Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 737 - Golden Jade in Stone

Chapter 737 Golden Jade in Stone

A slight burning sensation instantly spread all over his tongue and within his mouth, and as if it had life, the Golden Jade in Stone slid into his body via the throat. According to the Sword Master, all things in existence, either intangible things or the eight trigrams, had the same origin and were bound by the general rules of Yin and Yang. Therefore, leaving aside the physical appearance, the seventeen kinds of Jade in Stone could be classified into two major types, namely, the Yang type and the Yin type. The Golden Jade in Stone swallowed by Ding Hao was a pure Yang-type jade.

As the saying went, true gold feared no fire. The pure Yang-type Golden Jade in Stone needed to be refined and merged by the flaming Qi in the upper Dantian of Ding Hao’s chest.

The moment the heat flow entered his body, Ding Hao activated the Bi Fang’s Fire in his upper Dantian without any reservation. A fierce and powerful flame began to roll and surge in the Six Strange Veins of his body. Ding Hao guided it to envelope the heat flow generated by the Golden Jade in Stone from all directions and move towards his arms.

Naturally, this was an extremely painful process.

Even thousands of cuts were not comparable to this pain. Ding Hao felt like ants were gnawing every cell in his body. If it were an ordinary person, he would probably pass out in an instant. If he could not pull through this process, he would suffer incomparable pain and probably become an idiot due to the pain, even if he could survive in the end.

Ding Hao had swallowed and integrated two pieces of Jade in Stone before, so the level of pain was not beyond his expectation.

However, he could not help but groan.

In the blink of an eye, Ding Hao’s whole body was soaked in cold sweat.

Fortunately, the “Golden Jade in Stone” was inferior to the previous “Yin-Yang Jade in Stone” and “Purple Emperor Jade in Stone” in terms of physical appearance, so Ding Hao was still able to withstand this pain.

Clenching his teeth, he entered an empty state of mind.

Driven by the Bi Fang’s Fire, the heat flow reluctantly rushed toward Ding Hao’s hands.

The integration of natural treasures like the “Jade in Stone” was equivalent to the transformation and recasting of one’s body. It was almost a total inner transformation for rebirth, and a process of reformation against the laws of nature. In particular, all parts, blood, marrow, and particles of the bones of the palms and fingers were modified by the energy of the “Golden Jade in Stone”, which was like an invisible carving knife that re-sculptured the bones of the palms bit by bit.

The Evil Moon and the black puppy could see a bright golden light gradually moving to Ding Hao’s palms through his arms.

As time passed, all the golden light gathered in Ding Hao’s hands.

That breathtaking light looked like the light given off by the purest and most perfect gold in the world.

As time elapsed, the golden light was gradually converged and absorbed in Ding Hao’s palms. It could be seen with the naked eye that the skin color of Ding Hao’s hands had turned golden and his hands had been covered by a metallic luster. This pair of palms looked as if they were made of gold.

Ding Hao slowly opened his eyes.

Ding Hao lowered his head and looked at his hands. Then he curled his lips and gave a satisfied smile.

“It’s done. The Golden Jade in Stone has finally been refined and integrated successfully…” The entire process took about six hours. Ding Hao was satisfied with the time consumption. He completed this process smoothly relying on his previous experience, and it felt somewhat like a matter of course.

He needed a little more time for adaptation. This time, he did not completely refine the energy of this piece of “Golden Jade in Stone”.

However, this was within his expectation.

After all, the Jades in Stone were natural treasures, the incarnates of heaven and earth, and the crystals of the law of heaven and earth and the tides of power. They were not something that could be fully absorbed in a day or a night. The “Yin-Yang Jade in stone” and the “Purple Emperor Jade in Stone” had been integrated into Ding Hao’s bones, but the power of these two jades had not been completely converted into his own power until he fought several battles and used up all of his strength. Under such extreme conditions, the power of the jades was completely refined and absorbed by Ding Hao.

He slowly threw a punch.


The air in front of him directly blew up.

The inscription formations that he had placed in front of him were also directly destroyed by the explosive power.

Ding Hao carefully examined his golden fists.

Through the skin and bones, he could vaguely see that a strange golden pattern appeared on the bone of each finger. The patterns looked like inscriptions, but they were not inscriptions. They were just so mysterious, as if they were engraved on the golden bones or they were slowly generating and brewing some kind of horrifying power.

Ding Hao threw punches in the air casually.

He could hear air burst sounds.

He just felt that infinite power had been accumulated in his fists. His physical strength had been increased by the integration of this piece of Jade in Stone, and according to his rough estimation, his power was already close to the power of an eight-apertured Martial Emperor.

Since the hardness of his fists had been greatly enhanced, Ding Hao was confident that he could directly use his fists to fight against divine weapons at the level of Precious Weapon.

A scene popped into Ding Hao’s mind: he smashed the magical and precious weapons in the enemies’ hands with his punches and prevailed over his enemies with a pair of unstoppable golden fists, while countless people were watching in astonishment. He couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s still early. I can continue to integrate the other pieces of Jade in Stone.”

There were still more than two days to go before the end of his three-day recovery period. Ding Hao decided to integrate the remaining five pieces of Jade in Stone and use all possible means to improve his strength.

“The second piece, the Deep Earth Jade in Stone.”

The second piece of Jade in Stone picked by Ding Hao was also yellow in color. Unlike the “Golden Jade in Stone” with a noble, bright golden color, this piece of jade had an orange color, which gave off an aura of solemnity reliability, just like the calm earth under people’s feet.

According to the Saber Master, the “Deep Earth Jade in Stone” was the jade of the earth, and it was innately compatible with the earth. It was not one of the seven extraordinary treasures, but it had many magical functions. When it was refined and integrated into the feet, it could take root in the earth and perceive the rules of the earth. If one could practice to the extreme with its power, he would be able to draw power from the earth endlessly as long as he stood on the earth, and thus became almost invincible.

The “Deep Earth Jade in Stone” was a pure Yang type of jade, and it needed to be refined and integrated with the aid of the Bi Fang’s Fire.

Ding Hao set up a new inscription formation around him for breath holding and isolation from peeping and then began to integrate the jade without hesitation.

The process lasted for six hours.

“Meow, what a boring way of practice. These stupid humans only know how to torture themselves. Can’t they find a way of practice that is not only comfortable, but also can enhance their strength?” The Demon King——Evil Moon said in disdain.

In its eyes, its way of practice was the most perfect method. As long as it could gobble down numerous crystal nuclei, mysterious crystals, the divine souls of superiors, and the blood essences of giant beasts every day, its strength would be constantly enhanced.

Practicing by eating was the most perfect practice method in the world.

How could those foolish humans understand it?

The black puppy stared at Ding Hao with concern in its big black gem-like eyes.

Ding Hao was soaked in cold sweat. He couldn’t help trembling because of severe pain and furrowed his brows. Many blood beads were formed on his skin, and the orange light was moving in his body toward his feet. Seeing all that, the black puppy circled around Ding Hao and kept barking worriedly.

The little fellow felt extremely attached to Ding Hao after seeing him for the very first time.

Now that Ding Hao had integrated the Heaven-Earth Blood Bone of the “Three-headed Heavenly Hound” into his body, the black puppy became even more attached to him. It was almost an instinctive feeling of attachment that was connected by blood.

When the orange light finally converged to his feet completely, Ding Hao opened his eyes slowly.

He succeeded.

The integration was complete.

“Whew…” Ding Hao let out a long breath, and a tired look appeared on his face.

He manipulated the flaming Qi, and the cold sweat on his body instantly evaporated.

The integration of the “Deep Earth Jade in Stone” took more than that of the previous “Golden Jade in Stone”.

The reason was that the “Deep Earth Jade in Stone” was slightly better than the “Golden Jade in Stone” in terms of physical appearance. In the martial arts system on the Earth in the previous life, there was a saying that went like this: one should use his hands as two doors and use his feet to attack. This saying happened to coincide with the rules system of the Land of Infinity. The Jades in Stone integrated into the bones of the feet were better than those integrated into the bones of the hands.

At this time, Ding Hao’s hands and feet looked like they were covered by yellow light.

Looking inside with his Divine Senses, he found that some orange patterns appeared on the bones of his toes. These patterns were very simple and looked like small organge tadpoles that were swimming while flickering. Eevry time they flickered, Ding Hao could feel that his feet became more compatible with the earth. He felt like he was completely united with the earth under his feet and became part of the earth.

This feeling was really amazing.

It was not only the comfort brought by the increase of strength, but also the feeling of having wiped away the mist in front of him and being able to see the world more clearly than before.

The only imperfection was that at this moment, his hands and feet were still shrouded in the yellow light ball, which looked a little weird.

“It will take some time for these lights to gradually converge.” Ding Hao did not mind it very much.

He carefully perceived the magical power of the Jade in Stone that had been integrated with his body. Standing on the ground with white stone pillars, Ding Hao had a feeling of closeness to the earth for the first time, as if his mother embraced him. He felt that his lower body was unprecedentedly stable, as if there were endless power coming from the earth under his feet. He had a sense of confidence that as long as he stood on the earth, he would be able to defeat any enemy.

The Jade in Stone was indeed a treasure of heaven and earth.

Ding Hao had an illusion that with the Jade in Stone integrated into his body, he was going to merge with the heaven and earth.

“Does it mean that if I can integrate all the seventeen types of Jade in Stone into my body, I will have a tempered body, my physical body will merge with the laws, rules, and tides of power of heaven and earth, and by then, every move I make will be in line with the Great Tao, so that I will become invincible?”

Ding Hao thought of more things.

It seemed that the wonders that the Jade in Stone could do were beyond his imagination.

No wonder that since ancient times, there had been so many peerless geniuses, heroes, talents, and overlords who failed to collect all the seventeen types of Jade in Stone and integrate them into their bodies. These treasures had many magical effects, but they were really rare and hard to come by.

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