The Silly Alchemist

Chapter 35 – It’s not a crime for a man to cry (1)

Chapter 35 – It’s not a crime for a man to cry (1)

Translated by imakeussmile

At this time, Ye Lan Yu also did not have the leisure to go and look for evidence about Ye Lang’s wrongdoings, and did not want to discuss whether his past conducts were acting or not. Just that, she was feeling very odd as to why this little brother of hers would have this kind of tone.

Worried, this kind of expression had never appeared on this little brother of hers before. Since he was little, although he had some flaws, he was still happy and merry, not having a tiny bit of worry at all.

Now that he had become a normal person, he was still also the same, being relaxed and carefree every day, researching alchemy during the day and going to sleep while hugging Tigress during the night.

What thing would be able to let him be worried about?

Ye Lan Yu wanted to ask him, but she did not have the chance to ask. At least, she did not have this chance for the time being.

Because at that time, just exactly then, Tigress walked out from the house. Tigress, who had just finished bathing, brought along a sweet scent with her. And as she walked towards Ye Lang, she looked with a bit of curiosity at the 2 siblings who were at the courtyard.

Just what happened? Why is young lady Ye Lan Yu’s expression a bit odd. Young master’s expression is also a bit odd too.

Tigress’ sense was very sharp, being able to spot even this kind of small detail. Not sure if her sense was really that sharp or if it was because of the connection between her and the young master.

Ye Lang stood up and walked towards Tigress silently, then hugged her in his embrace. Just like that, he silently hugged Tigress, not saying a single word at all.

“…??” Tigress and Ye Lan Yu felt strange, just what is going on with him?

Although, during the night when it’s time to sleep, Ye Lang would hug Tigress and sleep together, he had never hugged her during the day, and would even more not do this in front of others.

“Young master, what’s going with you? Did anything happen?” At the start, Tigress also did not say anything, and just let Ye Lang hug her. However, this hug of Ye Lang was never ending, even after hugging for 10 minutes, he was still hugging her without moving and speaking.

This made Tigress feel even stranger, completely not able to grasp even the gist of what was going on.

Ye Lang slowly separated from Tigress, and with his hands holding onto her shoulder, eyes looking into her eyes, he said gently: “Tigress, don’t blame me, and don’t be angry either, this is all for your own good.”

“…?? Young master, what are you talking about?” Tigress was even more confused now, what was the meaning of those words.

“Today……” Ye Lang looked at Tigress, wanting to say out the reason as to why he hired the mercenary group, wanting to explain everything. Just that, at this time, another person rushed into the courtyard.

“Little bastard, just what kind of game are you trying to play again? What is the meaning of the mercenary group outside! What kind of treasure did you want to send off to have actually hired the entire Anna Mercenary Group, and the commission you offered is actually reaching up to million! You haven’t been prodigal for 3 months, and I thought that you had stopped already. Never would I have thought that you were actually storing up all your energy and waiting for a chance to use it all at once!” Long An Qi, who rushed into the courtyard, reprimanded Ye Lang loudly.

That’s right, a million gold coins. Just what kind of concept was this?

An ordinary mission would only cost a commission fee of a few gold coin, a much more advanced one would cost and amount of 2 digits. A mission which had the risk of danger along with it was double the usual price. A much more advanced mission, which was time consuming and required a great deal of effort, would cost hundreds or thousands of gold coins, and also the same, a mission which carried the risk of danger was double the usual price.

However, even if it was a top grade mission, which was something extremely dangerous, like slaughtering a dragon, the commission fee would also be more or less a million gold coin, and perhaps maybe even less than a million gold coin.

Of course, the calculation of this commission fee was calculated using the standard of Anna Mercenary Group. Sometimes, a mission required the cooperation of many mercenary groups. Take for example the slaughtering a dragon mission, it was not a mission that only 1 or 2 mercenary groups would be able to handle, and more helpers would need to be hired. After counting up everything, a mercenary group would only be able to get up to about a few hundred thousand gold coins for the mission.

Therefore, comparing it with the current mission which Ye Lang offered, the quality to price ratio far surpassed any other kind of mission. And any other mercenary group would also definitely agree to take on this mission if they were hired. Because this would help develop their mercenary group faster.

And as for the Anna Mercenary Group, after taking on the mission this time, in the next few years, their group would be able to develop extremely fast, and rush to a spot of the top 10 mercenary groups shortly.

This was equivalent to getting a large sum of investment. No wonder the Anna Mercenary Group would summon everyone back within just 2 months of time. If it was changed to a usual mission, they may not be able to summon everyone back even within half a years time.

Also because of this, the Anna Mercenary Group gave Ye Lang a honorary group captain position, viewing him as the most high-ranking honored guest. Towards his requests, if it could be free of charge, they would not charge him anything. Although, Ye Lang, this prodigal son, would not care about whether If it was free of charge or not.

The benefit for Ye Lang? Speaking from the most basic, it would be being able to acquire the information which the mercenary group has. Ye Lang understood the importance of information. In the future, he would also feel that this million which he had spent was still too little.

There was also one more benefit, which was that the entire Anna Mercenary Group consisted of only females. And what’s more, there were a lot of beautiful woman too, especially the group captain, Anna. Therefore, Ye Lang, who was the honorary group captain, had also one more benefit which was unimaginable.

In short, in one sentence, this formless benefit, it was unable to be bought with even a million gold coins.

However, right now, everyone was still not able to see the benefits, and were only able to see that Ye Lang was once again being prodigal and squandering a large amount of money.

“A million……young master, you are being too reckless, what treasure do you want to send?” After Tigress heard the amount, she herself was also dazed, as this amount could be said as the highest record amount of Ye Lang’s prodigalness. In the past, it was at most 6 digits, but right now, it actually reached 7 digits.

“I want to send my most, most precious treasure in this entire life, I will not let this treasure of mine suffer from any harm.” Ye Lang looked at Tigress and smiled.

“…?? What? Do you have this kind of treasure? Even Ban’s alchemy notebook, you would also use it as a table mat. Since little, you had never had anything which you really cared about.” Tigress said suspiciously. Since little to now, she had never seen Ye Lang treating anything as a treasure at all.

And if a few certain alchemists were hear this sentence of Tigress, they would definitely cry and shout, and send for a punitive expedition against Ye Lang. To actually use Ban’s alchemy notebook as a table mat… That notebook within his hands was the original one, and not the duplicated version!

“All those are all dead things, and I have already memorized it all already, so there is no need to care about those. My treasure is you, you are forever the most treasured treasure of mine.” Ye Lang smiled towards Tigress. Although this sentence of his seemed to be a bit casual, and seemed to have a bit of joking feel to it, everyone was able to feel that this sentence of his was serious, and moreover, was the kind of seriousness which cannot be doubted.

“Humph, making fun of me again, you want to treat me as a treasure forever, yeah right……Wait a minute, what did you say?” At the start, Tigress still had not reacted, but very quickly, she discovered the issue about Ye Lang’s sentence.

To say that she was a treasure, then doesn’t it meant that, she was the one who was going to be escorted?

If it is like this, then it would all make sense as to why he would tell her to not blame him, and also not to be angry at him. So it was like this, he wanted to send her away.

Tigress thought of this, and her heart immediately tightened as she looked at Ye Lang, and asked while feeling a bit scared: “Young master, could it be that you want to send me away, you don’t want me anymore?”

“Silly girl, why would I not want you anymore!” Seeing Tigress who was scared, Ye Lang held her into his embrace, and said so very gently.

“Then why do you want to send me away?” Tigress trembled lightly in Ye Lang’s embrace, still being afraid.

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