The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 2243 - The Past Life 168

Chapter 2243: The Past Life 168

Such a handsome young man would indeed make them worried.

Those girls’ gazes made Nan Changfeng a little comfortable. He leaned toward the Ninth Emperor’s side, frowning. “Ninth Emperor, why do I feel that this group of people want to eat me alive.”

The Ninth Emperor looked at the girls, then looked at Nan Changfeng next to her. “Maybe they like you and want to sleep with you.”

Nan Changfeng was speechless.

No. What he felt was that those people were looking at him with eyes filled with hatred.

Nan Changfeng seemed to have thought of something and turned to the Ninth Emperor.

If there was a reason why those people were looking at him like that, it must be related to the Ninth Emperor…

His cold face instantly sank. He glanced coldly at the group of girls who wanted to tear him apart and leaned close to the Ninth Emperor, seemingly proving his status.

However, his gaze immediately softened when he looked at the Ninth Emperor.

After all, the Ninth Emperor not only attracted men, even women were seduced by her.

Men and women, both young and old, all loved her.

Whether it was these girls or those in Cloud Mountain, they looked at him as if they were looking at a love rival…

However, it also proved the Ninth Emperor’s excellence.

It proved that it was the right choice for him to go with her.

Everyone’s gaze followed the Ninth Emperor and Nan Changfeng, and they saw that the two were about to step into Cloud Mountain.

Cloud Mountain was full of formations, and there were many guards, so they could only wait outside, not daring to barge in recklessly. Anyone who broke in would end up miserable.

These two people, as if they did not know anything, stepped into Cloud Mountain.

Some people were just about to warn them but saw that the girl had already entered Cloud Mountain.

It was all quiet inside Cloud Mountain.

The silence was a little unbelievable.

Everyone wanted to go in first. They hoped that if they could be good friends with those people inside Cloud Mountain, they might get the qualification to enter Cloud Mountain.

However, no one could enter this place alone without someone to lead them.

Yet, now, that girl and the young man next to her had entered Cloud Mountain.

There was no formation to stop them.

Nor did anyone from Cloud Mountain appear to stop her…

The crowd looked at each other, somewhat shocked.

‘Why were they able to enter Cloud Mountain?’

“That girl… She must be one of the Ninth Emperor’s people…”

“That’s right. Other than someone from the Ninth Emperor’s side, who else could enter Cloud Mountain like this? Not only did the formation not stop her, but even the people of Cloud Mountain didn’t appear.”

“A great opportunity appeared in front of me just now, but I didn’t cherish it. If we had formed a good relationship with that girl, wouldn’t we have been able to enter Cloud Mountain?”

Unfortunately, no matter how much one regretted it, it was already useless.

For the Ninth Emperor and Nan Changfeng had already disappeared in the direction of the mountain…

The crowd’s anger all dissipated at once. Earlier, they were still full of hostility toward the Ninth Emperor and Nan Changfeng, but now, it seemed ridiculous.

She was already a member of Cloud Mountain and not their rival. There were more chances to win if they could make a good deal with that girl.

Such a good opportunity had been wasted.

It was a bit heartbreaking…

Therefore, they could only rely on their ability to win the Ninth Emperor’s heart.

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