The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2367 - Ninth-Realm Joining In

Chapter 2367: Ninth-Realm Joining In

The arm came down all the way, penetrating directly into the Great Path domain around Ye Futian. Propelled by the Vajra divine power, it seemed that even the force of this Great Path domain was having difficulty affecting this Tianshen Arm.

Shocking sounds of rumbling were heard, and the space was on the verge of shattering and collapsing. The stars within the Great Path domain were exploding, destroyed under the Giant Palm of Tianshen at the other end of that massive arm.

The other end of the golden arm that had penetrated the void was directly connected to a golden body above the firmament as the Vajra divine power continuously poured into it. When the arm slammed down, to those in the distance, it was as if a golden light beam had punctured the void, from the firmament downward, with unstoppable force.

Boom… A vast radiant divine light erupted from Ye Futian. The divine light swept out with his body as the source, obscuring the sky and the sun. Terrifying divine light wrapped up on that Tianshen arm, so the mobility and power of that arm were greatly affected. Even though it was still attacking towards the ground below, it was slowing down considerably.

Behind Ye Futian, a series of exceptionally beautiful visions now appeared. Accompanied by a long trilling whistle, Ye Futian seemed to have morphed into the Peacock Demon God. His visage was now becoming even more wicked and scary, and an astonishing demonic energy rushed out from him. As hearts were beating violently, a majestic demonic power burst out as infinite divine light bloomed.

Buzz! When the massive arm blasted down, it was blocked by the Starry Shield. The divine light of the stars that surrounded Ye Futian intertwined and formed an absolute superb defense around him. The arm blasted right on the shield, which caused it to shake violently, but the downward momentum of that Tianshen Arm was also stymied.

There was a loud bang, and cracks began to appear on the Starry Shield. It then shattered as the shield collapsed. The infinite Vajra divine power above the firmament was constantly pouring in until it finally broke down the shield. However, at the same time, that golden giant palm was shrouded by the supreme power of the Shadow as well, with much of its power now diminished.

Above the firmament, the golden divine glory continued to fall, pouring into the arm to restore its power. However, at this time, Ye Futian, who was within the starry light screen, was shining brightly all over, as if he had turned into an indestructible divine sword. The Sword Will surrounding his body, just as numerous starlight showered upon him, as well as the power of the Demon God that was also covering his body. Under the support of multiple powers, Ye Futian’s aura was rising frantically at this moment.

Buzz! Countless divine lights shot out toward that massive arm at the same time. They converge into a single beam that unified and turned into a sword.

This sword strike pierced through the void and heaven and earth, hitting the Giant Palm of Tianshen in an instant. At the moment when the two attacks connected and collided, time and space seemed to have stopped. Soon after, countless rays of light shot into the Giant Palm as golden light diffused and filled the sky. The giant handprint started to crack as Sword Will rushed into it frantically, invading Tianshen arm through these cracks, intending to perforate it through and through.

Sizzle… A frightening Sword Will followed that golden arm and creeping upward. Everyone saw that Tianshen Arm split open. At the same time, a shocking sword light burst from the split arm, rushing high into the sky, and blasted directly at that divine figure above the firmament.

Boom! Boom! The Tianshen Arm now pulverized and exploded with madness, and the arm crumbled. Vajra Dominion shook crazily in the void under that monstrous Sword Might, and it was leaving the Vajra Divine Child a little pale.

Ye Futian raised his head to take a look. Then, a beam of light rushed into the sky. It was his body now that traveled as a sword. All the crowd saw was a sword light penetrating the void, directly blasting on the divine figure above.

There was a crystalline crunching sound that was clearly audible. Everyone saw a sword that traversed heaven and earth. Some fractures appeared on that Tianshen phantom in the void, as the Vajra Dominion was totally shaken up. On the battlefield, Ye Futian didn’t seem to have moved a single inch. He was still standing where he was as if it had not been him who had made the attack just now.

However, Ye Futian’s entire body dazzled; his physical body was the sword body of the Great Path, surrounded by endless starlight. With a turning of his mind, everyone saw yet another sword rushed into the sky with impeccable swordsmanship. The distance of space was nonexistent. The body was the sword.

Boom! Another sword blasted upon the Vajra Dominion, and then the third strike, the fourth… In a short period of time, it seemed that countless sword strikes had pierced through heaven and earth. And all of them slammed on the Vajra Dominion. That dominion, which contained indestructible divine power of the Vajra Region, began to show more and more fissures.

The impact of what was taking place in front of them was indescribably shocking. Countless swords seem to be connected from sky to earth, hitting every location of the Vajra Dominion. If this continued, the Great Path domain of the Vajra Region would inevitably collapse. In that case, the Divine Wheel of the Vajra Divine Child would probably be broken.

Many cultivators looked in the direction of the Divine Child and saw that golden face was revealing hints of struggle as if he was in some pain. Finally, accompanied by a muffled groan, with a turning of his thoughts, the infinite divine light disappeared in an instant, and the Vajra Dominion vanished as well. That endless divine light submerged into his body like mad, and he dared not continue.

The Vajra Divine Child has been defeated, everyone thought as they witnessed the incredible scene that had just taken place in front of them. Under the joint efforts of these two major cultivators, the Vajra Divine Child was suppressed and had to withdraw his Great Path domain, which clearly suggested that he could no longer bear Ye Futian’s attack. If he were to insist on continuing the battle, even his Divine Wheel might collapse and shatter.

Ye Futian looked towards the direction of the Vajra Divine Child but did not continue his attack. In another direction, the heir of Yuanshi Palace did not continue his attack either. The offensive and defensive techniques of the Vajra Region were known to be incredibly fierce and overpowering, but even the Vajra Dominion was now broken up. Even if he were to continue, it would be unlikely for him to defeat Ye Futian.

This number one genius talent in the Original Realm was mighty indeed.

The other cultivators in the vicinity focused on Ye Futian. It seemed that Ye Futian could not be suppressed until they take some action. The dominion force released just now by Ye Futian was considerable, and they still didn’t know if it had even close to Ye Futian’s limit.

“Not bad,” someone praised. A top figure from Divine Prefecture looked at Ye Futian and asked, “The reputation of the number one genius in Original Realm was well-deserved. Emperor Ye has infinite potential, and I can see that the dominion of Emperor Ye’s cultivation is truly extraordinary. I wonder how this Divine Wheel of the Great Path was cast?”

Ye Futian looked at the person who spoke and saw he was also a powerful existence from the Ancient God Clan, a supreme cultivator from Infinite Mountains. He was a top Renhuang who cultivated at the Infinite Mountains. Moreover, he was of the Ninth-Realm. The aura that was being released by him was elusive yet terrifying.

This Great Path domain was cast by his Natal Spirit; he wouldn’t be so crazy as to divulge that.

So, he did not bother to respond. Those cultivators were still hanging around the surrounding space. Since they had come with bad intentions, he felt like he didn’t need to bother with common courtesy either.

The cultivator from Infinite Mountains smiled when he saw that Ye Futian didn’t answer him. With a wave of his palm, infinite Divine Swords appeared between heaven and earth instantly, pointing directly at Ye Futian.

Even a peak Renhuang of the Ninth-Realm was making a move now.

“If so, I am going to have to see for myself just how strong is Emperor Ye’s cultivation.”

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