The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 648 - Go Get Back the Glory That Belongs to You

Chapter 648 Go Get Back the Glory That Belongs to You

Wei Ximin drew in a deep breath.

He looked at Li Mu, nodded, and said, “Of course, with my power… the number of sinners who have died in my hands is at least 8000, if not 10,000… Today, you’ll be no exception, either.”

Wei Ximin looked at the vast army of ghost cultivators that had besieged him with composure. Then, he said calmly, “Are these the dead people on the Ghost Rally Star? Haha, I admit that they are very powerful, and they’ve fought valiantly. Even I can’t figure out what kind of military force can rival this army of dead people. However, I’m not a military force. You think you can kill me with these dead people? Your idea is too simple and naive.”

By this time, he had composed himself.

“Hero Li, be careful. He…” Shan Tian reminded Li Mu not to be careless.

He had witnessed Wei Ximin’s strength before, so he knew how formidable he was.

“Big brother, I’ll kill him for you.” Caicai proudly held her chin up.

Li Mu shook his head.

Since Wei Ximin’s hands had been stained with so many sinners’ blood, Li Mu figured it was better to let a sinner finish him off.

“Haha, what’s the matter?” Seeing Li Mu’s posture, Wei Ximin laughed mockingly, then said, “You want to do it yourself? Hahaha, don’t think that just because you’ve made some scenes in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, you can…”

Before his voice died away—

Li Mu had already launched a punch.

The fist force was as mighty as a dragon.

Wei Ximin stretched out a hand and pointed his index finger at him.

A black demonic snake slithered out from his fingertip, which was partly hidden and partly visible. It was exactly the embodiment of his martial art attainments.

He sneered, taunting, “With this little power of yours, how could you be my match? You…”


A mist of blood splattered everywhere.

Li Mu’s punch directly crashed his fingertips, his palm, and even half of his forearm into pieces.

Wei Ximin’s face paled greatly. Abruptly, he backed away.

He shifted his eyes to his broken arm in disbelief, and then to Li Mu.

“What kind of punching skill is this?”

“How could any ordinary punch shatter my body?” he mused.

Li Mu’s fist contained a destructive and explosive force that was beyond description.

At the moment when the fist force and the finger met, it was exactly this strange power that shattered his Finger Sword Snake and also seriously injured his arm.

He was astounded to find that he could not withstand Li Mu’s strike at all.

Wei Ximin stared at Li Mu fiercely.

Li Mu casually blew the blood on his fist off before answering, “This punching skill is called ‘Shattering of a Thousand Stars’… You are just so-so. With your poor strength, you can’t even take three punches I throw. Killing you is simply an insult to my hand.”

Wei Ximin went berserk. “What did you say?”

How confident and arrogant had Wei Ximin always been?

For all those years, he had been the one to mock others, for he had always been the peerless genius who looked down on all the other cultivators. His aptitude, background, talent, and strength were all incredibly outstanding among the rising stars in the Ziwei Star Zone. But now, he was ridiculed by a man like that. How could it be?

The kind of condescending contempt Li Mu showed suddenly hit Wei Ximin’s sore spot.

If it were someone else who made this remark, he might not have been so furious.

But those words came from Li Mu, a man who had destroyed one of his arms with one punch, which made him unable to contain his emotions and fly into a rage.

“I say, you’re not good enough to be my match,” Li Mu said word by word.

Wei Ximin’s eyes turned fiery.

As his natural qi circulated, his arm grew back in no time.

“Come on, let me see how you’ll kill me with three punches.” Wei Ximin’s smile became ferocious.

Li Mu, however, did not make more moves.

Instead, he walked up to Dao Lan.

“We seem to have met before,” he said with a smile. “The Dao Lan I saw on the Divine Land did not look like this.”

In a tone filled with respect, Dao Lan said to Li Mu with a wry smile, “Well, everyone has some days down on his luck. At that time, I was not in the position to show my real looks to others.”

Li Mu said, “I’ve just heard about what happened to you. Your combat ability is supposed to be much stronger than this.”

Dao Lan was stunned.

Li Mu continued, “You have suffered from the ups and downs of your life, and climbed back from the gate of the underworld. Like a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon as a butterfly, your essence, qi, and spirit have already been connected to the universe and long surpassed your old opponents. Sadly, your physical injuries are difficult to heal. For that reason, the Great Way you’ve recovered is still incomplete. That is why you were defeated by him this time.”

Dao Lan did not say anything.

He was also well aware of that.

That year, if he and Wei Ximin had fought fairly, he would not have been triumphed over by him.

It was too bad that at that night lit by moonlight, Wei Ximin shamelessly launched a sneak attack against him, which made him suffer a crushing defeat.

If it weren’t for what happened that year, how could he be so vulnerable in front of Wei Ximin?

Now that what was done was done, there was no point in complaining about it or regretting it.

With a bitter smile, Dao Lan was about to say something. But suddenly, Li Mu raised his hand and placed it on his shoulder.

Driven by the Xiantian Skill, the power of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth in the Five Emperors’ Immortality Scriptures poured into Dao Lan’s body. The five completely different kinds of energy circulated in Dao Lan’s body and forcibly opened up many subtle meridians in his body according to the route provided by the simplified Xiantian Skill.

Li Mu was reconstructing the energy of the five elements inside him.

Dao Lan felt that his body was completely out of his control, and the natural qi in his body also started to run along with the five kinds of energy that Li Mu had injected into his body.

It could be said that in the next moment, his natural qi was mixed with the energy of the five elements and merged with them.

Then, Li Mu directly inserted a wisp of Yin Qi along with some of his primitive natural qi into Dao Lan’s body.

He was rebalancing the Yin and Yang inside Dao Lan.

Several kinds of natural qi marvelously integrated with one another according to the route dictated by the simplified Xiantian Skill.

The scars on Dao Lan’s body disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The huge crimson centipede-like scar that had wrapped around his waist for a long time also began to wriggle. The strands of hair-like black snakes in the scar began to struggle, trying to get out of his skin. But in the end, the shrieking snakes all turned into black smoke and flowed out of the scar.

Then, this horrible scar completely disappeared.

Dao Lan looked at his waist and belly in a daze, and then examined his hands.

His body trembled slightly.

When he slowly raised his hands, he felt a surge of power that he had never felt before.

“My talent, my body… are back!”

He looked at his hands and sensed an incredibly familiar power.

When Wei Ximin saw this scene, he looked appalled as if he had seen a ghost. With a look of disbelief on his face, he stared at Li Mu in shock and stuttered, “How… how come you can remove the poison of the Curse of the Demonic Snake in the Abyss? How… how did you do it?”

He was the only one who knew what kind of thing had caused the injury in Dao Lan’s body.

But now, Dao Lan had been cured.

Tears streamed down Dao Lan’s face.

As he started to run his spiritual force, and his divine sense spread across his body like a tide. Then, as if some beans were being fried, cracking sounds could be heard coming from his body.

Then, wisps of black smoke floated out of every pore of his.

His figure began to change as well. His body steadily grew straighter, like the blade of a sword. And his muscles also became stronger.

Although his facial features did not change, his temperament had become fiercer by many times.

In an instant, this man could almost be described as peerlessly attractive.

Meanwhile, the energy fluctuations that were drifting out from his body also began to grow wildly.

The Mortal Realm!

The Soldier Realm!

The middle stage of the Soldier Realm… The advanced stage!

Now he was at the pinnacle of the Soldier Realm!

Next, his strength soared to the General Realm!

The middle stage of the General Realm… The advanced stage!

Finally, he was at the pinnacle of the General Realm!

He crossed several great realms in one leap.

The people around him could not help but step back away from him.

The pressure emanating from Dao Lan was so terrifying that it made people feel suffocated.

And Dao Lan’s aura was still growing stronger.

With a shocked look on his pale face, Wei Ximin mumbled, “How is that possible?”

“There is nothing impossible,” Li Mu remarked, his face showing the kind of mockery, sarcasm, and even pity that often appeared on Wei Ximin’s face.

“Back then, you envied him for being as famous as you, so you sneaked up on him, seriously injured him, and even poisoned him. All these years, you’ve been living in the agony and struggle brought about by jealousy. You also deliberately killed Xuan’er in front of him and badly injured his lover. You thought you were torturing him and making him sink into degradation, but in fact… you were helping him be the best man he could be,” Li Mu clarified.

“No way. This can’t be.” Wei Ximin could not accept any of this.

How could a bug, who had been trampled on and humiliated by him, turn the tables?

How could it be him who made Dao Lan the best he could be?

“Everything that can’t kill him makes him stronger,” Li Mu said blandly.

“You may have destroyed his physical body, but you can’t destroy his spirit. After so many years of hardships, his comprehension of the Way of Martial Arts has long trenscended yours. As long as his physical body recovers, he can cross several realms with a stir of his mind and return to the level that he was supposed to reach a long time ago. By contrast, you may seem to be superior to him and have everything you want. But in fact, your easy life has pulled you away from the path that a real martial arts master should take… As a result, you’ve become a complete loser!”

“No!” Wei Ximin harshly denied, “Nonsense! There is no such thing. It’s just ridiculous!”

Li Mu did not want to argue with him anymore.

Dao Lan’s surging aura gradually quieted down when his strength was a half step away from the King Realm.

That intimidating pressure he was emitting also gradually receded.

He slowly adapted to the power in his body.

“Thank you.” Dao Lan saluted Li Mu solemnly.

The injuries in his body, especially the huge crimson centipede-like scar in his waist, had been the nightmare that had tortured him for many years. Regardless of what method he used, he could not get rid of the scar. He even returned to the galaxy, found his old comrades of the Dark Yellow Army, and tried every means they could think of. Yet, he never really recovered his strength.

But today, with Li Mu’s help, he had completely been healed.

Li Mu smiled and said, “You are as I am. You don’t have to thank me.”

The Dark Yellow Army was an army of sinners.

And Li Mu himself was also a sinner.

He did not know why the Dark Yellow Army was named ‘Dark Yellow’.

However, he firmly believed that it must have something to do with Earth.

“The descendants of Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang can never be wiped out!

“The people of divine dragon lineage are everywhere in the universe!”

When Li Mu arrived, he happened to hear Dao Lan shout that in rage.

And Li Mu’s blood instantly boiled. His indignation also burnt and raged.

The support for Dao Lan and the Dao LanDark Yellow Army was something written in his genes.

“Go ahead. Reach out and get back everything that belongs to you,” Li Mu looked at Dao Lan and encouraged.

“The glory that is supposed to be yours has been left in the dust for too long. Today, you should shine again. Go get him!”

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