassinate the Noble of the Nobles, one of the most powerful people in Thanatos.”

That’s unexpected.

I was expecting a plan to destroy the immortal surgical facility.

“The supreme power gap will naturally lead to confusion. Someone will have to take that place.”

“And it was my original plan to be more active in the gap of that confusion.”

It was a plan for Lee Jun-seok to work hard as a hitman amid the power struggle to assassinate the highest power and take the place of that power.

“In the end, the power structure will be stabilized.”

“That’s why we have to choose the targets for the assassination well. First of all, it is an advantage that we can be more active.”

It wasn’t my favorite plan.

“Where is the highest authority?”

“It’s here.”

Dosifer explained, pointing to the building on a translucent tablet.

“This building is the target’s residence. Armed guards are guarding it tightly. It is impossible to enter through the entrance. We tried to break into other buildings, but the other buildings in the vicinity are also owned by the target, so the security system is shared and we failed.”

“What about bombing?”

“… Yes?”


Lee Jun-seok would have been able to blow this building up.

Of course, human damage may have occurred on an enormous scale, but that doesn’t make the attempt impossible.

Or you can try to snipe from a distance by determining the location of the target a little more accurately.

“Oh, that’s.”

Lee Jun-seok scratched his head and explained.

“The building has a shield, hyung.”

“Is your attack not working?”

“Yeah. The building will probably be fine even if a nuclear bomb falls.”

Certainly, I realized that it is a planet that is technologically far ahead of Earth.

It’s not an underground bunker, but a high-rise building like that has a shield to withstand a nuclear attack?

It was a planet with a lot to learn.

It would be nice to bring Yong-yong later and find out about it.

I was in the midst of getting information by constantly talking with Dosifer and Lee Jun-seok.


“… Yes?”

There was a hole in the dimension.

Not even one or two, but dozens.

This is something I experienced once a while ago.

When the Pantheon attempted to invade Earth.

[It started.]

Said the God of Hope.

“It’s far earlier than expected.”

Too early.

It wasn’t long since I first heard that the war discussions had begun.

The gods already appeared in the place that had been marked as the battlefield.

[The gods. Is there anything they need to prepare for the war?]

Why, well, there could be.

Like having to prepare a large number of troops like when they were poured onto Earth.

[The situation is different from then. It is an all-out war between numerous gods. No matter how much a mortal intervenes, it makes no difference.]

The God of Hope explained in a light-hearted voice.

[The Pantheon made a decision.]


[All out war.]

[Yes, as you said, it was an early decision. I am also embarrassed to hear the news from a spy. But it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one who planted spies.]

[The core personnel of the Pantheon did not panic at all and united their opinions, as if they had heard a prophecy. And all the gods of the Pantheon announced their intention to participate. It’s weird enough that we should be suspicious.]

Each of the gods began to pass through the rifts that were forcibly opening on this planet.

They were the gods of the Pantheon.

And I could see one thing.

That the gods who took the lead in the invasion of Earth were really at a sloppy level.

There were also a number of gods of a class that could be compared to the God of Flexibility that I encountered before.

[Lastly, I’ll ask you one more time.]

The God of Hope whispered.

[Let me go.]


[I have to go and hide. It will be done in one way or another.]

The voice of the God of Hope seemed desperate.

I wondered if there was another god in the world that was so subdued and timid.

“I can’t. If you need a place to hide, just hide in me.”

Above all, it felt a little unpleasant that the God of Hope, who seeks safety, senses danger and tries to run away.

“Hey, how did this happen?”

Dosifer asked urgently.

The whole planet was trembling as if an earthquake had occurred.

“It seems that the God of Death could not stand it anymore and called for friends. What would you do?”

As soon as Lee Jun-seok made eye contact with me, he showed me a determined look.

Our warrior, who had escaped all sorts of battlefields, exclaimed confidently.

“To the subspace!”


Quick judgment.

Great judgment!

Lee Jun-seok was placed in a sub-space.

I was worried that he was too light-minded when viewed in competition, but he grew up very well.

“What are you going to do?”

This time I asked Dosifer.

“I will remain.”

“It will be dangerous.”

“That’s all right.”

Dosifer seemed unwilling to bend his will.

“I will stay here. Even if it is dangerous. I am not afraid of death. Rather, I haven’t been able to fulfill my mission so far…….”

“Yes, do it.”

Dosifer nodded his head.

“If you ever change your mind, let me know.”

Maybe it will change soon.

The gods of the Pantheon were appearing in Thanatos from beyond the dimension.

“Where are the gods appearing?”

Asked Dosifer.

Where is this…….

“About the other side of the planet. I don’t know the exact name of the place.”

The gods of the Pantheon are gathering around there.

What should I do?

In this war I am a third party.

The God of Hope expected both the Hundred Gods Temple and the Pantheon to come in contact with me, but he was wrong.

Neither of them contacted me.

If so, how should I intervene in this war?

While I was thinking, I realized that a new god appeared in Thanatos.

It was a god I knew.

I could notice that it had a divine power I had felt before.

[It is the God of Sacrifice.]

The God of Hope whispered.

Unlike the Pantheon, where many gods were entering, the only god belonging to the Hundred Gods Temple was the God of Sacrifice.

Finally, both sides faced.

I watched the situation, wondering what kind of conversations would come and go.

The situation went in a completely different direction than I expected.

The God of Sacrifice looked exactly as I had seen on the 61st floor.

The God of Sacrifice, who appeared, tried to attack the gods of the Pantheon.


On the other side of the planet, there was a clearly audible sound.

Whether the gods of the Pantheon were expecting a raid, they gathered together to prevent the attack.

The attack of the God of Sacrifice could not penetrate the defense, but it did not fade and bounced in all directions.

As if a bombing had occurred, continuous sound rang from everywhere.

No, only I can hear it, so I’m sitting there listening to this.

Humans will not even hear this sound properly.

Humans will not even be able to hear properly.

Because their eardrum must have ruptured already

“Are you okay?”

Dosifer couldn’t answer.

He seemed to have already lost his mind.

His body was convulsing with fits.

I said I would protect him.

Ordinary humans were too weak.

No, on the contrary, the gods may have too much power.

The building was shaking as if it would collapse at any moment.

Maybe in a little while it will actually collapse.

The screen of the tablet that Dosifer dropped from his hand caught my eye.

On the screen that was shining on the bustling city with the target building, only a black wasteland with nothing left and the flames burning above it were visible.

I could tell without having to look at the tablet.

Countless lives that were felt on this planet, which had a higher population than Earth, disappeared in no time.

Now, I could feel little life on this planet.

Just one attack.

And defense to prevent the attack.

That alone killed more than 90 percent of the planet’s population.

The rest were also seriously injured, enough to die soon.

It was a vain and futile power.

“Is this really what you were hoping for?”

With this destructive force, you wanted to push away the planet where your followers live and deal with the apostles?

Even providing an excuse for the war between Hundred Gods Temple and the Pantheon.

[The God of Death affirms your question.]

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