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Chapter 1069 - Grandma, Why Don't You Give This to Ye Chenyu?

Chapter 1069: Grandma, Why Don’t You Give This to Ye Chenyu?

Yuan Yuan immediately spotted an elderly woman when he walked through the door.

He blinked his eyes and frowned. After he thought for a moment, he quickly recalled who this elderly woman was. Thus, he turned around and said to his sister who stood behind him, “Xi Xi, your grandma is here!”

Xi Xi replied, “Ah…”

Her eyes widened and she looked a little surprised. However, the surprise soon faded and she didn’t seem excited or happy to see her grandmother.

Xia Jingshu smiled widely as she pushed her wheelchair forward to approach her granddaughter.

“Xi Xi…” she said and couldn’t help but reach out her hand to touch her granddaughter’s soft and rosy cheeks.

However, she didn’t manage to touch her granddaughter because Xi Xi moved aside with a look of distaste just before she could touch her.

“Grandma, what are you doing here? Haven’t you moved your belongings out of this house?” Xi Xi asked curiously.

She looked around and didn’t see Aunty Han or Ye Chenyu with her grandmother.

That was good! She would have called for the security guards to chase them out of the house if she had spotted Aunty Han or Ye Chenyu by her grandmother’s side.

“Xi Xi, I’m here to visit. I even brought your favorite doll with me,” Xia Jingshu said and asked Aunty Wu to bring the most expensive doll from the shop that she had sent one of the maids to buy.

Xi Xi looked at the doll and saw that it was a beautiful doll but she didn’t accept the gift. Instead, she shook her head and said, “Grandma, I don’t want this doll. You should give it to Ye Chenyu.”

Xi Xi did not want this doll since she had many dolls in her room. Moreover, she had already outgrown dolls now that she had Du Du. She was now playing with other toys such as plasticine clay and galaxy marbles.

Xia Jingshu was speechless.

She froze in surprise and her heart felt as though a sharp knife had buried itself into her heart the moment she heard Ye Chenyu’s name.

“Xi Xi, what kind of toys do you like? I’ll buy something you’d like tomorrow,” she said.

She was consumed with regrets.

Xi Xi laughed and said, “I don’t need you to buy gifts for me since my mother will buy everything that I want.”

Then, she ran toward her mother who had just emerged from the garage.

He Xiyan immediately knew that her ex-mother-in-law had arrived the moment she stepped into the house.

She guessed that Xia Jingshu was here to visit her granddaughter.

She didn’t want to see Xia Jingshu but she knew that she couldn’t chase her away either. After all, Xi Xi was part of the Ye family, so it was well within their rights for the Ye family to visit her.

She just didn’t like the fact that Xia Jingshu didn’t even give her a head’s up before she popped by.

“Yan Yan…” Xia Jingshu said as she greeted her ex-daughter-in-law.

He Xiyan’s expression was cold and her expression was unreadable. She didn’t seem happy nor annoyed to see her here.

She took her daughter’s hand in hers and stuck her free hand into her pocket as she slowly made her way to Xia Jingshu and said, “Aunty Xia, why did you suddenly decide to come over for a visit?”

She deliberately used the word ‘suddenly’ because she didn’t want these people to come over without warning.

Xia Jingshu looked a little embarrassed as she said, “Yan Yan, I’m here to visit Xi Xi. I’d like to bring the child back to the Ye mansion for two weeks.”

She immediately stated her intention.

Her granddaughter had drifted so far apart from her that she wanted to spend more time with her granddaughter to cultivate a better relationship with her.

He Xiyan frowned as she looked at her ex-mother-in-law. She didn’t understand why her ex-mother-in-law would suddenly make such a request.

Xi Xi had already been living with her for the past two months but Xia Jingshu had never once called to ask after her granddaughter.

Why would she want to bring Xi Xi back to the Ye family home for two weeks all of a sudden?

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