The Rise of Otaku

Chapter 307 - Whaling Ship

Chapter 307: Chapter 307 Whaling Ship

After thinking about it for a long time, Zhou Yu still couldn’t figure out what the intimacy setting in the card game was. All he knew was that when he took the cards out, he could see more actions of those fairies in the cards, and it didn’t provide any special effect during a battle. Of course, if you are someone who particularly likes beautiful pets, this kind of setting is great for you, it will give you a feeling of keeping a pet.

For a pragmatic person like Zhou Yu, power was the true meaning of a card game. In the one-star cards, there was a very beautiful grass fairy, it was like a cute little loli, but Zhou Yu still had no plan to add her to his card deck, because it was too weak.

Although the fairies were summoned, they couldn’t fight each other like it was in the game, because the fairies had no way to get out of the effective card projection range. After all, this was the real world, there were physical laws, it was not the ACG world, where you could do whatever you like.

Even if the two cards were placed side by side, they would not fight each other but would contact each other curiously and chat in a strange language.

Without the Star Map Disc, having those cards was like having an off-line pet like game.

After putting the “Star Map” game into the electrical appliance factory, the craftable items that appeared were arranged in three levels: Star Map Virtual Cards, Star Map Disc, and Star War Arena. Virtual Cards could be directly manufactured, but the electronic components required by Star War Arena and Star Map Disc were quite special. It would take a lot of effort to obtain other raw materials. Zhou Yu didn’t know how long it would take him to gather them all.

Virtual Cards only had the ability to project images, but with the help of Star Map Disc, players could perform a small duel on a table. And to reproduce the big scene like Yu-Gi-Oh, Zhou Yu must use the Star War Arena to expand and enhance the effect of 3D projection.

What more could he say, for his childhood dream, Zhou Yu began to grow mushrooms crazily.

Regardless of whether it was a thunder mine or a lightning fish, Zhou Yu would not miss anything and anyone that had a thunder or lightning effect. He would collect as much as he could. At this moment, the item: whaling ship, which has been covered with dust in the storehouse, could finally be put into use.

At first, when Zhou Yu got this ship from the chubby prince’s treasure bowl, he couldn’t figure out what the purpose of it was, so it was kept in the storehouse.

This ship was a ghost ship, with a group of skeletons on it, and they maintained the postures of sailing the boat under the leadership of the skeleton pirate captain. As long as Zhou Yu ordered it, they would wake up from a deep sleep and then sail the ghost ship to catch whales.

After reading this introduction, Zhou Yu didn’t want to use it, because hunting down whales sounded a bit inappropriate, although he didn’t know what the whale of the ACG world looked like.

Until later, when the electrician fox heard about the existence of the whaling ship, it immediately came to see Zhou Yu, “Lord, why don’t you use the whaling ship? Now that the electrical appliance factory needs more electronic components, we need to make electronic farmers work harder.”

“What is the relationship between whaling ships and electronic farmers?”

“In the dark clouds of the sky, exists the strongest thunder beast Kunpeng. Only whaling ships can approach it and hunt them. Others have no chance of approaching it at all.”

Holy shit, there are creatures living in the cloud in the ACG world?

This also seemed quite possible. However, Zhou Yu couldn’t fly to the sky to see it. Although he had a chance before when he was taking the airplane, he was attracted to the sky city in the plane, and he didn’t even look at the scenery outside the window.

According to the electrician fox, the creatures of the ACG world in the sky were born in the clouds. They lived in the clouds, and when the clouds were scattered, their lives would end with the clouds, and then they would be reborn again when the next cloud was formed. Different types of clouds had different living creatures.

In the burning cloud, there were fire creatures, in the contrails, there were sonic creatures, in the rain cloud, there were water creatures, and the target of the whaling ship was the overlord Kunpeng, who lived only in large dark clouds.

Moreover, although the name was called the whaling ship, it was not actually a cruel killing, but only to tease and provoke Kunpeng, and then collect the lightning that the angry Kunpeng fired. After collecting a full jar, a lightning gem would pop out, and with just one lightning gem’s energy, it was enough to power up one mushroom field. In this rainy season, the probability of finding dark clouds was still very high, so releasing a whaling boat was the best choice.

So it was like this. Zhou Yu finally realized that he had completely misunderstood it. He didn’t expect the seemingly dark pirate ship to be just an item that collected lightning.

Since today was a cloudy day, he quickly found it from the storehouse and clicked his fingers at the pirate ship. After a series of clicking noises, Captain Skeleton and his crew stretched their bodies, and the ghost ship finally awakened.

“Little ones, let’s sail to the sky!”

As Captain Skeleton shouted, the thin fin-like wings on both sides of the ghost ship began to fan, lifting the ship slowly into the air, and soon disappeared into the cloud and could no longer be seen.

Because it was very interesting, Zhou Yu also asked the young cameraman to get on the pirate ship to capture how they were going to tease Kunpeng.

The young cameraman was very unlucky, he was originally taking the photo for many idols, but the boss suddenly wanted to send him to the sky, and he even wanted him to stay with a group of skeletons to tease the beast Kunpeng.

Anyway, from the image that was sent back by the young cameraman, Zhou Yu could see that when the ghost ship entered the dark clouds, there were indeed some creatures floating in the dark clouds. Most of them were fish, and they looked similar to very ugly deep-sea fishes.

And our target Kunpeng was actually the same as a whale. However, although to those mini little people of the ACG world, it was very big, but its size was still not comparable to the whales in the real world.

The ghost ship was flying around Kunpeng under the captain skeleton’s command, making various fancy movements, and this movement would make Kunpeng angry the most.

Sure enough, in just a while, the Kunpeng, who was targeted by the ghost ship, let out a long roar, causing lightning to appear in the cloud and hit the ghost ship.

In the various strange waves of laughter of Captain skeleton, those skeleton sailors opened the spider-web-like lightning capturing net neatly, and all the lightning that hit the ghost ship would only follow the net lines and enter a jar, and then eventually formed a small stone shining brightly inside the jar.

This was the lightning gem.

When the bottle was full, the ghost ship began to descend.

After getting off the ship, the first thing that the young cameraman did was to squat on the ground and vomit. In order to provoke Kunpeng, the ghost ship was rotating around it and moving ups and downs repeatedly, so it was understandable that he would feel sick. However, even in this kind of situation, the image he captured was still quite stable, it could clearly see that this young cameraman was quite good at his job.

The ghost ship could only “sail out” once a day, and Zhou Yu must pay them enough money. After all, there was no free meal in the world. In addition, in order to improve the morale of the ghost ship, it was also necessary to invite them to have a drink in the pub, but this also made Zhou Yu very confused, since they were all skeletons now, how were they going to drink alcohol?

Or they just wanted to use alcohol to lubricate their bones?

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