The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 665 - The Slaughter in the Moonlight

Chapter 665 The Slaughter in the Moonlight

Seeing this, Li Mu suddenly gingered up.

“There is indeed something weird going on.”

Although he did not know who these four men in black traveling in the dead of night were, they clearly knew the disabled middle-aged man in the shabby bamboo hut very well, for they called out the name of this middle-aged man the moment they saw him.

Divine-winged Fox!

It was a name that sounded both poetic and imposing.

“Is it the name of the fox girl’s father?”

Li Mu restrained his aura with the Xiantian Skill and hid in the darkness, as though he had integrated with the flowing dark air around. The four men in black were probably at the early stage of the General Realm, so they did not notice him at all.

“What are you doing here?”

The door of the bamboo hut opened, and the middle-aged man limped out, supporting himself with a bamboo cane.

The dim yellow light filtered through the narrow opening of the door, gilding his hunchbacked silhouette. His face could not be seen clearly, but it carried a more peculiar air than it did in the daytime.

Li Mu was quite curious about this man.

From his tone, Li Mu could tell that he definitely knew the identities of these four men in black.

“Haha, I heard that your daughter is back. But why did you refuse to admit that you’re her father?” the man in black who spoke before remarked again, his voice carrying a note of gloominess.

“My daughter has been dead for a long time. That girl is not my daughter, but a crazy girl who has mistaken me for someone else.” Divine-winged Fox was still standing in the light against the door frame. His tone was cold. It was no longer as mind-numbing and blood-curdling as it had been during the day.

“Haha, Divine-winged Fox, I guess you still remember what my master said back then. Anyone who has something to do with you will die. It’s actually a good thing that your two evil spawns have already died… You’d better behave yourself,” the man in black said in a bone-chilling tone.

Li Mu’s heart jolted when he heard that, and he had a guess.

“Now, I’m already handicapped like this. If your master still can’t stand me, why not just kill me? That way, it would save him much trouble, wouldn’t it?” Divine-winged Fox demanded, his voice filled with ridicule and indignation.

“Well, killing you is as easy as killing a dog. However, letting you die would be giving you a huge bargain,” the man in black said with a sneer. “My master wants you to suffer and struggle. You’ll be tormented forever, not only by the physical pain but also by the spiritual agony.”

There was creepy viciousness in the tone of the man in black.

When Li Mu heard that, he couldn’t help but be more intrigued.

The one who had made the four General-realm Experts address him as the master must be an extremely formidable figure. At the very least, he should be in the King Realm.

Li Mu started to wonder what exactly this Divine-winged Fox had done that had provoked such a terrifying opponent.

“You said that the girl who came here today is not your daughter, right?” the man in black asked again.

Divine-winged Fox said, “That crazy girl came here out of nowhere. I don’t know her at all.”

“Oh? Really?” The man in black laughed coldly and doubted, “Is that true?”

Divine-winged Fox let out a cold snort.

The man in black turned to his fellows and said, “Have you found out the whereabouts of that girl?”

The other man in black said, “Yes.”

“Alright, then go there tonight and finish her off. Mind you, that girl must be killed. And the man who accompanied her here today must also be taken out of the picture,” ordered the man in black who had been speaking earlier.

“Yes.” The other man in black nodded.

Divine-winged Fox stood at the doorway of the bamboo hut and snorted coldly. But he did not speak.

The man in black who spoke at the beginning looked at him and said, “You gotta think this through. If you admit that she is your daughter, maybe my master will sympathize with her and let her live. But if you don’t admit it, she won’t have a chance to make it through tonight.”

“He who is unjust is doomed to destruction.” Mumbling that, Divine-winged Fox turned around and walked back into the bamboo hut. Then, he said without looking back, “If you want to kill her, just do it. I don’t know her anyway. Whether she is dead or alive is not my concern.”

After he said that, the door of the bamboo hut creaked shut.

The courtyard was suddenly immersed in darkness again.

At this scene, Li Mu was sort of bemused.

Judging by the conversation between the two parties, he felt that Bi Yan was very likely to be the daughter of this Divine-winged Fox.

However, Divine-winged Fox just turned a deaf ear to the planned murder of Bi Yan, the little fox girl. He seemed completely aloof to the news. “Have I guessed it wrong? Is Bi Yan really not Divine-winged Fox’s daughter?”

Silence fell in the yard.

The other three men in black all looked at the one who had spoken first. This person should be the leader of the four.

After moments of silence, the leader said, “Fourth Brother, you do it this time. Get it done neatly. Don’t leave any survivors.”


The slimmest one of the four in black nodded.

“Let’s go.”

The four turned around and headed out of the yard.

Just as they were about to walk out of the yard, a bamboo cane suddenly darted out through the wooden door of the bamboo hut. Like a bolt of lightning streaking across the dark night, it shot out and lunged toward the slimmest man of the four.

The energy the bamboo cane carried was overwhelming, and its speed was incredibly fast. Even Li Mu was also a little shocked by this scene.

Under normal circumstances, those in the General Realm were absolutely powerful and terrifying.

However, that slimmest man, who had the cultivation of the General Realm, had no time to even turn around. Before he could even realize what was happening, the bamboo cane directly pierced through his back and zoomed out from his chest.

In the next second, his body burst into pieces. And all his cultivation and Divine Consciousness dissipated after he was hit by the bamboo cane.

The man in the General Realm had been killed in an instant!


The pupils of Li Mu, who was hiding in the darkness, abruptly contracted with astonishment.

“What kind of power was that?”

In an instant, he felt a chill running down his spine.

The other three men in black apparently did not see it coming. They did not cotton on until their Fourth Brother was killed and vanished from this world.

At this time, behind the broken wooden door of the bamboo hut, a slightly hunchbacked figure dashed out, dragging his disabled leg. However, he moved as fast as light. In an instant, he already came to the front of the three men in black. He reached out and grabbed one of them, directly tearing him into two pieces…

How brutal!

How appalling!

Not only was the body of this General-level man in black was ripped up, but his Divine Consciousness and soul were also instantly destroyed by the terrible power on his hand. After a single strike, that man was as dead as a doornail.

Another murder was committed in just a second.

“Divine-winged Fox!”

The leader suddenly spun around and screamed in shock and anger.

Back then, Divine-winged Fox was an extremely horrific figure who was known as a peerless genius. But now, he was just a handicapped man. He had retained only a fraction of the cultivation he had in the past. Even so, when he suddenly launched attacks, he killed two of his fellows in seconds…

“D*mn it, I thought he’d been completely incapacitated after so many years. But now…

“How could he still have such terrifying strength?”

“Get him!”

The leader bawled. A long spear instantly materialized in his hand as if a flood dragon coming out of the sea. He was about to release his terrifying power of the General Realm to directly warn the outside world.

But the next moment, in the small, dilapidated yard, the surrounding grass and bamboos all flickered with wondrous natural Taoist figures. The pale green light flashed across the field in the dark night and disappeared at once. A bizarre force directly spread out and contained the leader’s energy fluctuations within the yard.

It was a tactical deployment of an enchanted boundary!

In an instant, not only the momentum of the leader but also that of the other surviving black-clothed man in the General Realm had been completely suppressed.

Divine-winged Fox, who was crippled and hunchbacked, moved as spookily as a ghost. At an incredible speed, he raised his hand and hit the long spear of the leader. In the next moment, the long spear was shattered into four pieces.

Meanwhile, a dent in the shape of a hand appeared in the chest of the leader, which was too ghastly to look at.


The leader opened his mouth and spat out a shot of blood. “Divine-winged Fox, I can’t believe you’ve concealed your strength. What on earth have you…”

Before he could finish his words, Divine-winged Fox made another grab at him.

The terrifying pressure brought by that strike forced the rest of his words back to his throat.

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

Blades glinted.

The other black-clothed man in the General Realm raised his pair of broadswords and hacked vertically. With wild momentum, the strike was aimed at Divine-winged Fox’s waist, his vital part.

He wanted to distract Divine-winged Fox so as to rescue his leader.

As expected, Divine-winged Fox withdrew this strike to save himself. His hands transformed into green fox claws and slammed onto the pair of broadswords.

This General-level man in black was extremely strong, and his pair of broadswords were also top-grade Taoist Treasures. However, when Divine-winged Fox hit them, the two broadswords were instantly pulverized as if they were made of dried mud. That man in black also spat blood and stumbled back, as though he had been struck by lightning.

To his relief, his leader took this opportunity to dodge aside and averted the deadly strike.

“Block his way!”

At this time, the leader was already scared out of his wits and lost his will to fight.

In the previous brief moments, the cultivation that Divine-winged Fox had displayed was crushingly devastating. It was utterly beyond their imagination.

In their eyes, this frustrated genius who had been rendered disabled after all the torture should by no means not have such strength.

That was why they behaved so unscrupulously before.

It was not until this moment that they understood the deemed frustrated disabled genius was actually a fierce tiger pretending to be asleep, a dormant dragon bidding his time.

Flashes of light gleamed on the palms of the black-clothed man wielding broadswords. Another pair of long broadswords emerged in his hands. Fearlessly, he charged forward again. Like bolts of silk or falling comets, the rays of broadsword light dashed at Divine-winged Fox.

Watching the fight in the dark, Li Mu knew at a glance that this man in black was definitely a master of broadsword-using methods, and his attainment in this regard was no inferior to his.

The man’s natural qi was particularly strong since he was in the General Realm. Had he not been suppressed by the enchanted tactical deployment in this small yard, he would have been able to make the stars tremble.

However, with his crippled body, Divine-winged Fox once again reached out. His green fox claws swatted the long broadswords just like they did before.

The sound of the blades breaking was heard.

The man in black with amazing broadsword-using methods was sent flying, as if he was a kite with a broken string. Blood gushed out from his mouth like the water in a fountain.

When the leader saw that, he no longer had any intention to fight. At once, he turned round to flee.

Divine-winged Fox’s eyes were ice-cold, overflowing with infinite killing intent. Like a flash of light, he caught up with the leader. His green fox claws stretched out, aiming at his target’s back.

The leader would be killed at any second.

At this precise moment, all of a sudden, rays of black, white, and red light eerily flashed across Divine-winged Fox’s face in turns. Blood oozed from the corners of his mouth and nostrils. His body swayed, and his aura sharply declined. His grab turned out to be feeble, not powerful enough to create any damage…

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