The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 822: Imperial Decree

Chapter 822: Imperial Decree

Hahaha… When I become the emperor, I will all my obnoxious brothers and sisters immediately, and then let the Feng Family restrain Nangong Yu. At that time, the entire Jin Ling Kingdom will be mine. I can do whatever I want.

The crown prince landed steadily from the air to the ground, and he took the cloth towel from the eunuch on the side to wipe the dust off his face

This eunuch was the one who had been serving next to Shangguan Wenji, but he had already defected to the crown prince and the empress.

When Shangguan Qi forced Shangguan Wenji to write an abdication edict, Shangguan Wenji originally refused to write it, and he refused to tell the location of the imperial jade seal.

It was the eunuch who knew Shangguan Wenji best. Not only did he tell Shangguan Qi to use his beloved concubine and his daughter to force him, but he also got the hidden imperial jade seal.

So after Shangguan Qi got the two imperial decrees and came out of the palace, he brought along the eunuch.

Behind Shangguan Qi, there were also a dozen martial artists raised by his crown prince’s residence. Most of whom were at the Foundation Establishment stage.

The lowly eunuch leaned to Shangguan Qi’s side and said with a pleased smile, “Your Highness Crown Prince, why not I pass the imperial decrees for you now?”

Shangguan Qi was very pleased with him; his face was full of triumph.

However, before he could speak, Chen Guang rushed over when he noticed a movement here. Seeing that it was Crown Price Shangguan Qi and his men, he couldn’t help frowning.

But there was a difference between the ruler and the subordinates. He muttered in his heart, but he still bowed slightly and said, “Greetings to Your Highness Crown Prince, may I know why are you here?”

Shangguan Qi was dissatisfied with Chen Guang’s attitude.

Although he was saying respectful words, his attitude and manner of saluting him were very perfunctory as if he didn’t care about him at all.

Shangguan Qi squinted his eyes and said coldly, “I came here on the imperial decree of the emperor. General Chen, please gather the whole army, saying that I have important things to announce!”

Chen Guang frowned suspiciously, “May I know what are the important things that Your Highness Crown Prince has to come in person?”

Shangguan Qi’s face sank when he heard the words, “Chen Guang, you are too presumptuous! Is this what you should ask? I let you assemble the whole army, then you just do it obediently!”

The eunuch beside him also took a step forward at the right time, took out the imperial decree and said with a sharp voice, “Deputy General Chen, the emperor decree is here, is it that you want to go against it?”

Chen Guang’s face changed uncertainly; he did not have the slightest good impression of the Jin Ling Kingdom’s royal family.

Although Feng Family was so powerful, Jin Ling Kingdom did not dare to resist. His general was a loyal general who made great contributions to the Jin Ling Kingdom. He was abused to death by the Feng Family. Instead of questioning their crime, they even said that the Ouyang Family was the traitor.

Swore allegiance to such a royal family would only make people feel disappointed.

But after all, Chen Guang had been a subordinate of the Jin Ling Kingdom for decades. The way of the ruler and the subordinators was carved into his bones and couldn’t easily be changed.

So soon, the 100,000 army was assembled again. The crown prince and Chen Guang stood on the hill again. Everyone raised their heads and looked up at them with doubts on their faces.

When an army of 100,000 was assembled, their momentum seemed to be a hundred times stronger than when they dispersed.

Shangguan Qi looked at the dense crowd underneath, and his heart blossomed with joy.

This army will soon be mine.

The crown prince hinted the eunuch on the side, and the eunuch immediately stepped forward, spread the imperial decree, and said in a sharp voice, “Following the orders of the heaven, the emperor’s edict said, in the past, the 100,000 Zhenwei Army, that led by Ouyang Zhixiong, is brave and fierce; they protect the Kingdom from the enemies outside, becoming the pillar of the Jin Ling Kingdom.”

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