The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 680 - A Visit to Apologize

Chapter 680 A Visit to Apologize

Chu Shanhe frowned. Although he was usually afraid of his wife, this was a matter of the life and death for his family. He could not let Jin Xiuying do whatever she wanted.

“Listen to me. My daughter will be brought back and my grandson will be brought back too.”

Seeing that his mother was going to object again, Chu Xuanli immediately said, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about this matter anymore. We can teach him if he doesn’t know the rules and he will learn. After all, he is the biological child of my sister. It’s reasonable to bring him back to our Chu family.”

Chu Xunming had been watching from the side. He was very shrewd and had not spoken up before. When he saw that Chu Shanhe had made up his mind, he also knew the significance of a level nine supreme power master to the family.

He then said, “Yes, Mom. Our family is a big family and we can support them easily. It’s not a bad idea to bring my little nephew back.”

Seeing that her husband and son both agreed, Jin Xiuying finally chose to give in and said, “Well, since you want to take them back, then take them back. But remember, they must follow the rules of our Chu family in the future.”

Chu Shanhe said, “Since no one has any objections, I’ll go and look for Xuanyue now and bring them home.”

Jin Xiuying glared at him and shouted, “What? It is already a great privilege for them to be able to come back. Why do we need you, the head of the family, to invite them personally? Are they kings?”

Chu Shanhe said, “It’s been more than 20 years. As a father, it’s not a bad thing for me to bring my daughter back.”

“That’s absolutely impossible. It’s not in accordance with the rules of our Chu family.”

Chu Shanhe said in annoyance, “Then what do you think we should do?”

Jin Xiuying said, “What else can we do? With their status, we can just send a servant to call them back.”

“That will not work.”

Judging from Qin Haodong’s attitude toward Yuan Tianren, Chu Shanhe knew that this young man was decisive and clear-cut. Because of the events that had taken place that year, he would never have a good impression of the Chu family.

If they sent a servant, it would be impossible to bring Qin Haodong into the Chu family and it would backfire.

Chu Xuanli said, “Well, I will bring back my little sister then. Is that okay?”

Jin Xiuying snorted and did not say anything more. Chu Shanhe thought about it. Although he did not show up in person as the family master, it was good as Chu Xuanli had a good relationship with Chu Xuanyue since he was a child. This idea was not bad.

Chu Shanhe said, “Well, you can go there. No matter what happens, you have to bring your sister home,”

In the Qin family, the family master, Qin Zhan’ao, was sitting in the main seat and was smiling from ear to ear.

“Family master, what happened? Why are you so happy because of a wedding?”

Qin Feiyang looked at his father in confusion. His father had just attended the engagement party of the Qi Family and the Zhao Family. When he came back, he had summoned them to a family meeting. However, he was very happy.

Qin Zhan’ao took the lead and said excitedly, “Feiyang, of course, I am happy because our Qin family has a big happy event, a big happy event! ”

Qin Zhan’ao had two sons, the eldest, Qin Feiyang and the second, Qin Zongheng.

Hearing what he said, Qin Feiyang asked curiously, “Then tell me please, what is this happy event?”

Qin Zhan’ao said, “Today’s engagement party between the Qi family and the Zhao family did not go well. In the end, the girl from the Qi family was taken away by a man.”

“Family master, although the alliance between the Qi family and the Zhao family is not good for our Qin family, you would not have been so happy just because their engagement has been dissolved, right?”

The middle-aged man who spoke was called Qin Feiyu, who was also a direct descendant of the Qin family. His father, Qin Zhanlong, was the First Elder of the Qin family and also Qin Zhan’ao’s cousin, who was a master at level nine of Supreme Power Realm.

“Of course not. How can I be so narrow-minded? Qin Zhan’ao said, “The reason why I am so happy is that the person who took the bride away is from our Qin family. He is your brother’s son, my grandson. Ha… Ha… Ha…”

After that, he laughed again!

“What? Zongheng’s son? Is there any news about my second brother?”

Qin Feiyang asked excitedly.

Qin Zhan’ao’s smile faded. He shook his head and said, “There’s still no news about that guy, but his son Qin Haodong, officially recognized Chu Xuanyue at the engagement party of the Qi family and the Zhao family.”

Qin Feiyang suddenly became nervous and said, “Father, you said that Qin Haodong is the son of my second brother. But if he reconciles with Chu Xuanyue, I’m afraid that he will be pursued by the old guy from the Chu family again.”

“No matter what, our Qin family can’t just stand by idly this time. We must protect our second brother’s son.”

Qin Zhan’ao said proudly, “Don’t worry about that. It’s good enough that my grandson did not create any trouble there. He is now a supreme power master at level nine of Supreme Power Realm. He took Qi Waner away in front of the two old masters of the Qi Family and the Zhao Family and none of them could stop him!”

Speaking of this, he laughed again.

Hearing that Qin Haodong had reached the level nine of Supreme Power Realm, Qin Feiyang’s face was full of joy. He was happy for his second brother and his nephew, but Qin Feiyu, who was next to him, looked gloomy.

Since he was a child, everyone in the capital knew that Qin Zongheng was the peerless genius of the Qin family, but no one knew about him. All the affection of the family was given to Qin Zongheng. He had always lived under the shadow of Qin Zongheng.

All of this ended after Qin Zongheng escaped from the wedding. In the family, Qin Feiyu stood out. He was now an eighth-level supreme power master and was also the most popular candidate for the successor of the family master.

His son, Qin Zhong, was now one of the best in the third generation of the Qin Family. His cultivation had also reached the fourth level of the Supreme Power Realm.

It could be said that the shadow left by Qin Zongheng’s disappearance had been completely replaced by them. Everything was so beautiful, but now Qin Zongheng’s son suddenly appeared and was already at the level nine of Supreme Power Realm.

With such achievements at such a young age, it was evident that they were no match for Qin Haodong. If such a genius entered the Qin family, there would be no place for them. He was afraid that the position of family master would now belong to Qin Haodong.

Qin Zhan’ao and his son were both excited and no one noticed the change in Qin Feiyu’s expression.

Qin Feiyang said excitedly, “Family master, where is Haodong now? We should bring him back immediately.”

Qin Zhan’ao said excitedly, “You’re right. I’ll go to him in person and bring Haodong back to our Qin family.”

Qin Feiyu said, “Family master, although it’s a happy event, you are still the head of the Qin family and his grandfather. It’s not appropriate for you to visit him in person. How about I go there on your behalf and invite him back?”

Qin Zhan’ao thought for a moment and said, “That makes sense. Then you go and get him.’

“But Haodong has suffered a lot when he was out of the family before. He may not be happy with our whole family, so you must persuade him to return to our Qin family willingly.”

“Don’t worry, family master. I can handle such a small matter well.”

After saying that, Qin Feiyu turned and walked out of the door.

In Tang Sect, after the three masters of the Han family, the Zhao family, and the Wei family were all sent away, Chu Xuanyue called Qin Haodong over and asked, “Son, which one among these three engagements do you like?”

There was excitement in her words and it seemed that she wished he would agree to all the three families.

“Mom, don’t you think that you have too many daughters-in-law already? Qin Haodong shook his head with a wry smile and said, “I have never seen them. Which one can I like? And these three old foxes obviously came with a purpose, so I don’t want such a marriage.”

Chu Xuanyue said with a look of pity, “Son, you have not seen the brides from these three families. They are indeed very beautiful, as beautiful as flowers. It’s a pity that you don’t want to marry them.”

Qin Haodong was speechless and said, “Mom, you have a son. I can’t just marry a girl casually. Besides, no matter how beautiful they are, they can’t be more beautiful than your current daughters-in-law.”

Thinking of her daughters-in-law whom she had just met, Chu Xuanyue said with a smile, “That’s true. My daughters-in-law are no worse than the three beauties in the capital.”

As they were talking, the security guard at the door ran in again. “Boss, there is another group of cars outside the door. They say that they are from the Qi family and want to see you.”

“Qi family’s motorcade? Is Qi Guofan coming?” Qin Haodong frowned and said to Chu Xuanyue, “Mom, I’ll have to trouble you again this time.”

“I’m sure that Qi Guofan must have come for Waner. This kind of thing should be prolonged no matter what he says. If you can refuse him, don’t give him any results for the time being.”

Chu Xuanyue said, “Don’t worry, son. Mom is the best at dealing with such things.”

Qin Haodong nodded and left the living room and left this place to Chu Xuanyue.

It was not long before the security guard went out and Qi Guofan came in with a smile on his face.

“My dear niece Xuanyue, I’ve come uninvited. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Compared with the masters of the other three families, Qi Guofan directly addressed Chu Xuanyue as niece and their relationship instantly became much closer.

“You are welcome, I am very honored to see you in my humble house.”

Chu Xuanyue had been alone for so many years and she had ample experience in every occasion. She asked Qi Guofan to sit down. After a few polite words, she said, “Mr. Qi, what can I do for you?”

Qi Guofan said, “I have two purposes for coming here today. First, I want to apologize to Haodong. It was indeed my fault this time. I did not ask for Waner’s advice before. I directly arranged a marriage between her and the Zhao family and indirectly broke up their relationship.”

“Because of this, I want to apologize to Haodong in person and admit my mistake.”

Chu Xuanyue said, “There’s no need to apologize. You’re an elder and it’s all in the past. I don’t think Haodong will care.”

Qi Guofan said, “Is Haodong here? I want to apologize to him in person.”

Chu Xuanyue was quite surprised. She did not expect that Qi Guofan would humble himself to such an extent. As the head of the family, he personally came to apologize to her son.

She said, “Haodong just happened to have something to do and left. He’s not at home.”

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