The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1194 - Taking Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 7

Chapter 1194: Taking Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 7

General Zuo was momentarily surprised when he saw her. But he immediately snorted in disdain. “Her looks are just average, just slightly better than Yu Jia. Compared to Her Majesty and Princess Yunsheng, she’s not even qualified to be a supporting role next to them!”

Although this Lady Phoenix was prettier than the previous ones, her looks were average compared to Her Majesty and Princess Yunsheng.

Yu Jia rolled her eyes innocently. Why did he mention her name when she didn’t even say anything?

Azurite frowned and stepped aside. Then, Feng Tianlan slowly walked out of the room, giving them a cold look before she walked down the stairs.

Everyone stared at Feng Tianlan dressed in a gorgeous white gardenia dress as she walked down the stairs slowly. Her movements were elegant and she had a proud expression on her face. She also had a sharp and majestic aura around her that made it difficult for the people around her to breathe.

When one saw Feng Tianlan’s faint smile, one would only feel that her beauty was enough to cause a nation’s downfall to the extent that even the heavens and earth would be overwhelmed by her beauty.

“Miss Feng and Miss Azurite…” Shi Yiqing recovered his senses after being surprised and he couldn’t help calling out their names. She had gotten prettier since their previous meeting. She was so beautiful that he couldn’t look away.

For someone like her, only a man like the Demon King would be worthy of her.

Ji You’s gaze fell on Feng Tianlan. He blushed and looked away after a while. He recited the Heart-Clearing Mantra in his heart a few times before he could suppress the weird feelings arising in him. After that, he retrieved his straight and impartial-looking expression.

Yu Jia ran forward when she saw them descending the stairs. She stared at the Phoenix Emblem between her brows. “Feng Tianlan!”

She remembered that the Phoenix Emblem had appeared between Feng Tianlan’s eyebrows after she used the Fire Phoenix to destroy those black shadows. But Feng Tianlan had used some medication to hide the emblem after that, so Yu Jia was sure this stunning beauty was indeed Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan nodded. “Yes.”

Yu Jia laughed mischievously. Then, she turned around and ran to General Zuo. She waved her hand in front of his face and said proudly, “General Zuo, are you looking at this? No one deserves to play anyone’s supporting role here.”

As a female courtier, she didn’t dare to mention Her Majesty, but she could definitely make him eat his own words now. After all, he was the one who said that Feng Tianlan was ugly.

General Zuo recovered from his surprise, but he was still in a daze. “Princess Yunsheng?”


Hearing who General Zuo called, Yu Jia and Ji You were shocked. They turned around and looked at Feng Tianlan carefully. At that moment, the images of Feng Yunsheng and Feng Tianlan overlapped one another. The only difference was that one had a red zhusha mole between the eyebrows and the other had a Phoenix Emblem.

Of course, if one took a closer look, they would realize that their appearances were quite different. To be exact, Feng Yunsheng was not as beautiful as Feng Tianlan!

But what made them curious was how Feng Tianlan and Feng Yunsheng could look so similar even though they were not related?

“I am Feng Tianlan.” Feng Tianlan frowned a little. She didn’t have a good impression of Feng Yunsheng after hearing about how she impersonated her to get close to Mobai.

Yu Jia scratched her head and scanned Feng Tianlan’s appearance. “You really do look like Princess Yunsheng. What’s going on here?”

“It’s Princess Yunsheng who looks like Lady Phoenix.” Ji You couldn’t help but look at Feng Tianlan again, thinking that this was really weird.

General Zuo looked at Feng Tianlan. “We better set off now. Her Majesty is still waiting for the Lady Phoenix.”

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