The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1296 - Master Bai Refuses to Change Class

Chapter 1296: Master Bai Refuses to Change Class

The dishes were all served, and there was nothing special about the people who came. The dishes on the table were all from the staff canteen.

Holding the walking stick in one hand, Prof. Liang sat there and raised the wine glass in his other hand.

They exchanged pleasantries happily.

After a while, Li Yanfeng laughed again. “I heard that the students of the Acting Department are all good during this military training. Who is their instructor?”

Vice Captain Zhang saw that he had been called out, so he first looked at Bai Zhun and the others with pride before standing up and saluting the people at the table.

“Well done.” Li Yanfeng seemed to be very pleased. He tilted his head and asked his good friend next to him, “Not bad. Let Tongtong come in first. Let her take a good look.”

“Okay, let’s ask her here. That child usually keeps a low profile and doesn’t want her classmates to know her identity.” Liu Xian’an thought that his daughter was a mature individual because he had no idea of the things she had done in university.

Li Yanfeng glanced at the soldier beside him. “Bring the little girl who is waiting outside the door in. Tell her that her uncle Li and her father want to see her.”

Prof. Liang knew Liu Zitong’s identity, so he smiled and said, “President Liu is here today to see his daughter.”

“Parents are always worried. You know that.” Liu Xian ‘an raised his glass and clinked it with Prof. Liang.

Vice Commander Zhang’s expression changed when he heard that. Long before he came for the military training, he had heard about the powerful backgrounds of the students in University A. If he was unlucky, he might bump into someone with a mighty background.

He was also familiar with the name Liu Zitong. She was an influential figure in his team, who did not look like an ordinary university student. However, never had he expected her family to be so powerful.

The more he thought about it, the happier he became. Since Liu Zitong was in his class, this relationship would be of great help to him.

The soldiers acted as if they did not hear the conversation. Lowering their heads, they only focused on the rice in their bowls. Their eating manners were very different. While some of them ate like a heroic soldier, some of them looked like a rich young master who was loafing around. Of course, there were also people like Bai Zhun, who seemed to be enjoying a French feast. Even the tips of his fingers were exuding a bone-piercing elegance.

When Liu Zitong entered, her bright eyes were fixated upon Bai Zhun. Everyone could tell what it meant.

Li Hailou sat at the side and knitted his brows.

The soldiers even glared at her.

What was going on?

Was she interested in their Master Bai?

Wasn’t she courting death?

Master Bai had a wife.

Although his wife was a young monk, she was still a cute little girl.

Master Bai would not give any face to any woman other than his wife. It was crueler than the cold wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

Seeing that his daughter was staring at an officer, Liu Xian’an coughed heavily.

Only then did Liu Zitong turn around with a smile. “Dad, Uncle Li, Prof. Liang.”

“Sit down,” Li Yanfeng said to Liu Zitong. “Your dad just said that you don’t eat well here.”

They were relatives who had supported each other for so many years, so of course they were close.

In response, Liu Zitong looked at Bai Zhun and said, “Uncle Li, I won’t sit. You adults talk about time. It’s against the rules for me to sit here as a student, not to mention that the instructors are all sitting there.”

“You’ve grown up and understand the rules.” Li Yanfeng smiled and raised his hand again. “Vice Commander Zhang, come over for a moment.”

Therefore, he immediately put down his chopsticks and walked over. “Captain Li.”

“You’re good at disciplining people, so why not you switch with the instructor just now? You can try to teaching his department.” Li Yanfeng gave his suggestion in a relaxed manner.

Vice Commander Zhang was completely stunned when he heard this.

Why suddenly the switch?

What did he mean?

He needed to teach the Archaeology Department?

He was just happy that Liu Zitong was in his class, but now he was transferred to another department.

Vice Commander Zhang’s eyes widened as he followed Li Yanfeng’s line of sight. When he saw that the person he was talking about was none other than Bai Zhun, the fire in his heart burned even hotter!

However, the order was given by his superior, so he could only obey. He thus looked in Bai Zhun’s direction with his bloodshot eyes while gritting his teeth.

From the moment Liu Zitong entered, Li Yanfeng had already guessed which instructor she wanted to get. Nevertheless, it was inevitable that it would not be good for a girl to say such a thing. It was better for him to speak directly.

As expected, after Liu Zitong heard Li Yanfeng’s words, she kept staring at Bai Zhun’s god-like handsome face. Her cheeks turned even redder, and there was a faint sense of shyness.

Vice Commander Zhang could also see what was going on. Of course, he would not question anything in front of everyone, so he clenched his fists and lowered his head to agreed to the order.

Just then, a voice slowly sounded from the other side. It was neither cold nor indifferent, and it was rather like a hum when an ancient sword was being unsheathed. “The military training will last for ten days. We have already decided on the class from the very beginning. Changing people midway will only affect the mood of the students. It is strange that you are now proposing to exchange officers. Is it because of military orders or is it because of personal relations?”

The last sentence made Li Yanfeng feel a little embarrassed. “Whose soldier is this? How dare he talk back.”

The officers looked at each other. In the end, it was the captain who reported in a low voice, “Commander Li, he is not from the army.”

Not from the army?

Then it must be those people who suddenly parachuted in?

Li Yanfeng thought of this and was momentarily stunned.

He still could not figure out the other party’s identity. However, when the chief picked up the phone, Master Bai was also there. The chief was respectful to the Master Bai on the phone, which indicated something about his status.

Seeing that he was hesitating, Liu Zitong called out in a low voice, “Uncle Li.”

Liu Xian’an saw that Li Yanfeng was in a difficult position and interrupted his daughter’s words, “Zitong, if there’s nothing else, you can go eat first. You guys still have military training later. We still have other things to discuss.”

“Dad!” Liu Zitong still wanted to say something.

Liu Xian’an lowered his voice, “Go quickly.”

When Liu Zitong heard this, her expression turned ugly. She reluctantly lifted her feet and walked out of the door. She did not expect that even Uncle Li’s personal visit would not make her wish come true.

Before she came, she had already made an agreement with the people in the dormitory that Bai Zhun would definitely be their instructor this time.

Now that things had turned out this way and Bai Zhun did not even look at her, Liu Zitong only felt that she had been slapped in the face in front of everyone, which was humiliating.

She had already done so much, so why did Master Bai still ignore her?

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