The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 760 - Confuse One Thing With Another

Chapter 760 Confuse One Thing With Another

The little fellow was very happy to be a teacher. It was a pity that she had only gone to kindergarten, so she didn’t have much knowledge in her mind. After making some changes about the color, she had nothing else to teach.

“What should I teach them?”

She patted her little head and thought for a moment. Suddenly, she remembered the correct number and wrong number that her teacher had used. She picked up a pen and drew a big correct number on a piece of paper next to her. “Let me tell you, this is the wrong number. There is no cross. If you make a mistake, you have to make a wrong number!”

As she taught them, she imagined the scene of these people giving the correct number on the question that their children had done wrong. She couldn’t help giggling.

“We know. This is the wrong number.”

The little fellow drew a big wrong number and said, “This is called the correct number. If you have the right answer, you have to make a correct number.”

“We know. This is called the correct number.”

Under the leadership of Jiro Ono, these people answered in unusually loud and clear voices.

After teaching them this, the little fellow really had nothing else to teach them. She simply said, “Well, it’s time to take a nap. You can all go to sleep.”

Seeing these people lying on the ground and sleeping, she was satisfied and walked out of the door with her little hands clasped behind her back.

Soon after she went out, she met another soldier. Under the control of Fox Hypnosis, the soldier directly took the little fellow out of the military base and then fell asleep under a big tree.

The little fellow didn’t walk far when she saw a road. When a pickup truck passed by, she gently jumped into the back, sat down, and rushed to the city.

This truck was delivering goods to the supermarket. After arriving in the city, the little fellow jumped out of the truck and began to search for something that was fun for her.

After strolling for a while, she felt a little hungry. When she smelled the fragrance from a restaurant next to her, she couldn’t help drooling.

Originally, if she used Fox Hypnosis, she could go in and eat. However, her mother had told her that she had to pay for things. This concept was deeply rooted in her little head, so she did not go in to eat. Instead, she thought of ways of getting money.

After walking for a short distance, she saw that there was a car on the side of the road. People came out with money one after another. She also walked in and came to a window.

The cashier in the bank looked at this lovely girl who suddenly appeared in front of him and said, “Little girl, are you going to take money out? Did your parents come with you?”

The little fellow couldn’t understand the foreign language at all, so she directly used Fox Hypnosis to tell the cashier that she was going to withdraw money.

The cashier was just an ordinary person. He was immediately controlled by mental force and asked, “How much do you want?”

The little fellow still couldn’t understand what the cashier said, but she knew that there was a limit to withdrawing money. After thinking for a while, she said casually, “Let’s get 20 million!”

She didn’t have an accurate concept of money in the past. She often followed Lin Momo and heard the amount of money from her mouth, so she said 20 million.

Fortunately, this was Nihon. The biggest par value was 10,000. If it were Huaxia currency, it would be scary. She couldn’t take the money away at all.

After paying 20 million in cash, the cashier kindly put the money in a bag for her. The little fellow took the money and walked out of the bank and went to the restaurant next to her.

After entering the door, she didn’t know how to order. She casually pointed to some very delicate food on the table next to her, and then took out a handful of money and handed it to the waiter next to her.

The waiter found it interesting to see such a little girl eating. He gave change to her. After that, he sent portions of sushi to her.

The little fellow tasted it and felt that it tasted good. Then she ate it in big mouthfuls.

While she was eating happily, Qin Haodong and Lin Momo were anxious.

Originally, these Saints could fly, but the distance between Huaxia and Nihon was not close. If they flew there, it would consume a lot of energy and they would not be able to face unknown dangers. Therefore, Qin Haodong chose to take them over by plane.

When they arrived near Nihon, they opened the cabin door and jumped out. The plane flew back to Huaxia.

On the plane, Qin Haodong had already made arrangements. He, Xuanyuan Lige, and Lin Momo were in a group. They went straight to Chiba Island according to the other party’s call, while the others scattered, searching for the little fellow’s whereabouts in the entire Nihon.

Qin Haodong didn’t show his strength. He and Lin Momo flew in the air under the leadership of Xuanyuan Lige, heading for Chiba Island.

At this time, they had entered the territory of Nihon. The scene of them flying down from the plane clearly appeared on a big screen.

“Oh my God, what did I see?”

In front of the big screen, a middle-aged man wearing the symbol of a senior officer jumped up. His name was Yama Sato, and he was a direct descendant of the Nihon Sato family. He was also one of the participants of this plan, responsible for monitoring the movements of Huaxia.

As a direct descendant of the Sato family, he knew about the existence of Saints. He had witnessed the scene of the master of the family, Kishi Sato, flying in the air. He knew that this was a unique ability of a Saint.

But all of a sudden, so many Saints appeared in front of him, which scared him out of his wits. He quickly picked up his mobile phone and dialed a phone number.

Chiba Island was a small island that was 50 kilometers away from the main islands. Its area was about one square kilometer. There was no name here before. Later, it was occupied by the Chiba family, and it was named Chiba Island.

In the middle of the island, Yagyuu Yukime was tied to a coconut tree. At this time, her cultivation was sealed, and she was no different from an ordinary person. Her white skin was covered with a layer of pink under the scorching sun.

On a rock not far from her, three old men in kimonos were sitting cross-legged. The one sitting in the middle was the Sage of Sword, Kyo Chiba. On his left was Kishi Sato, the master of the Sato family, and on his right was Takeda Inamoto, the master of the Inamoto family.

Although Yagyuu Yukime’s family was big, it could only be regarded as a second-class aristocratic family in the whole country. This was the position she won after she became a supreme power of the ninth level. It could only be regarded as a third-class family before.

The three old men in front of her were the three Saint Realm masters of the country. At the same time, they also represented the top three families in Nihon—the Chiba family, the Sato family, and the Inamoto family.

Kishi Sato said to Kyo Chiba, “Brother Sage of Sword, people can’t come back to life when they die. It’s really heartbreaking for Mieko to die young, but you’d better restrain your grief.”

Takeda Inamoto said, “That’s right. We’ll kill the guy named Qin later and use his head as a sacrifice to the spirit of Mieko in heaven.”

Kyo Chiba sighed and said, “When Mieko was born, a master had seen her and said that she couldn’t learn martial arts in this life. Unexpectedly, she didn’t listen to that advice after her birth and insisted on learning martial arts. As a result, she died in a foreign country.”

Kishi Sato said, “In fact, you are also very concerned about this matter. If you had taught Mieko in person since she was a child, she would have become a master a long time ago. Maybe there would not have been such a disaster today.”

Kyo Chiba shook his head and said, “You two still don’t know that the boy surnamed Qin is simply a monster. He has reached the ninth level of the Supreme Power Realm in his early 20s. Even if I had personally guided her, Mieko couldn’t have reached such a high level.”

After hearing this, both of them widened their eyes and said, “Is he a 20-year-old level-nine supreme power master? How horrible! If he grows up for a few more years, no one will be able to stop him.”

Kyo Chiba said, “It’s precisely because of this that I set up today’s trap. I must get rid of this guy surnamed Qin.

“At the same time, the Xuanyuan Pavilion is a big problem for our country. At that time, we will kill Xuanyuan Lige together, who will be a great threat to our descendants.”

Kishi Sato said, “Don’t worry, Brother. We will work together with you to kill Xuanyuan Lige.”

“Bah! It’s impossible for you, who are so old, to touch my master!”

Yagyuu Yukime was not far from them, so she heard their conversation clearly. She couldn’t help but shout, “When my master comes, you will all go to hell!”

“You shameless b*tch!” Kyo Chiba bellowed angrily. “You killed the former master of the Yagyuu family. I won’t argue with you.

“But you have no sense of shame. You actually recognize a Huaxia person as your master. This is simply the shame of our country. From now on, your Yagyuu family will be wiped out from Nihon.”

“Kyo Chiba, if you have the ability, you can fight with my master fair and square. It’s shameful for someone like you to set such a trap…”

“B*tch, I’ll kill you now!”

Kishi Sato was furious. He turned his head and took out his sword, ready to attack Yagyuu Yukime.

However, Kyo Chiba raised his hand to stop Sato. “Patriarch Sato, don’t fall for this b*tch’s trap. She wants to irritate us and kill her. Later, that kid named Qin will have no worries for her.”

“B*tch, I’ll kill you later.”

Kishi Sato angrily took back his sword.

At this time, Kyo Chiba’s cell phone rang. He didn’t usually use this kind of thing. In order to set up a trap this time, he specially prepared a cell phone to communicate with the military headquarters of Nihon.

The call was from Yama Sato. When he heard that there were 11 Saint-Realm masters in Huaxia, his face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

This time, he didn’t count Qin Haodong as his opponent at all. The only opponent he regarded was Xuanyuan Lige.

In his opinion, it would not be a problem for him to kill Xuanyuan Lige with the combined strength of Kishi Sato and Takeda Inamoto. But now, there were 10 more masters in the Saint Realm, which made him completely lose hope of victory.

As the Sage of Sword with the highest cultivation in Nihon, he did not panic. He continued to ask, “How did these people move? Where are they now?”

When he heard that the others had already dispersed and only Xuanyuan Lige took Qin Haodong and another woman to come here, he was relieved.

Although the situation had changed, it was not completely different from his plan. With the strength of the three Saints, they could still kill Xuanyuan Lige.

After thinking for a while, he took out his mobile phone again and dialed the number of Eiwa Miura. “You can arrange it now and prepare the firepower immediately. Once the situation here changes, immediately gather the firepower and destroy the entire Chiba Island.”

Just in case, this was the final plan he had made with the military. If they failed, the military would gather all the firepower of the underground military base and destroy Chiba Island in one fell swoop.

Eiwa Miura was one of the most loyal subordinates of Kyo Chiba. He was also a representative of the power of the Chiba family in the military. After hearing the order of Kyo Chiba, he was silent for a moment and said in a low voice, “Your Excellency Sword Sage, are we really going to do that?”

Kyo Chiba said, “The enemy’s strength is far beyond our imagination now. We have to make full preparation. This time, we have to kill Xuanyuan Lige and Qin Haodong completely, so as to get rid of the big trouble for our empire.”

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