The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 680 - The Hua Family Is Here

Chapter 680: The Hua Family Is Here

‘He’s just a rookie!’

Everyone was laughing up their sleeve.

They took a closer look and noticed that the qi aura on the kid’s body was so weak that it was negligible. That further confirmed their initial guesses.

Then, their gazes fell on the blood jade bead.

Their eyes flashed with greed.

“It’s a treasure!”

“Dammit! Why can’t I be as lucky?”

They whispered to each other and discussed in low voices.

“Let me tell you, kid. My Yuan family is very famous. Our ancestors have been cultivating since more than a hundred years ago. Everyone in the Huaxia cultivation world knows about my Yuan family!”

That young man lifted his chin and looked arrogant.

“If you know what’s good for you, hurry up and sell me that treasure. It’ll be a waste in your hands!”

Tang Hao grimaced, then smiled. “What if… I don’t plan to sell it?”

“Ha! You talk big, kid! How dare you talk back to me? You ought to think through your decision!” The threat in his tone was very obvious.

The people around them shook their heads. They looked at Tang Hao with pity in their eyes.

‘What a stupid kid! Not only did he not conceal his treasure, but he flaunted it in public. Does he have a death wish?

‘Now that it had caught someone’s eye, he won’t be able to keep it.’

They were in Octagon Alley territory, and so the Yuan family dared not act recklessly. However, once he was outside, he would definitely be robbed. If the Yuan family did not snatch the treasure, the others would.

“I’ve thought it through very clearly. I’m not selling it!” Tang Hao said coldly.

Instantly, the surroundings exclaimed in surprise.

“What a gutsy brat!”

“Ha! Gutsy? He’s more like a fool!”

Many people in the crowd jeered.

The young man became agitated. “You’d better appreciate the fact that I’m talking nicely to you, kid. Just you wait until we’re outside!”

Tang Hao grinned mockingly. “I think we don’t have to wait until we’re outside. Let’s settle this here and now!”

Everyone was stunned by those words.

‘Has this brat gone mad?’

That was the first thought in everyone’s minds.

Otherwise, how would an unaffiliated rookie dare to provoke the young master of the Yuan family?

“Haha! Did I hear wrongly? !” The young man laughed loudly as if he had heard a joke.

The kid sounded as though he was about to get physical! How dare a mere rookie cultivator stand up against him? Did he have a death wish?

“Check this kid out. Isn’t he amusing?”

He laughed heartily and said to the people around him.

Everyone laughed along with him.

At that moment, Tang Hao stepped forward and waved his hand at the young man’s face.


The crisp ring of a slap.

The young man staggered from the slap and fell sitting on the ground.

The laughter stopped abruptly.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the courtyard seemed to have frozen.

In the next moment, everyone exclaimed in surprise.

“He’s really crazy!”

The people were in disbelief.

“How dare you hit me?” The young man sat on the ground and covered his red and swollen face with his hand. As he got up, his expression contorted and he shouted, “I’ll kill you, you brat!”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes and stomped on the young man’s chest.

“You’re… still hitting… I… I’ll fight you to the death!”

The young man was losing his mind.

Tang Hao kicked him again and said coldly, “Shut up!”


The Yuan family members looked at Tang Hao with fire in their eyes. They had some reservations about wielding their sorcery, so they rolled up their sleeves and rushed forward.

They thought that it would be easy to gang up on one person.

Eventually, they all lay sprawled on the ground.

“You have guts, you brat! You’re the first person who dares to beat up my family members in front of me.” Yuan Guotao could not contain his anger.

“Kill him, Dad!” The young man roared.

“Don’t worry, Yifan. Only death awaits anyone who provokes the Yuan family,” Yuan Guotao said viciously.

“How pretentious, old man. I’ll beat you up too.”

Tang Hao grunted coldly, rushed forward, and beat him up.

If the young one behaved that way, the old one was not going to be anyone good either.

Yuan Guotao originally wanted to use sorcery, but that kid was unbelievably fast. A punch landed on the bridge of his nose and dazed him.

After a series of punches, he fell to the ground.

‘This is utter humiliation!’

He wailed in his heart and almost popped a vein.

The people around him were stunned. They could not believe their eyes.

‘Are those people sprawled on the ground really from the Yuan family?

‘Oh my god! The kid had stirred up a hornet’s nest. The Yuan family would definitely kill him!’

“Tell me your name if you have the guts, you brat!”

“Just you wait, you brat!”

The members of the Yuan family got up, covered their faces, and shouted fiercely.

Tang Hao flicked his wrists and glanced at them coldly.

“You’re still so arrogant? Very well!” Yuan Guotao said angrily. Then, he shouted, “Help, help! You all saw what happened, right? This brat is a lunatic. Hurry up and drive him out!”

A middle-aged man in a traditional Chinese suit walked out from the crowd.

He had a troubled look on his face. After looking around, he walked toward Tang Hao and said, “This way please, Sir!”

As he said that, he gestured toward the exit.

Many people were secretly happy when they saw that.

Once the kid stepped out, that would be the end of him.

“What, is it my fault?” Tang Hao smiled coldly.

“Well…” the man in the traditional Chinese was taken aback and revealed a troubled expression.

Strictly speaking, what happened just now could not be considered totally his fault. If Young Master Yuan had not insisted on claiming the treasure, none of that would have happened.

However, that was the Yuan family after all!

On the other hand, the kid was a mere unaffiliated cultivator. It was obvious which side he should take.

“I’m sorry! You were the one who got physical first. Don’t blame us for breaking the rules! This way, please!” The man said.

Tang Hao glanced at him coldly and said, “Very well then…”

The man was taken aback. He seemed unhappy.

He was giving the kid an opportunity to make a graceful exit, yet the kid remained arrogant.

“Leave now!” He shouted coldly.

“What lousy conference is this? I shouldn’t have wasted my time!” Tang Hao coldly grunted and was about to walk away.

“Poor kid!”

Everyone started to laugh mockingly.

At that moment, a group of people walked into the courtyard from the villa. The leader was a white-haired old man dressed in a traditional Chinese suit. He was none other than the patriarch of the Hua family.

The group of people was surprised when they saw the situation in the courtyard.

“What happened?”

Old Master Hua asked the people who were watching the unfolding drama.

“Ha! There’s an ignorant kid causing trouble here. He even beat up the people from the Yuan family!”

The people from the Hua family were surprised again. Then, they laughed.

“Haha! This is interesting! Where did this kid come from?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before. He must be a rookie!”

“Haha, he sounds powerful! Let’s go and take a look!”

Old Master Hua laughed heartily. He stroked his long beard and led his people over.

“Excuse me, let me take a look!” He shouted and squeezed through the crowd.

When he looked at Tang Hao, his entire body trembled as if he had been struck by lightning. The smile on his face froze.

In the next moment, he opened his eyes wide, and his eyeballs almost popped out.

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