The Portal of Wonderland

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Ugly Truth

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“Indeed… the Wonderful Sound Sect rarely accepts male candidates. But, it isn’t a problem if the man is recommended by someone as senior as a Xian Tian of the Sect” the young girl blinked as she said this.

“I don’t know much about this point. Perhaps the Senior of the Wonderful Sound Sect thinks that I’m more suitable for the Black Turtle Sect. By the way… it seems that you know a lot about the affairs of these Sects,” Shi Mu asked. He felt humble in his heart as he listened to her. But, his appearance remained calm and collected.

“My Han Family’s ancestor was a disciple of the Black Turtle Sect. However, he had an accident later-on. Hence, he returned to the society and established his own family. Most people present here might possibly have a relationship with the Black Turtle Sect. You are called Shi Mu, right? My name is Han Xiang Xiu.”

The young girl smiled sweetly at Shi Mu. There was a bulge of breasts in her clothes despite her young age. Her body had developed fabulously. Each movement of hers had the trace of a captivating grace. This had attracted the endless gazes of several young men.

Several pair of eyes gazed at Shi Mu’s body in an ill-manner as he and Han Xiang Xiu joyously talked to each other; so much so that someone would’ve possibly come over and looked for trouble …if Shi Mu didn’t have an exceptionally tall stature… if they hadn’t noticed the knife and the bow he carried… if they weren’t afraid of his tough appearance.

Shi Mu ended his conversation with the young maiden soon after. He then closed his eyes, and started to meditate.

Sometime later…

The hold of the ship that contained the boys and girls started to lose its novelty in the eyes of its guest. The teenagers gradually became dull and tired. They soon lost their interest in talking as well.

Many youngsters started to imitate Shi Mu, and closed their eyes to meditate.

Then, several servants dressed in grey robes arrived with tables of steaming food. The food looked delicious. Therefore, the teenagers advanced towards the table to eat the food.

However, Shi Mu didn’t proceed forward. He silently took out two hardened steamed buns from his bosom. Then, he slowly chewed and swallowed them.

His actions naturally led to several astonished gazes.

Shi Mu obviously didn’t intend to give an explanation. But his actions raised Han Xiang Xiu’s curiosity. She started to inquire him about several affairs again; very frequently.

Shi Mu only spoke occasionally; he would speak for a minute, and would then became quiet the next.

The time it takes for one wick of the lamp to burn had soon passed. The youngsters started to feel intoxicated. Hence, they lay down. The boys and girls remained in their original places, but fell into a deep slumber.

Then, the grey-robed servants entered the room again to clear out the dishes. They then got out of the room in silence, and locked the iron door behind them.

In Shi Mu’s room… a person who lay motionless on the ground suddenly sat up. His eyes then fell upon the closed door. His face looked gloomy. Suddenly, he said, “My name is Ma Fei Yun. All who are sober… please get up. You don’t need to pretend anymore.”

“I didn’t eat that food.”

“I had realized that these people aren’t right long back. My relatives had felt the same.”

“Humph! I ate the food. But, a few knockout drops can’t affect me.”

Two boys and two girls who had been lying on the ground suddenly sat up. Their loud voices seemed to full of acquisitions towards their hosts.

Han Xiang Xiu was one of the girls.

As for Shi Mu… he had been sitting-leaned-against the hold of the ship. He opened his shiny eyes again. He was the only person who was awake, and hadn’t yet responded.

The first teenager who had gotten-up had fair skin. His eyebrows looked like a double-edged sword, and his eyes were bright. He glanced at Shi Mu. Then, he whispered to the rest, “These people aren’t the emissaries of the Black Turtle Sect. It will be disastrous if we go with them. The guards must be taking it easy after seeing us unconscious. Now is the only opportunity for us to escape. I’m prepared to leave this ship right now. Do you guys wish to come with me?”

“Indeed… these people don’t belong to the Black Turtle Sect. They are probably the Black Turtle Sect’s opponents. We should take-off as early as possible. I don’t have any objection,” Han Xiang Xiu was the first person to nod her head in agreement.

One of the other two teenagers had a wide mouth and curly hair. The other one had long hair, and they trailed over her shoulders. They heard the idea in a calm manner and nodded their heads in agreement.

“Brother Shi Mu, you should come with us,” Han Xiang Xiu addressed Shi Mu.

“There’s no need for that. I think it’s good to stay here. And, may I offer you a piece of advice? It will be clever to delay that action for now,” Shi Mu’s eyes flashed as he said with an expressionless face.

Han Xiang Xiu’s face became pale when she heard this. “Brother Shi Mu, have you discovered something?” she asked hurriedly.

The expressions of the other two teenagers also changed. There was a look of hesitation on their faces.

Shi Mu shook his head. He didn’t wish to say anything further.

“Humph! You’re a coward! You can all stay here if you wish,” Ma Fei Yun looked at Shi Mu with disdain. Then, he addressed Han Xiang Xiu, “Sister Han, we will go together.”

“Brother Ma, let’s delay our actions and think about the situation one more time.” Han Xiang Xiu thought for a while and smiled reluctantly.

“Then I’ll go out first. And you can follow me afterwards,” Ma Fei Yun’s expression changed slightly. A trace of anger had emerged on his face. However, he could only stomp his foot since the other two teenagers had remained silent.

Then, he took out a dagger from his sleeves. The dagger had a silver hilt. He then bent down and firmly penetrated it through the plank below his feet.

A loud ‘bang’ was heard.

An ear-piercing metal sound was issued as the edge of the blade penetrated the board of the ship.

Ma Fei Yun was scared by this. He hastily began to scrape the board from the point from where he had penetrated into it. Soon, the mild glow of a black metal started to become visible.

“This is iron wood. This iron wood is only found on the Jing Island in the East China Sea. It is hundred years old.”

Ma Fei Yun inhaled a lump of cold air. His expressions changed to that of urgency. Then, he frantically tried to cut the board throughout the room. But, the result was the same. Every spot in the room issued the same metallic sound.

“You don’t need to try again. The entire body of this ship is made of hundred-year-old iron wood. You won’t be able to find a single crack even if you penetrate the entire room in search for it,” a cold sound was heard in the room.

Everyone was frightened by this sound. No one had noticed when the door had opened. The blue-robed man stood at the entrance with folded arms. He gazed at Ma Fei Yun in a strange manner. In fact, it seemed as if he was looking at a dead person.

“Senior, I…” Ma Fei Yun turned pale with fright. He hastily hid the dagger behind his back as he got-up with an intention to say something.

The blue-robed man didn’t allow him to finish his sentence. He raised his hand and hit Ma Fei Yun.

A loud ‘bang’ was heard.

Ma Fei Yun screamed as his body was sent flying. He hit the back wall; blood spurted out from his nose and mouth. His chest had caved in. It was obvious that he wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

“I had told you — whoever disobeys my orders will be punished. Come in, you guys! Pull this dead body out, and throw it into the river. It shall feed the fishes,” the blue-robed man lowered his callous arm as he commanded.

Then, two grey-robed servants stepped into the room. They lifted Ma Fei Yun’s breathing body and left the room.

The blue-robed man sized Shi Mu and the other four teenagers with fierce eyes. “Hehe…” he laughed mischievously. Then, he turned around and left the room.

The door of the room was tightly locked from outside once again.

There was an ugly look on the faces of Shi Mu and the other four teenagers.

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