The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1294 - Master Bai Moves Out to Stay with Me

Chapter 1294: Master Bai Moves Out to Stay with Me

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“I’m very satisfied with the the speed of the students.” Prof. Liang didn’t notice the storm that was brewing below. He smiled and said, “Tomorrow afternoon, a leader will come to our school for an inspection. Please show your commitment by then. According to the usual practice in previous years, the results of the competition will be counted as the total points. Whichever department wins, the department will receive the rewards they deserve. Military training is to bring out the passion that young people should have. Alright, it’s getting late now. Everyone should go to bed early. There’s still a tough battle to fight tomorrow.”

Prof. Liang was indeed a former soldier. Any competition became a war in his mouth.

Then, every instructor came before their respective classes.

The students of the Archaeology Department were still puzzled and somewhat dejected. “Instructor, we have tried our best to buy time, but we are still one step too late.”

Ajiu did not say anything. Her big eyes glanced at the instructor of the Acting Department again.

The way he looked at her little brother was repulsive.

However, Buddha had said that they could not fight when they wanted to, unless they had a legitimate reason.


Ajiu was a little depressed. When would there be a legitimate reason?


As Bai Zhun looked at the students in front of him, his voice was neither flat nor indifferent. “Didn’t Prof. Liang say that tomorrow is the main show? It’s just a little slower than the others. The points can be recovered sooner or later. What’s the rush? Go back to sleep. You guys just do what you should do.”


Did he mean that he would make sure that the Archaeology Department would win?

The students were a little confused. Didn’t he say that their instructor was a recruit?

No matter how strong instructor Bai’s aura was, it couldn’t be compared to the army’s side, right?

They were more or less worried.

Nevertheless, Bai Zhun had a unique persuasive power, so the students all obediently dispersed and went upstairs.

Except for Ajiu.

In a serious manner, she asked Bai Zhun, “Little Brother, can I beat up the instructor?”


Pausing for a moment, he laughed. “Who do you want to beat up?”

“The one who was talking to you just now.” She looked valiant in her military uniform.

He stretched out his hand and adjusted her military hat. “He is not worth your energy. Besides, if you want to be a temple host, shouldn’t you cultivate your character?”

When she heard this, her cheeks puffed up as well. “Previously, Master also said that my character wasn’t good enough. He also said that he wouldn’t let me hit people casually. He was afraid that others wouldn’t be able to withstand my fist.”

Master’s worry was very reasonable.


“When did you meet Master?”

Brushing her hair, she said, “Some time ago, I went to the mountain and said that I wanted to inherit his position. He chased me down and stuffed two steamed buns into my mouth. He said that I was deceiving my master and destroying my ancestors.”


Li Hailou coughed lightly at the side. “Ajiu, your master hasn’t passed away yet, and you want to inherit his position…” If this isn’t deceiving my master and destroying my ancestors, then what is?

“It seems that Master doesn’t intend to hand the temple over to me.” Ajiu kicked the stone under her feet. “I’m prepared to wait another four years. If he still doesn’t agree after I finish university, I’ll go up the mountain and snatch it.”


Hearing this, Li Hailou, who was walking over, was completely silent.

He looked in Bai Zhun’s direction, meaning that he was basically saying, “You don’t care?”

Unexpectedly, Bai Zhun just smiled in a low voice. “When the time comes, I will help you.”

“Yes.”Ajiu looked very happy.

Li Hailou was rendered speechless.

The Master probably could hardly have peace after raising a pair of disciples like them.


As for Master Bai, had he fed his conscience to the dogs?

He spoiled women so much that he had no bottom line!

Bai Zhun said that, but in fact, he knew very well that no one could enter that temple a second time.

Ajiu was clearly an exception.

She had Buddha’s fate.

If Master really didn’t like her, he wouldn’t have given her two steamed buns when he asked her to leave.

In other words, the successor in his heart had always been Ajiu.

Thinking of this, Bai Zhun’s eyes narrowed. He could fulfill the dream of his beloved girl, but he would not really let Ajiu become a monk. This was a matter of principle.

“Little Brother?” Ajiu tilted her head and looked at Bai Zhun’s deep eyes. She frowned. “What’s wrong with you?”

Instantly, his face returned to his usual light smile. “Nothing. I was just thinking whether you should move out.”

“Move out?” Ajiu’s eyes were confused. “I’m not moving out.”

Bai Zhun touched her head. “I will be worried if you continue staying on campus.”

Li Hailou was amused by that, for she was a strong lady who could fight anyone she wanted on campus. .


Ajiu also felt that there was nothing for her to worry about.

Just then, Bai Zhun let out a long sigh as his eyes moved slightly. His gaze actually looked a little lonely. “Or is it you don’t want to stay with me anymore after several years of sepration?”

Such a psychological tactic rendered Li Hailou speechless.


Of course, Ajiu couldn’t bear to see her little brother like this, so she immediately grabbed Bai Zhun’s hand and put on a serious expression. “I’ll move after the military training is over.”

“There’s no need to wait for the military training to be over. I’ve already helped you write the application. You can just hand it over to the form teacher tomorrow.” He then gave her a handwritten piece of paper with a faint smile.

At that moment, she more or less understood that her little brother had used a trick on her.


However, she was clear in her heart that he really wanted her to stay with him.

Otherwise, he would not have taken the time to write such an application.

But there was one thing…

She wasn’t sure about what she would do in his house.

She was afraid that she would pounce on him again after falling asleep.

Sigh, it was really troublesome to be a qualified candidate for the position of temple abbot.

She had to resist all kinds of temptations.

Her biggest temptation now was her little brother.

She always felt that after coming back this time, her little brother was emitting the unique charm of a man.

That’s right, he was a man, a man who knew how to flirt with girls.

She wondered if she could control it?

The next morning, Ajiu was still thinking about this problem. When she saw Bai Zhun, who was wearing a military uniform, she inexplicably recalled the scene where he hugged her from behind and washed her hands. It seemed that everything was hot.

Bai Zhun did not know what Ajiu was thinking. He only held a gun with one hand and said, “Today, we will talk about shooting.”

Normal students would not be able to come into contact with shooting during military training.

Nevertheless, University A was different. Shooting session was available every year in that institution.

This was also the training that the students looked forward to the most. After all, everyone had a desire to hold a gun, be it a boy or a girl.

It was only when they really came into contact with guns that they realized that they were so heavy.

The military didn’t provide many guns. There were only three guns in each class, and there were no bullets in them. Therefore, everyone has to take turns learning how to hold the guns first.

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