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Chapter 1077 - : Two Rules That Must Be Honored

Chapter 1077: Two Rules That Must Be Honored

Santino’s influence in New York wasn’t small. With him in the mix, Luke might be able to obtain a conservative estimate of more than 20,000 experience and credit points.

He anticipated that it would take a few days for this large transaction to come through.

In the end, killing Santino might yield an even more wonderful gain — opening the high EXP dungeon that was the High Table.

The subsequent gains would come in a steady stream.

Luke thought that if he worked harder, he might be able to turn the High Table into a serial instance.

As he cleared each round, his experience and credit points would increase steadily!

At his level of experience, it was time to drop in on the High Table.

Thinking that, Luke couldn’t help but smile.

Not far away, the senior flight attendant who had been sneaking glances at him was instantly dazed. Oh, is he smiling at me? He must be. I have hope!

The flight attendant’s beautiful dream didn’t come true. Luke immediately got off the plane and took a cab to the New York Continental Hotel.

It was already very late, but there were still two bell boys standing in front of the Continental Hotel, who opened the doors for him.

Luke walked to the front desk and asked Charon, “Charon, is Winston asleep? I need to talk to him.”

“Sir is in the parlor,” said Charon.

After a pause, he added, “Mr. Santino is speaking with him.”

Luke nodded. “Thank you.”

Charon frowned as he watched Luke limp away with some difficulty.

After some thought, he picked up the phone and made a call. “Sir, Mr. Wick is back and is headed to the parlor to look for you. Hm, he seems to be quite injured.”

Although Luke was limping, he wasn’t slow.

He quickly found Winston’s parlor and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Winston’s deep voice said.

Luke entered the room and met their eyes.

His expression didn’t change as he walked over to find a couch to sit on.

Winston sized him up for a moment behind his gold-rimmed glasses before turning to Santino, who was also sizing up Luke. He raised his hand and said, “Just in time. He’s here. You can ask him yourself, then sign the agreement before you leave.”

Santino’s expression changed and he finally said, “John, the mission is completed?”

Luke nodded. “Yes. The people you wanted me to kill are dead.”

Santino: “Are you sure?”

Luke said, “Yes.”

Santino fell silent.

The room fell silent.

It was Winston who broke the silence. “Gentlemen, the oath has been fulfilled and the Marker has been honored. Shall we finish this last thing? So that this old man can rest early.”

Luke looked sideway at Santino.

Santino’s eyes flickered and he suddenly stood up. “I’m sorry, but I have to confirm the news before the oath can be considered fulfilled.”

Then, he looked down at the record book on the coffee table. “Winston, you should take this back first.”

A moment later, the two people in the room watched him disappear through the door before turning to look at each other.

Winston asked, “Did you really kill Gianna and her men?”

Luke said, “Yes.”

Winston took a few steps forward, picked up a glass of wine on the table, took a sip, and sighed. “Jonathan, Jonathan, what do you want me to say! That was the future family head of the Camorra. She’s dead. Do you think this is over? Santino isn’t a good person.”

Luke said, “He holds the blood oath Marker.”

Winston was at a loss for words. After a moment, he sighed again. “Every Marker must be honored. Those who refuse a member of the High Table will be punished even more severely.”

Luke didn’t say anything.

In adult terms, Santino held John’s blood oath Marker. He could use this Marker and request unconditional help from John.

This was a rule of the High Table.

As part of the power of the High Table, the Continental Hotel had to abide by this rule.

At the same time, the Continental Hotel also oversaw the blood oath Markers.

Just now, Winston had wanted Santino to press his thumbprint in blood to the blood oath record book to prove that John’s blood oath had been fulfilled.

“Why would you give a Marker to someone like Santino?” Winston shook his head and finally changed the subject. “You won’t have much time. Santino will have to kill you if he wants to be the new head of Camorra. Although he’s the one who asked you to kill Gianna, he has to avenge his sister.”

As he said this, Winston’s eyes were mocking.

This was really ironic.

Luke said, “But he can’t do it in the hotel, right?”

Winston raised an eyebrow. “Of course. I’m willing to give the Marker respect, but the High Table also has to respect my hotel.”

Luke nodded. “Then give me a room.”

Winston shook his head helplessly and pulled out his phone. “Charon, give Jonathan a room.”

Luke nodded and left. “Thank you, Winston.”

Winston looked at his back and suddenly said, “Remember, you can’t do anything in the hotel.”

Luke left without responding.

However, he sighed in his heart. This old fox seems to have guessed a little of my plan.

Just now, Winston wasn’t worried that Santino would make a move, but that Luke would make a move on Santino.

But Santino was in the hotel now.

Should he kill Santino in the hotel? This was a problem.

Luke immediately dismissed the idea.

This wasn’t in line with his plan.

Moreover, only if Santino was alive could he send more heads.

As long as the murderer who “killed” his sister Gianna wasn’t dead, Santino’s position as the new family head wouldn’t be viewed as legitimate.

Only when this boss was constantly summoning elite monsters to help him fight could Luke obtain the most number of experience and credit points.

Besides, could Santino refrain from leaving the hotel?

His sister had just “died,” and the position of family head was waiting to be inherited.

It would already be pretty good if Santino could shelter in the Continental Hotel for three to five days. He would come out sooner or later.

What Winston had just mentioned were the two rules that couldn’t be violated.

Luke, the fake John Wick, would definitely violate one of them, so he had to choose the one that aligned with his plan.

At that time, there would definitely be a huge commotion at the High Table.

John Wick would definitely go down in history and become the blackest mark in the history of the High Table.

Although he had booked a room at the hotel, Luke left early in the morning.

After disappearing into a civilian area, Luke quickly returned to his original appearance. Ten minutes later, he returned to his house in Clinton.

After washing up and sleeping soundly for two hours, he got out of bed again and began to adjust his plans.

Selina woke up at six in the morning and went to the lounge.

Although the lounge looked no different from last night, she knew that a certain someone was back.

She walked to the kitchen and smiled at Luke, who was making breakfast. “How was your trip?”

Luke turned around and replied with a smile, “Not bad. It was just that there were too many beauties, which was annoying.”

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