The Immortal’s Poison

Chapter 317 - The Final Hit

Chapter 317: The Final Hit

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Three battle troops broke out simultaneously!

On the edge of the place of the outer fringe, Wen Leyang and the five-element demon collide heavily into each other.

A few years of laborious effort, a chain of schemes, especially for the violent battle that broke out from the two lone peaks that were connected in the end, the five-element demon managed to make it through the launching of the magic formation. Soon, his task was about to be brought to a successful completion, but alas, he was suddenly blocked by Wen Leyang.

The five-element demon was both astonished and infuriated. Within the sound of his muffled roar, the vigorous life vitality in his body completely burst out. He grinded towards Wen Leyang mercilessly!

Wen Leyang felt like he was hugging an ignited gas cylinder on the verge of exploding, that seemed to be attempting to grind, explode and tear himself into mush.

The Poison of Life and Death surged and converged into the mighty poisonous tide in the blink of an eye!

The five-element demon was determined that the immortal master teacher’s plan could never fail. Wen Leyang could not fall back, as Chi Maojiu was still behind him. A group of battle companions that shared a life and death situation with him had never left or abandoned him had finally killed their way out.

The demon’s lashing was like a monstrous wave. Wen Leyang’s counterattack was like a wild storm – two gushes of tremendous force collided together with a loud bang!

In the middle of the battle of the lone peaks, the three people, Shudou, Sir Rust and Hot Immortal Aunt had already launched their supernatural powers. They killed in the direction of Nineteen and the rest mercilessly.

Nineteen had since become dejected. Full Moon, First and Last Quarter Moon’s faces were covered in tears, while the four heavenly moon descendants’ state of mind, perished along with the moon cone nail’s explosion. They stood in a daze as they watched the enemies’ treasured weapons and supernatural powers raiding towards them.

Shudou laughed wildly in a savage manner. Sir Rust’s face was expressionless, while evil lingered in between the Hot Immortal Aunt’s brows.

Soon, the heavenly moon disciples were about to be chopped into a million pieces. The expression of the three descendants of heaven’s cone nail changed abruptly in unison. Long vines burst out behind their backs and rolled up without a sign, before smashing down towards them!

When Chi Maojiu dashed out of the place of the outer fringe, Wen Leyang and the demon had already coiled themselves into a ball. He was afraid that he would injure his people, so there was no way he could interrupt. Chi Maojiu did not even see Nineteen and the rest. He only saw the back of the three of them, including Shudou, when they swooped down for an attack. He did not even hesitate before he summoned the black vines immediately, and attacked them!

The three descendants of the heaven’s cone nail could not care about executing Nineteen and her siblings. They changed the direction of their bodies due to fear, as they hastily urged their supernatural powers to protect themselves.

Due to the half a moment’s delay, the descendants of the moon cone nail had already regained their consciousness. Nineteen who was never fond of showing emotions and often gentle in her tone of speaking, was almost roaring hysterically, “Chop them into eight pieces for me!”

The full moon was akin to a wheel. The new moon was formless, the first and last quarter moon’s remaining hooks opened and closed!

Shudou and the rest were attacked from the front and rear, while the descendants of moon cone nail were severely injured. Chi Maojiu on the other hand, was exhausted like an arrow at the end of its flight. The eight top master cultivators were arranged in the middle front and back. They simultaneously urged the life vitality of their entire bodies. After a few of their supernatural powers converged and collided into one another, it exploded with a loud bang!

With only one blow, Chi Maojiu fell onto the ground from exhaustion. The four descendants of the moon cone nail were even more severely injured. Fresh blood poured out of their mouths and flowed uncontrollably.

The three persons including Shudou were ghastly pale. Akin to being drunk, they spun around in circles on the same spot before finally falling onto their rear end…

On the edge of the battle of the lone peaks, a group of demon immortals, sword immortals and Tuo Xie’s disciples were fighting desperately with the wild burly man.

Chang Li bit down with her mouth. A gush of blood spurted out from the wild burly man’s neck. His body was so strong, there was no way it could be destroyed. He trembled for a while, soon after he fell onto the ground. The savage and tyrannical expression of the burly man, too turned peaceful.

Chang Li suddenly burst out in an agonizing scream. Her pearly white teeth were tainted and drenched in fresh blood, while her entire being somersaulted in midair painfully. When she touched the ground, one of her hands was digging for something desperately from her mouth. Everyone turned pale with fear as they wondered if she had bitten her tongue off or if she had chipped her tooth.

A moment later, Chang Li gave out a muffled humph. She pulled out a black stick of a bone sting from her mouth with her two fingers. The demon immortals on the scene were experienced and knowledgeable; they pondered for a moment before they understood. The wild burly man’s spiritual meridians were sealed by this bone, and that was why it was under the control of the big-headed short man’s drum and gong. With Chang Li’s wild bite, not only did she tear out a chunk of the wild burly man’s flesh and skin, she also pulled out the soul-enchanting prohibition spell that was casted by the short man.

The big-headed short man watched helplessly as his force had been removed. He was about to turn around to escape, when the sharp demon blades shot down from the sky. A puff of fresh blood splashed out with the sound of a pop. The demon blade penetrated the top of the short man’s head and pinned him onto the ground ferociously.

The moment the short man died, it was as if the monsters from all the mountains and wilderness had their courage drained all at once. They ran away and scattered in the blink of an eye. The large group of cultivators cheered loudly and dashed towards the entrance of the place of the outer fringe madly.

At the entrance of the place of the outer fringe, Wen Leyang gave out a hoarse, muffled humph. He was on the losing end from two trials of wrestling. He staggered as he fell backwards. Just like a marionette with its strings completely broken, his eyes and mouth were askew, his body was trembling, and his limbs were twisted…

The five elements inter-promoted and circulated ceaselessly. Even though Wen Leyang’s Poison of Life and Death was incisive, yet it was still missing the final Poison of Fire. With the lack of this portion, there was no way he could shake the demon’s body, as it was a fusion of five elements’ utmost disposition – perfect to the utmost extent.

Even though the five elements demon had the upper hand, he was also subdued by Wen Leyang’s Poison of Life and Death. The force of him dashing towards the place of the outer fringe too was reduced. He was concerned about Kong Nuer’s plan in his heart. He could no longer care about pursuing and killing the enemies. At the sound of a roar, he was about to muster his strength to enter the place of the outer fringe once again, when the sounds of wind, thunder and shouts suddenly echoed gradually from all directions!

It was Chang Li, Hanba, Liu Zheng, San Wei, the two silly uncles with their broken ribs, a severely-injured Zhui Zi, and Mimu who had lost her zombie that resulted in vast deterioration of her combat power! A group of top master cultivators stood still; some with savage expressions on their faces, some with eyes brimming with rage, while some with blood flowing down from the corners of their mouths. Streaks upon streaks of water splashed up, creating a storm. The murder intent and malevolent energy that exuded from their bodies had even changed the color of the sky and land!

There was also a giant mountain-like stone tower that shook the sky, before arriving with a loud bang.

The shout of “Break the demon body!” sounded hard and unpleasant, yet it was so familiar it could bring tears to one’s eyes. Yin’s Error Yang’s Mistake appeared out of thin air – ghastly pale yet arrogant; pure black yet domineering.

The old woman Shudou lay limply on the ground; the wrinkles on her old face were straining. She could not believe everything that was happening regardless, that in between the heaven earth, there were so many master cultivators, demon immortals, and cultivators who were enemies with the immortal master teacher!

The five-element demon’s eyes were glaring so hard he was almost bleeding. Soon, he was about to be swallowed by the boundless supernatural powers and treasured weapons. He suddenly burst out with a muffled roar that was so hoarse it was almost soundless.

“Conjure the circulation of five elements! Sharp metal! Divine wood! Heavenly water! True fire! Thick earth!”

The moment the words left his mouth, the supernatural powers that were summoned by the group of demon immortals had almost simultaneously lashed onto the five-element demon ferociously. The group realized that the enemy was struck. Before they even had the time to breathe in relief, the five-element demon’s yells suddenly echoed within the sound pressure that trembled the earth and swayed the mountains, word by word, “Sharp! Tenacious! Soft! Intense! Heavy!”

A chain of muffled sounds overlapped. The surroundings next to the side of Chang Li and the rest, suddenly turned into purgatory!

A thick and sizable metal chain appeared out of thin air. Countless wooden beams roared, the white silk condensed from the rainstorm rolled up and cleansed the earth, and ceaseless lava spurted out from the rock crevasse. There were also countless gigantic rocks that came attacking from the sky, akin to a storm!

The devil fetus stone tower was split by the metal chain. It tumbled towards the depth of the huge mountain diagonally. Chang Li’s back was struck by wooden beams. She was spitting out fresh blood from her mouth. Hanba Fifth Brother’s arm was forcefully churned by the rainstorm, Liu Zheng, San Wei, Mumu and the silly uncles…

The purgatory-like supernatural powers had only wreaked havoc in the area with less than a hundred meters’ circumference, yet the group of top master cultivators were completely trapped. Almost everyone was severely injured in the blink of an eye. They gathered together and plunged forward from all sides, but there was no way they could free themselves!

The entrance to the place of the outer fringe was in a rainstorm like before, that cleansed away the dust in a mere second. The five-element demon’s entire body was dirty. His neck was twisted into an unnatural angle. There were a few demon blades and icicles stabbed into his chest and abdomen. There was even a hole the size of a palm on his lower abdomen that was swelling up with blood…

No one knew about the five-element demon’s cultivation base in the past until this moment! The demon forcefully resisted the combined attack that was launched full force by a group of master cultivators. It still managed to survive, and could even conjure a spell to kill the group of enemies who possessed top cultivation base!

The demon did not pay attention to the injuries on his body, nor did he even look at the enemies who were strangled by the five elements world. He was only laughing maniacally, in a ghastly manner, as he walked towards the entrance to the place of the outer fringe with great strides. Just as he was walking faster and faster, he experienced a sudden blur vision, when he was less than a few steps away from entering the place of the outer fringe. Wen Leyang pounced forward and hugged him again!

How could Wen Leyang remember Kong Nuer’s plan? In his state of mind, there was only one thought – you hit my wife, so do not even think about leaving!

Of course, there were also Chang Li, Zhui Zi and Hanba… Wen Leyang would risk his life to fight whoever it was that tried to hit them!

In the midst of the hug, the Faulty Punch attacked wildly! The Poison of Life and Death was akin to a nest of snakes that had already accumulated strength and waited for a long while. From Wen Leyang’s four limbs and hundreds of bones, the poison pounced towards the enemy in a sinister manner.

The five-element demon was extremely and severely injured too. He did not manage to detach himself from the enemy after a few struggles. Upon being hugged by Wen Leyang once again, he watched helplessly as the endless punishment had already arrived in the place of the outer fringe. The demon roared hoarsely in rage!

The demon had just been severely injured and Wen Leyang was burning with rage. The two monsters that cultivated in the same five elements and cultivation power were completely different. They burst out with all their powers simultaneously, in a flash!

Wen Leyang’s Poison of Life and Death fused earth, metal, wood and water, while the demon’s life vitality was a simultaneous development of five elements. After the second time of full force collision, both their power of five elements averted one another, while the five elements’ power of true fire possessed by the demon, surged past the Poison of Life and Death’s entanglement!

Wen Leyang felt that the opponent’s strength was akin to a burning-hot, sharp knife that stabbed into his body ferociously.

Just when that portion of heat was hottest to the utmost extent, it already made his entire body’s fresh blood, stomach acid, bile and brain boil in agony. Suddenly, a crisp crackling sound echoed from Wen Leyang’s chest pocket.

It was just like the sound that the small chunk of icicle made when it fell onto the cobblestone tablet and shattered.

Following that, a gush of cold and refreshing sensation surged up, enshrouding Wen Leyang’s entire body in the mere second. Not only did it extinguish that five-element demon’s aggressive and threatening power of true fire, it also sent the cold soft water’s utmost disposition into the demon’s chest.

Zhui Zi who was trapped in the five elements world suddenly bawled aloud and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood ferociously. All her muscles were akin to being yanked out. She fell limply onto the ground; her whole body was trembling in agony, but that smile in her gaze could not be erased regardless!

Chang Li and Zhui Zi had an intimate relationship. She could not care about her severe injuries and hastily helped Zhui Zi stand up. Soon after, she looked at Zhui Zi’s eyes and inquired in puzzlement, “Why are you smiling?”

Zhui Zi continued to answer, “He has been carrying it with him all along. He is rather conscientious…”

Chang Li immediately inquired closely, “Who is he? What does he carry along?”

“Wen Leyang, he carried my split body Sword’s Resolve with him. It was my gift for him when he got married…”

The five elements’ supernatural powers by their sides were wreaking havoc, yet the two demon witches were behaving as if nothing happened. They chatted gleefully and infuriated Hanba, Liu Zheng and the rest that they ended up squalling. They bustled about as they desperately helped the girls block the fatal attacks again and again. Wen Nine on the other hand, was complaining about his pain as he joined the crowd “Hey, what are you chatting about?”

The demon’s power of true fire plunged into Wen Leyang’s body. The small chunk of Sword’s Resolve that belonged to Zhui Zi which Wen Leyang carried along with him was triggered by the fire element. It burst out and bloomed with the power of heavenly water, but at this moment, Wen Leyang had yet to understand the situation.

The demon was already severely injured. His true power was impure; he was even more injured under the entanglement of the Poison of Life and Death. Just as he was about to successfully kill the enemy, his true power was unexpectedly, completely destroyed by the opponent.

The five-element demon resented this so much, that his chest was about to explode. In his mind, the four words, ‘break the demon body’, swiftly flashed past. In order to end the scene, kill Wen Leyang, and complete the immortal master teacher’s oracle, it was afraid that he could only trade his life with one attack.

Just as the demon was about to launch the demon-body breaking spell, a clanging voice that sounded like two pieces of raw iron knocking together, echoed from the back of the demon. His words were enunciated clearly and uttered word-by-word, “Break! The! Demon! Body!”

It was the golden monkey, Qian Ren, whose primordial spirit was almost shattered because it had used itself to shield the life-sacrificing divine arrow, but it was also because of this arrow that the prohibition spell could be removed!

While almost at the same time, a voice that was supposed to sound clear and pleasant, was instead, filled with coldness and cruelness, echoed dully, “Remnant flowers, lacking moon.”

Nineteen had stood up, without anyone realizing. Her face was still tainted with two streaks of tears.

Soon after, a stretch of crimson blood rose on the top of the lone peak and on the side of the place of the outer fringe, in an instant!

Two lashes of thick fresh blood separately surged skywards from Nineteen and Qian Ren’s body.

Nineteen’s arms were completely mangled. It erupted into a pool of moonlight in an unseen world; it was vigorous and scattered. It then transformed into thousands of cold arrows that shot into the five-element demon’s spine in unison.

Qian Ren’s chest cracked into a savage fissure, yet the monkey seemed to be unaware. He punched heavily and forcefully through the demon’s underarm!

The utmost water with utmost Yin and the split body icicle in Wen Leyang’s chest pocket counterattacked the demon. Not only did it save Wen Leyang’s life at a crucial moment, it also allowed the demon’s life vitality to turn murky and lose control of his five elements. Otherwise, even with the moon cone nail’s supernatural power and the golden monkey’s blasting punch, there was no way they could destroy the demon!

Shudou, Sir Rust and Hot Immortal Aunt were spewing tears of blood. They used their final ounce of strength to summon their supernatural powers and pounced towards Nineteen in unison, but alas, they were blocked by the flesh bodies of the three siblings – Full Moon, First and Last Quarter Moon. They laughed wildly. Where the radiance had vanished, the mists of blood still remained as foggy as before…

Chi Maojiu too jumped up. He summoned a vital fire the size of a match stick’s tip…

Then, with the vital fire the size of a match stick’s tip, he summoned a black vine, as thick as a chopstick…

Finally, the black vine was very bold. it surged towards the five-element demon unsteadily…

The last ultimate kill had made the surroundings suddenly quiet down. The five-element demon had his spine completely blasted apart, and the area below his underarm had pierced through all the way to his chest, releasing Wen Leyang. At the entrance of the place of the outer fringe that was a stone’s throw away, he opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, yet his voice was silenced by the gurgling blood stream.

Following that, the strong and tough body slowly tumbled over, as light as a dandelion blowing away in the wind, yet the moment he came into contact with the ground, it was akin to a resolute porcelain ware. It was shattered into pieces abruptly!

The Sword’s Resolve icicles, the heavenly moon’s supernatural power and Qian Ren’s frantic bashing – with its combined power, the five-element demon that was initially on its last few breaths, had now become lifeless.

The moment the demon died, the five elements’ supernatural powers that were summoned by him too vanished without a trace. The group of top master cultivators tumbled onto the ground in a rumble.

It was at this moment, that the old demon rabbit, Rangjung and the rest had led along the large troop of people to come dashing over. Every great battle that was encountered by Wen Leyang was as such – with the dread, the vigour, and even the speed had startled the world!

Just as everything had ended, and even before anyone could manage to speak, a tiny person the size of a palm with a body glowing with golden light suddenly bored out from the five-element demon’s already-scattered corpse.

The demon was already dead. His primordial spirit had escaped, but it was babbling loudly in rage, as it spread its legs and ran off!

Even though Wen Leyang was exhausted, his sight remained as good as before. He had already witnessed the appearance of the five-element demon’s primordial spirit in a flash. It shocked him. The primordial spirit’s appearance was extremely different from that of the demon. It was apparently the appearance of the heavily-moustached man from the battle of Mount Hua.

Chang Li was shocked and infuriated. She shrieked, “Stop it, capture it!”

Before his voice died away, at the sound of a strange croak, the mad toad Red Pot moved past the crowd in an awe-inspiring manner. It opened its huge mouth and swallowed the demon’s primordial spirit.

Shudou, Sir Rust and Hot Immortal Aunt were detained. The group of immortal master teacher’s inferiors were completely annihilated. Even though the cultivators were suffering from heavy casualties, they managed to achieve great victory in the battle regardless.

However, the demon’s primordial spirit that appeared in the end had confused the group of master cultivators.

The crowd of people could not care about pondering too much. They bustled about as they distributed the Centipede Grass’ leaves. Nineteen and the golden monkey who were dying managed to survive.

Red Pot shook its head and laughed, “There’s no need to waste your time to ponder over this. Even the evil soul is refined and dissolved by me – this one cannot escape as well! It will not take long before I can dissolve him. By then, everything will be revealed as clear as day naturally…”

Nineteen’s voice sounded so light, it did not carry an ounce of emotion, “It does not matter even if it is not clarified. The demon failed on the verge of success. Kong Nuer will certainly die too!”

The five-elements demon was planning to seize the power of endless punishment in the place of the outer fringe. It was an important matter that involved Kong Nuer’s life and death. Now that the demon had failed, it was afraid that Kong Nuer was about to face an imminent disaster too.

It was only then that Wen Leyang removed the split body, Sword’s Resolve, that belonged to Zhui Zi pitifully. A moment later, he looked towards Nineteen, Zhui Zi and the golden monkey as if he was deep in thoughts. He then frowned as he spoke, “The big flat cake, broken gong, and dog had combined their powers to kill the five-element demon. That is equal to killing Kong Nuer…”

It was at this moment, that Wen Leyang had finally understood Wen Shulin’s prophecy. ‘The big flat cake, broken gong and dog’ was truly referring to the descendants of moon cone nail. The heavenly water, ice cone nail and the golden monkey Qian Ren, were the crucial personages who killed Kong Nuer!

A moment later, Wen Leyang shook his head, “The act of killing the demon… theoretically, I am considered to have a hand in this too right…? So what am I?”

Mumu finally met Wen Leyang once again. Her eyes were reddened as she held his arm. She was almost in tears as she spoke, “Your’e my husband!”

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