The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 724 - Encirclement

Chapter 724 Encirclement

After about half an hour, the battle cries in the distance drew closer and became louder.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe was roaring constantly.

Obviously, they had encountered a powerful enemy.

Ying Yuanyuan and the other three were standing guard over Li Mu.

Liao Bi’ting wanted to say something several times, but Ying Yuanyuan stopped her. She was annoyed. She couldn’t understand why Li Yidao persisted in healing his wounds under such circumstances.

Healing wounds was very important, but he could first escape to a safe area and then start healing his wounds. He must needs stay here and let the young master of the Green Fox Tribe and his companions risk their lives fighting to buy time for him.

Just when Liao Bi’ting couldn’t help herself and decided to break free from Ying Yuanyuan’s hold and question Li Mu, Li Mu suddenly rose to his feet.

Li Mu said to the Heavenly Legend named Cai Si, “Go and tell the young master of the Green Fox Tribe to withdraw.”

Cai Si nodded and left like a streak of light.

Li Mu looked at the two girls and Zhang Meng and said, “You three leave with me.”

Liao Bi’ting suddenly eased up. She said, “Alright, let me help you.”

Li Mu shook his head. “I’m okay.”

He turned around and walked toward the depths of the mountain.

The two girls and Zhang Meng followed closely behind him.

After they walked for a while, Ying Yuanyuan said in confusion, “Mr. Li, we seem to be going the wrong way. This is not the direction of the safe area pointed by Zhang of the Green Fox Tribe. We…”

Li Mu waved his hand.

“The direction that I chose is the real safe one.” He turned around and looked at the two girls. “Have you two pledged allegiance to the Green Fox Tribe?”

Ying Yuanyuan shook her head. “No. After Ting’er and I parted with you, we encountered a herd of beasts and almost died. Fortunately, we ran into the young master of the Green Fox Tribe, and he allowed us to follow him.”

Li Mu nodded thoughtfully.

“These two girls are really unlucky. First, they encountered a flock of blood bats, were abandoned by their companions, and almost died. Then, they met Duan Shenping, who harbored evil intentions. Later, they came across a herd of beasts… They were really unlucky after they entered the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm.”

In the end, he did not say anything else and tacitly allowed the two girls to follow him.

In about two hours, they’d traveled about 500 kilometers.

At this time, the young master of the Green Fox Tribe, who was covered with wounds, and eight Heavenly Legends caught up with them.

“My father had a fight with Shadow Elder from the Nether Ghost Clan. At first, he had the upper hand, but later, Guan Zhen from the Heavenly Deity Clan joined the fight against him. He was at a disadvantage and got injured, so he temporarily retreated. In order to prevent those two masters from hunting Mr. Li down, my father went all out to fight against them and attracted the attention of the two clans. Other Heavenly Legends and I managed to repel the enemies who were pursuing Mr. Li. However, we suffered heavy losses and came all the way here following your tracks.”

The body of the young master of the Green Fox Tribe was covered with numerous bleeding cuts and wounds. It was obvious that he went all out in the fight.

The eight Heavenly Legends behind him were also covered with wounds.

Li Mu said, “You rank fourth on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions. Why are you so seriously injured? Haven’t Huangfu Chengdao and Feng Xingyun been pinned down?”

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe smiled wryly. “The Heavenly Deity Clan has offered high rewards for going against you. As the saying goes, ‘When a high reward is offered, brave fellows are bound to come forward.’ The Nether Ghost Clan is also hunting you down. Another two super Heavenly Legends, Ao Jiuchuan, the Devouring Demonic Dragon, and Ye Tianxie, the Purple Flame Divine Spear, have also shown up. Although I rank above them, it is still a little difficult for me to fight against the two of them alone.”

It turned out that some other super Heavenly Legends had entered the secret realm.

Li Mu speculated.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe asked, “Mr. Li, how are your injuries? Do you still have the strength to fight?”

Li Mu shook his head and said, “I’ve just stabilized my Source Energy. I need to rest for a day and a night before I can take action.”

A wry smile flashed across the face of the young master of the Green Fox Tribe.

“This is the most troublesome situation.”

He checked the direction and said, “Mr. Li, the route we are taking is different from the one we planned before. Why…”

Li Mu directly interrupted him. “I only believe in the route I chose. I know there is a safe place ahead.”

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe looked worried, but he knew that he could not convince Li Yidao. He sighed, nodded, and said, “All right. Now that you insist, I have nothing else to say. But the lives of my father and me depend upon your safety. Please think for my father and me for the sake of us fighting so hard for you.”

Given his status, saying such words was equivalent to pleading.

Everyone couldn’t help feeling touched.

Liao Bi’ting felt sympathy for the young master of the Green Fox Tribe. She looked at Li Mu and said, “Li Yidao, human beings have feelings. They have risked their lives for your sake. Don’t be too selfish.”

Li Mu looked at her and the young master of the Green Fox Tribe and then said, “All right.”

Liao Bi’ting opened her mouth but did not utter a word. She didn’t expect that Li Yidao would accept her opinion so easily. She had something else to say to him, but she just couldn’t find a way to say it.

At the same time, she felt happy and gratified.

He was finally willing to listen to her.

Li Mu said, “Let’s get moving. I know a place 4,000 kilometers away. It is absolutely safe there.”

He took the lead to move on.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe and the other exchanged glances and then decided to follow Li Yidao.

Given their current way and speed of moving, it took them about twenty hours to walk 4,000 kilometers, which meant that they arrived at the safe place at the dawn of the next day.

The safe place that Li Mu mentioned was located on an undulating mountain range.

There were lush trees and beautiful flowers here. After a night of hail and rain, this place seemed to have remained unaffected. Only the pools of water like small lakes indicated that the rain here was not small.

Li Mu examined the surrounding terrain and began to rest in a stone forest at the summit.

“Is this the so-called safe place?”

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe and the others looked around, but they didn’t find anything special about this place.

By this time, the heavy rain had stopped.

However, the strange chill in the air became even stronger. They all felt chilled to the bone, so they had to run their Qi to resist the cold. The Heavenly Legends who were slightly weaker couldn’t help shivering, and their faces grew pale. Their clothes and armors were covered with a layer of white frost shining like moonlight.

“Mr. Li, is this the safe place you mentioned?” Asked the young master of the Green Fox Tribe doubtfully.

Li Mu nodded and said, “Yes. Let’s wait here. There is no place safer than here. When the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm is closed, we can all get out.”

Li Mu sounded so sure that the others didn’t say anything else.

Li Mu waved at Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting. “The wind in the mountains is too cold. Come over and sit next to me.”

He took out the Fire Dragon Ball, drew a few strange runes on it with his finger, and injected some Fire Emperor’s Qi into it. The Fire Dragon Ball suddenly started shining brightly with runic light, and a red fire dragon swooshed out of it, hovering above his head and emitting light.

It kept out all the cold air.

Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting were the weakest. They felt like they were about to be frozen. When they saw what happened, they hurriedly came within three meters of Li Mu and sat cross-legged. Suddenly, they felt that the chill had disappeared. The heat produced by the fire dragon warmed them and gradually forced the chill out of their bodies.

It was an unprecedented comfortable feeling.

Liao Bi’ting’s heart felt warmer than her body did.

She stared blankly at Li Mu. In the end, she sighed quietly.

She had never thought that she would be so deep in love.

Now she didn’t even know what the face behind the silvery mask looked like.

“Am I attracted to him because of his high reputation in the Star Regions?

“Am I the same as those vulgar women?

“I shouldn’t be like that.”

At this moment, the daughter of the Liao family, who always hated wickedness and acted with courage and determination, was confused.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe and the others had no choice but to find safe havens in the stone forest and use their own skills and means to defend against the strange, chilly wind.

Time ticked away.

The atmosphere became very strange.

Li Mu did not continue healing his wounds with his eyes closed.

From time to time, he walked out of the range covered by the fire dragon, jumped onto the tops of the stone pillars in the stone forest, and look to the east, as if he was waiting for something.

However, nothing happened.

Under the mask, Li Mu knitted his brows tightly.

The others had different thoughts.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe seized the opportunity to heal his wound. He was badly injured during the fight, and the injury had affected his Source Energy. Surrounded by the blue demonic aura, his face showed painful looks from time to time.

Suddenly, the sound of strong energy fluctuations came from the northwest.

Clouds were rolling, and the terrifying energy waves from masters in the King Realm were surging like raging waves, tearing the dark clouds in the low sky into pieces. Three figures were constantly flashing and changing position as if they were teleporting. Every time they collided with each other, there was a loud rumbling sound.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe, who was healing his wound, suddenly opened his eyes and looked over in shock and anger. He cried out involuntarily, “Father…”


There came a deafening rumbling sound.

The shrill cry of a Green Fox came from the sky, and then a green shadow quickly fell from the sky toward the stone forest.


He let out a sad cry, soared into the sky, and took the falling shadow into his arms. Hit by the strong impact force, he spat out mouthfuls of blood and broke countless bones in his arms.

In the end, he fell into the stone forest.

“Father, what’s going on? Don’t… don’t scare me.” The chief of the Green Fox Tribe was bathed in blood, and his breaths were feeble. The heart of the young master of the Green Fox Tribe was in a state of chaos.

Since he was a child, this man had always been the pillar that supported the sky in his mind. He had never thought that his invincible father would be so seriously injured someday.

“Yan’er, how come you…” The chief of the Green Fox Tribe was a little shocked to see his son. He struggled to his feet and glanced around. When he saw Li Mu and the others, he was shocked. “Why are you all here? Didn’t you take the previous route?”


Overbearing laughter came from the sky.

“I’m really lucky to have found you without spending much effort. Linghu Shenkong, you risked your life luring us here. I have never expected that Li Yidao and his lackeys would also be here. Ha-ha-ha, you have made a huge mistake.” Guan Zhen of the Heavenly Deity Clan approached them slowly with an earth-shattering and oppressing vibe.

Shadow Elder of the Nether Ghost Clan also came with an oppressing aura and black Devil Qi swirling around him.

The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, Feng Xingyun the Nether Ghost, and some others also came flying from the distance.

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