The First Order

Chapter 816 - Director Pei! Director Pei has fallen in the line of duty!

Chapter 816: Director Pei! Director Pei has fallen in the line of duty!

Dozens of gray “ferocious beasts” started wreaking havoc in Stronghold 176, and most of the patrol troops in the streets were wiped out the moment they encountered them. When the other tactical troops tried to encircle these intruders, and having just pinpointed their location in the stronghold a moment ago, the bloodthirsty Experimentals broke through another line of defense.

It was not that the Wang Consortium’s garrison troops were slow in their reaction but that the new generation of Experimentals were too mobile.

Scouts had reported back that this group of Northerners seemed to have evolved differently from those in the Central Plains. The Central Plains had outstanding individuals who were on their way to godhood, but the Northerners seemed to have evolved as a whole species. That was why they had so many strong warriors carrying giant axes.

At present, no extremely powerful individuals had been discovered among this group of Northerners, but that was not a sure thing either.

This group of Experimentals kept up their attacks inside the stronghold as though they would never run out of strength. However, the Wang Consortium’s garrison troops soon realized the wild beasts were not killing people indiscriminately at all. Instead, they were approaching north with a plan!

Just as the commander was about to order the troops atop the northern walls to divert their firepower onto these ferocious beasts, he was told they had already climbed up the northern walls.

The Wang Consortium’s defensive line in the city was fragile as paper in the face of these powerful wild beasts.

But it was not the Wang Consortium’s fault. It was just that the times had changed.

As Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin moved forward with their operations in Stronghold 31, noisy engines were roaring behind them. Upon killing the intelligence director, Wang Ziyang, they had poked the hornet’s nest. They started facing a frenzied siege by the entire Kong Consortium’s intelligence agency!

These people from the intelligence agency did not even join the garrison troops in their encirclement of the Pyro Company’s T4 special forces!

After their director had been killed on their agency’s doorstep, the murderer even managed to escape. If this matter were to get out, the Kong Consortium could never hold their heads high in the intelligence realm again.

Ren Xiaosu shouted as he ran, “Turn left, turn left! Are these people crazy? Why are there more and more of them?!”

The two of them ran into a small alley, but before they could pass through it, someone was waiting there for them.

The enemy was dressed in a black suit. When he saw Ren Xiaosu, he immediately raised his gun to shoot him.

But just as he was about to pull the trigger, Yang Xiaojin, who was right behind Ren Xiaosu, brought her sniper rifle up and took a step to the side to move clear of Ren Xiaosu. Right after, she opened fire without taking aim. She was using the sniper rifle like a shotgun!

The man who was about to shoot Ren Xiaosu was sent flying backwards like a piece of paper.

After Yang Xiaojin opened fire, she did not stop there. She whipped around and faced the route they’d come by and waited quietly.

When the pursuers saw Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin slip into the small alley, they got out of their vehicles to chase them as the vehicles would not fit through.

But as soon as they rushed in, they saw the cap-wearing girl cradling a sniper rifle. With a loud bang, the sniper bullet hit two members of the intelligence agency, splattering their blood everywhere.

After the armor-piercing bullet penetrated the two people, it did not come to a stop. It was rotating with such great force that it snapped a street lamp in half. The creaking sound it made as it fell was shrill.

Yang Xiaojin did not blink throughout all of this. “Alright, they won’t dare to chase after us for the time being. Let’s go.” Then Yang Xiaojin led the way out of the alley and continued hurrying toward the secret prison.

However, they underestimated the intelligence agency’s determination to pursue them. Just a minute later, the sound of engines roaring crazily behind them could be heard again.

And vehicles were also heading towards them from the front!

“You take the front and I’ll take the back.” After that, Yang Xiaojin turned around and stood behind a newspaper stand that acted as her cover while Ren Xiaosu charged at the off-road vehicles in front.

He was greeted by two oncoming vehicles, one ahead of the other, with a driver in each of them.

The drivers did not turn away when they saw Ren Xiaosu charging. It seemed like they were planning to run him over!

The distance between Ren Xiaosu and the vehicles was closing. Just as he was about to collide with the vehicle in front, Ren Xiaosu suddenly slid right and avoided it. Then he raised his black saber horizontally and allowed it to make contact with the vehicle’s windshield.

This scene played out like the driver intended to drive into the saber. When the black saber was done slicing through the vehicle like tofu, the driver sitting inside was beheaded.

When the driver at the back saw sparks emanating from the saber slicing through the vehicle in front of him, he was scared shitless. But it was too late to step on the brakes.

The driver saw the saber-wielding young man getting closer and closer, but he could only scream in horror inside his vehicle. He tried to adjust his sitting posture to dodge the incoming blade, but how could he possibly avoid it in such a tight space?

Standing in the distance, Ren Xiaosu swung his saber and flicked off the bloodstains before turning around to look at the two totaled vehicles that had brushed past him.

Without any drivers controlling them, the two vehicles continued heading towards the pursuers behind Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin due to their great inertia!

When the pursuers who were driving saw the two out-of-control vehicles were about to crash into them, they hurriedly turned their vehicles to avoid a crash. But when they did so, the fuel tanks of their vehicles got exposed.

Yang Xiaojin, who was taking cover behind the newspaper stand, smirked. She knew this was the opportunity Ren Xiaosu had created for her.


In just an instant, all of Yang Xiaojin’s bodily responses reached equilibrium. Her body was like a sophisticated machine that only served her will.

When the sniper rifle rang out, the first vehicle exploded into a fireball, and none of its four passengers were spared.

The glow of the flames illuminated the other vehicle’s four passengers’ eyes red-orange. But before they could see the flames fully engulfing the other vehicle, they could feel a powerful explosion erupting from under their seats.

The burning vehicles suddenly became a flaming barricade that blocked off all the other pursuers in the rear.

Yang Xiaojin looked at Ren Xiaosu. “I don’t think they’re gonna give up. I just had a quick glance; there should still be hundreds of them. It’s quite annoying to have them keep chasing us around like this, so it might be better to beat them into submission.”

“Where should we do that?” Ren Xiaosu asked, taking some time to think.

Yang Xiaojin raised her hand and pointed to an eight-story building not far away. “Let’s head up there and end this battle within 10 minutes.”

Ren Xiaosu was smiling on the inside. This girl next to him had said in such a domineering way that they would end the battle within ten minutes even though they were facing the entire forces of the Kong Consortium’s core stronghold’s intelligence agency. But he did not think anything was wrong with what she said.

But they were taking on an entire intelligence agency!

Just as Ren Xiaosu was about to say something, he saw that Yang Xiaojin had already nimbly climbed up the building along the outer wall. She looked down at Ren Xiaosu from above and said, “What are you standing there for? They’ve already detoured to surround us.”

Ren Xiaosu smiled and climbed to the roof of the building as well. He could see some shadowy figures on the nearby streets but could not see their faces in the darkness. Without any hesitation, he conjured up his black sniper rifle and started firing at the enemy with Yang Xiaojin for suppressive fire.

But the moment he fired a shot, he heard someone exclaim from a street away, “Director Pei, are you alright?! Director Pei! Someone, get over here. Director Pei has been shot! He’s fallen in the line of duty!”

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