The Silly Alchemist

Chapter 50 – Delicate and pretty young lady (1)

Chapter 50 – Delicate and pretty young lady (1)

Translated by Hazel

“Emperor, who do you think has the highest odds? Is it…” The previous minister started talking again and gave people his granddaughter’s name.

“Your granddaughter is nice, but my daughter seems to have higher odds! My daughter is very good at playing the lyre, chess, calligraphy and painting…” Another minister said.

“What’s special about playing the lyre, chess, calligraphy and painting? Those are just ordinary skills. My daughter is different. She learned the essence of dancing!”

“So what? My granddaughter…”

That was how they started their debate in the court. Maybe this is the warm-up of the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition, an off-court game.

“Cough cough!” The Emperor coughed and interrupted their debates and said something to their surprise.

“Your daughters and granddaughters are very good. No wonder they are the talented girls of the country. If not for Ye Lang, I would choose from one of them. But this time, I bet on Zhen Xiao Yan!”

“Why? Under a fair competition, she won’t win.”

“You don’t have to worry about fairness. If I say it’s fair, then it is fair. Although you think it isn’t possible for her to win, it is hard to tell since Ye Lang already bet on her.” The Emperor knew they were still doubting about the fairness. He clarified again and made a promise.

“Why? Emperor, do you believe Ye Lang is capable to change the result, making Zheng Xiao Yan, a fatty and good for nothing girl, to beat those pretty girls under a fair condition?”

“No, I don’t believe so!” The Emperor shook his head, and Ye Cheng Tian seemed to agree with him. Because Zhen Xiao Yan’s conditions were so unbelievable, even God wouldn’t be able to help her, let alone a silly boy like Ye Lang.

“Then…” Before the ministers finished their discussion, the Emperor spoke in a serious and truthful tone.

“But, I believe in his luck!”

“…” Everyone was silent.

“You can certainly doubt his capability, but you can never doubt his luck! The goddess of luck has always favored him. So envious!” The Emperor spoke sincerely, and he really seemed to be a bit envious.

People had no words to say. They all had heard of Ye Lang’s luck, and he always encountered good things while he was trying to dissipate his family fortune.. Those good things were unattainable to others.

In fact, they didn’t know that besides with spending his family fortune, he also had good luck in other matters. For example, he never got hurt by accidents. Otherwise, with his confused way of walking, he might have been gotten injured many times.

Before, Tigress was taking care of him. But in the recent five years, for example, he would be walking alone and not see the pit ahead, but somehow mysteriously just walk barely walk over the edges of the pit. Sometimes, things fell from high above that were supposed to hit him, but they just fell behind or in front of him, or somewhere nearby. He would just look at them curiously and then leave…

The only explanation for that were the Emperor’s words: The goddess of luck favored him, and could not bear to let him be hurt even a bit!

“He is not always lucky. Most of the times, he is very good at being a prodigal son. How can you be so sure that he will be this time.”

Someone was doubting his luck, and this had some truth in it. Otherwise, people would just rush to buy everything he was buying.

“Either success or failure. His aim is to be prodigal!” Ye Cheng Tian made a correction, and added, “We are betting for small money. It is all up to the god’s will!”

“Right. The difference with Ye Lang’s betting is that it can turn a thing from impossible to possible. We are not saying it’s 100% possible, but if you’re going to bet against us, you’d better prepare to lose!” The Emperor laughed.

Although the Emperor clarified the risk, and everyone understood it, they still didn’t think Zhen Xiao Yan would win. Still, many people bet on her. She became popular as a dark horse.

The reason was simple; because the Emperor bet on her, and many people did so trying to flatter him. It was more a spending on social familiarization than betting.

And the focus was still Ye Lang: Where was he, what was he doing, and what was his strategy?

At the beginning, people were waiting for Ye Lang to cause some silly troubles or something crazy. They wanted to see those crazy things. They felt excited thinking about it.

Many people thought that the only strategy to make Zhen Xiao Yan win was to ruin all the competitors. This was the only possible way. However she tried, she wouldn’t be able to become a phoenix from an ugly chicken in such a short time.

She might be able to improve in a few months, but that was still unlikely. And now she only had 20 days. Unless she was not a mortal.

However, everyone became disappointed eventually. Ye Lang did nothing. Everything was in peace!

Or was it the calm before the storm?

Those talented girls and their families were still worrying. How could they relax before the last second? So when the competition started, it was like an oncoming battle. Fully armed guards and security forces were making the scene even more tense!

“What is going on? Are we in the wrong place? Is this the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition or Magical Martial Arts Competition?” Asked some people in the audience.

“You are in the right place. This is the preliminary of the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition!” Someone answered.

“But why…”

“You must be curious why there are guards and soldiers here, right? Because somebody is challenging the safety of the talent girls, so they are very nervous about keeping them from danger.”

“What?! Someone wants to harm them? Who? Tell me. I am going to kill him!” One person boasted as if he was some kind of big shot.

He thought people would support him, because after all, they were all here for the talent girls, and no one wanted to see something happen to them.

But he was wrong, totally wrong. He didn’t gain support but got laughter and despise instead!

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