Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 1642 - : Waiting For My Boss to Arrive

Chapter 1642: Waiting For My Boss to Arrive

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At the beginning of the meeting, a few factions had already formed. Everyone was in an irreconcilable dispute, and it was not orderly as a large corporation should be.

Frank looked at the chaotic scene and frowned.

Fang Zhenglong saw this and told Frank, “Mr. Frank, as you can see, this is the current state of the Gu Corporation. It’s a complete mess!”

Gu Zhihuan was outraged. She threw a bottle of water at the shareholders who opposed Gu Zhilin, “All of you are talking rubbish! The management rights of this group belonged to the Gu family. It’s up to our family to decide! My big brother is the head of the Gu family, so he should be the leader of the group! All of you, stop saying nonsense!”

The other party was enraged after being splashed with water. She pointed at Gu Zhihuan and began berating her, “You gluttonous and lazy shrew, you have no contribution to the group at all. If it weren’t for the shares that the old chairman gave you, you wouldn’t be here. You are the one who has the least right to stay here!”

“Exactly, the Gu family is either incompetent or lazy. If the group management remained in your hands, the company will crumble! For our sake, you must hand over the management rights today! Let’s vote on it!”

“Yes! Let the voters decide!”

Gu Zhihuan and Gu Zhiming were arguing with the shareholders. On the other hand, the main boss, Gu Zhilin sat there with an awful look and remained silent for a long time.

The members of the Gu family were all disappointed with Gu Zhilin’s performance. Gu Zhiming could not stand it anymore and shouted at Gu Zhilin, “Big brother! Say something!”

Gu Zhilin finally reacted. He did not expect his popularity to become so bad and the shareholders hated him.

No matter what, the Gu Corporation belonged to the Gu family. Whether it was the position of the chairman or the president, it had to be the members of the Gu family!

Gu Zhilin looked at Frank, who was silent the whole time, “Mr. Frank, as the major shareholder of the Gu Corporation, do you have any comments?”

As soon as Gu Zhilin said this, everyone looked at the blond-haired, blue-eyed Frank.

Frank and the gentleman smiled at each other. Only then did everyone’s attention turned to the CEO of Glory World Group, Frank.

Glory World Group was born out of nowhere. After the Gu Corporation lost the WR Project, Glory World Group immediately took over the project. Before this, no one in the country had heard of this company. After that, as the Gu Corporation’s shares continued to fall, it caused the shareholders to lose confidence in the Gu Corporation, and they sold their shares at a low price. At this time, Glory World Group bought the shares of the Gu Corporation at an extremely low price, totaling up the scattered shares, which was more than 20%. Glory World Group became a major shareholder. The shares it held were more than Gu Zhihuan’s and Gu Zhiming’s, who were members of the Gu family.

The words of a major shareholder were very authoritative. At this time, if Glory World Group was willing to help the Gu family tide over the crisis of the capital chain shortage, Frank would publicly state that Glory World Group would unconditionally maintain Gu Zhilin’s position as president, then Gu Zhilin’s position would be secured.

For a moment, everyone looked at Frank, waiting for him to say something.

Fang Zhenglong looked at Gu Zhilin with a smug look on his face. Gu Zhilin’s wishful thinking would not happen again.

Gu Zhilin was extremely nervous. Fang Zhenglong’s performance made him felt uneasy.

Frank slowly spoke in Chinese, which was not very fluent, “I can’t decide on this matter. I need to wait for my boss to make the decision.”

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