Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld

Chapter 376 - To the new world (3)

Chapter 376: To the new world (3)

“So is the ship completely fixed?”

“Yes. With the help of the dragons, we recovered the energy line and began manufacturing repair bots. The Menonis has recovered to 96%.”

Ponus changed the screen to the blueprint layout of the Menonis. It was an amazing sight to see the speed of thousands of machines repairing the vast ship.


Jinpok threw a large cigar at Joonbum. Joonbum smiled as he lit it and puffed.

“This is good.”

“Yeah, isn’t it?”

Then, they looked at Ponus and Joonbum asked.

“I am going through the Gate. Are you going to help?”

Ponus replied, “Yes, of course. I am the one who terraformed this planet and spread humans over this land after all.”

That was all the answer needed. Joonbum turned to Graham for his choice.

“A young’un of ours went over. I guess I should go take a look at him before he kills himself out there. Young’uns need parental guidance, you know?”

“Of course. Let’s go then.”

Jinpok then asked hesitantly.

“Are you just gonna go?”

What he meant was only one thing.

“It’s better if we disappear. They’ve adapted well without us anyway. They’ll be reassured if we let them know, but that will cause another issue.”

Everyone then turned to Ponus.

“I’ll begin preparing the Menonis for take-off. I will change 80% of the repair bots to battle bots. The time required for take-off is 5 hours 18 minutes.”

Joonbum then mumbled.

“That’s fast.”

“Yeah. We’ve been preparing already.”

Doral answered.

“Good. Why don’t we take a good shower or something then?”

They then enjoyed their bath, had their meal, and examined what was going on over on the surface when it was all ready.

“Menonis, taking off.”

With the voice of Ponus echoing throughout the ship, everyone on board felt slight vibrations. Then, they saw a giant video that displayed the spaceship Menonis hovering over the Khalodian Mountains. Every living around that saw it became shocked. Even Kawiqunins and other monsters were shocked.

Then, the video also showed the Ainos becoming shocked by a city-sized spaceship hovering in the air. After, the video changed to their destination, not too far within the mountain where the grey Gate had formed, along with the Vaselans camped around it. They began shooting energy bolts at Menonis, which had no effect.

“They are using some kind of magic?”

“It is called Magic Engineering. Vaselans are known for their affinity for magic for generations. They have developed it further with advanced technology that helped them enslave many planets.”

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