The Male Lead’s Villainess Stepmother

Chapter 273 - You are my girlfriend. No need to be shy." (3)

Chapter 273 – “You are my girlfriend. No need to be shy.” (3)

When Robin came rushing over to pick up the document, he saw his boss’s girlfriend resting her head on his shoulder, her arm around his, playing some mobile game on her cellphone. On a corner of the boss’s desk that was covered in paperwork was a glass of orange juice that was almost empty. That had clearly demonstrated how comfortable Miss Yan was in his boss’s office and possibly even more comfortable than Boss Zhou himself.

Robin, witnessing that, reflexively exchanged a look with Secretary Lu and both of them felt goosebumps on themselves. Neither one of them had expected their boss to be so touchy-feely with his girlfriend in private. Wasn’t he a workaholic?

That being said, if that wasn’t Boss Zhou’s preference, Miss Yan wouldn’t have come over out of the blue in the middle of a workday.

As elites of the company, Robin and Secretary Lu have very intact professionalism. No matter what kind of crazy thoughts were going through their heads, they could still maintain their very solemn and focused looks. Walking over to the boss’s desk professionally, Robin said, “Boss Zhou, I am here to pick up the document.”

They were cutting very close in time and, luckily, Boss Zhou did not let the beauty distract him. He put down his final signature and handed the document over to Robin. “All set. Here you go.”

Yan Shuyu, who just finished a round of her game, looked up and waved at the two of them. “Hi~”

Robin, who now had the document in hand, felt much relieved and smiled back at Yan Shuyu. He didn’t say anything to her as Secretary Lu was talking to the boss about something else.

When Secretary Lu finished with her report, the two of them left together, leaving not a trace that they were every there earlier.

Seeing that the office door was closed again, Yan Shuyu was done playing her mobile game as well. She pulled back her arm, stood up, and said, “Okay, you got your document. I am going to head out now.”

Unexpectedly, Boss Zhou stood up with her, took a look at his watch, and said, “I have a meeting at 4, that’s half an hour from now. Perfect timing to go get afternoon tea with you first.”

It wasn’t like Yan Shuyu didn’t want to spend time with the boss, she was just bored earlier when the boss was working.

Going to afternoon tea together was much more fun. She quickly abandoned the idea of going home and wrapped her arm around his with a smile. “Sure. Is the food there tasty?”

“I have never been. Others in the office said they are good though.”

“You poor thing. You have never even been to the coffee shop next to your office.” As much as Yan Shuyu was looking forward to it, she shamelessly said, “I guess I’ll just have to accompany you there.”

The boss played along and showed his gratitude. “Why, thank you, Yanyan.”

While talking, Boss Zhou had already picked up his coat and put it over his arm. He then walked over to the couch and picked up Yan Shuyu’s purse. The two of them then walked out of the office affectionately just like that.

Boss Zhou’s office was the furthest one and it was both luxurious and quiet. There was even a partition that allowed him to wash up and rest. It very much met the standard of a 5-start hotel.

That being said, the standard outside of his office wasn’t half bad either. Secretary Lu had given Yan Shuyu a quick introduction on their way in. The large office outside was the secretary room. Boss Zhou had quite a few secretaries and, at a glance, even their desks were very grand.

The best of it all was that right around the corner from the boss’s office was a front desk for the secretary’s office. When they walked out of his office, all the boss needed to do was to tell the secretary at the front desk, “I am going out for afternoon tea. I will be back for my 4 o’clock.”

This secretary was a boy barely over the age of 20, seemingly straight out of college. He has yet to master the ability to cover up the surprise in his eyes. Nevertheless, he still said very professionally, “Sure, Boss Zhou.”

Even Yan Shuyu, as a Foolish, White, and Sweet, could read the look on the boy’s face. It seemed not all white collars were as professional as they were portrayed in the television shows. Once they had stepped inside of the elevator, Yan Shuyu, both surprised and curious, asked, “We are just going for an afternoon tea. Why was he so surprised?”

Boss Zhou gave her a look and said with a smile, “Probably because you are too pretty and he didn’t know what to make of that.”

Yan Shuyu, “……”

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