Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1013 - Indeed the Right Target to Approach

Chapter 1013:

Indeed the Right Target to Approach

Luke said to him as he got into the car, “Don’t worry. This is Texas. If anything goes wrong, just say that you don’t know anything.”

Old Patrick snorted and got into his car as well to help deliver the goods to Drax’s ranch.

The truth was that with Robert as the big boss, there was a good chance that something would go wrong, but it absolutely wouldn’t be a big problem.

As long as he wanted to protect Luke, Robert could make all the evidence “defunct” whenever he wanted.

After dropping the equipment off in Drax’s tool shed, Old Patrick left. He had no idea what Luke was up to.

He wouldn’t admit that he was the one who sold him these weapons and ammo.

Luke took out tools from his inventory and started modifying the two pickup trucks on the ranch.

As for getting close to Thor? There was no need.

That guy was still an arrogant, spoiled kid, which was why his father had kicked him out.

He was even richer than Tony Stark.

Tony only had Stark Industries, while Thor was the man who would inherit Asgard.

In terms of wealth, he had several times more than all the wealth on Earth combined.

That was how rich the ruler of the Nine Realms was.

It wasn’t easy to get close to someone like that.

Apart from the Avengers who would go through thick and thin with him, he only cared about Jane Foster.

But it was Dr. Jane who fell in love with Thor at first sight, and it was only when they became a couple that she received this treatment.

As a man, Luke wasn’t qualified to take this path, nor could he take it.

The truth was that it wasn’t easy to get close to any of the Avengers.

Even Dr. Banner, who had the best temper, found it hard to control the green hulk inside him.

If you befriended Banner, at best… there was a slightly lower chance of being beaten to death by the green hulk.

Trying to gain the trust of superheroes who had been around the block with empty words and for your own gains was just a child’s thinking.

If you didn’t fight together and show enough strength and courage, you weren’t qualified to be acknowledged by them.

A certain bald director was a typical example.

This nominal leader would always be viewed suspiciously and with disdain by the superheroes; he didn’t have as much influence with them as Phil.

The only heroes this director could directly use were his direct subordinates, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

These two had a lot of trust in him after being with him for a long time.

This proved that without working together and fighting together for a long time, superheroes couldn’t trust ordinary people.

Thus, Luke hadn’t specially gone looking for any superheroes yet.

Doing that wasn’t as good as taking part in some battles at the right time to prove his strength and character.

Besides, it was safer for his alternate identities to cultivate favor with Thor.

Luke quickly got rid of these useless thoughts and focused on his work.

This time, he was going to use that big android as an experiment.

Naturally, he had to take such a suicidal action seriously.

He didn’t mind running away if things turned critical. After all, he was neither an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent nor a superhero.

As an ordinary detective, he had the right to be scared.

At five o’clock the next morning, the construction team leader called. “Mr. Coulson, we’re done. The rest is just waiting for the cement to dry completely. It can only be tested tomorrow. Do you want to take a look now?”

Luke told the man to wait for him, and hurried over.

Drax’s ranch was only a few kilometers away from the construction site, and Luke got there in no time.

After he got out of the car, Luke greeted the man and checked the construction work.

They had built thick cement blocks of varying heights. It was too simple and didn’t require much inspection.

In less than half an hour, Luke nodded and said that it was fine. At the same time, he turned down the offer for two of the men to stay behind and test the blocks the next day, and told them that they could all pack up.

However, the makeshift units weren’t touched, and Luke went with the man in the suit to count the money.

The man was also very pleased. He immediately told the construction team to pack up. The dozens of people quickly packed up everything, and the rumbles of the convoy echoed in the early morning of the Texan wilderness as it sped away.

The only thing left behind was the “project” they had worked on for half a day and a whole night.

In the makeshift unit, Darcy appeared at a window on the second floor and shouted at Luke in vexation, “Hey, you never said that someone would be drilling holes while we slept! My head was about to explode from the noise.”

Luke raised his head and smiled. He took out a big box from his car, waved at her, and walked to the unit.

He entered a room on the bottom floor. Putting the box on the table, he turned to Darcy, who was now standing at the door, and said with a smile, “It’s good to sleep early and get up early. They just finished. From now on, you can sleep until tomorrow morning. There won’t be any noise to bother you anymore.”

Darcy gave a dazed “oh.” “That’s good. The drone of the stupid machine was so loud it made my chest feel stuffy.”

As she spoke, she rubbed her chest in discomfort.

Luke couldn’t help but wonder… if it was the resonance because of her size.

He said, “That was a concrete vibrator to remove the bubbles in the cement. It really is annoying, which is why I brought you breakfast as an apology.”

Darcy asked, “You brought me breakfast?”

At that moment, she was only wearing a thin sweater. Her hair was messy, and she wasn’t wearing her glasses. She narrowed her eyes slightly as she gave him a nearsighted, sidelong glance.

Her expression and movements were like that of a half-asleep Persian cat, and indescribably adorable.

Luke didn’t explain that he meant “all of you” and not just “you.”

It wasn’t his fault that Darcy had misunderstood.

He simply waved for her to come over. When she went over, he took off his thick jacket and put it on her. “Even if this is Texas, it’s still cold in the morning in the wild in winter. Don’t catch a cold.”

Darcy gave another dazed “oh” as Luke opened the box, which contained a lot of food.

In fact, it was just easy food which Luke had casually stuffed into his inventory, like sandwiches, cakes, cookies, milk, and cereal.

Every time he made food like these, he would make more and stuff them into his inventory. A month later, he would throw them all to Gold Nugget.

Food in the inventory couldn’t keep warm, but it wouldn’t go bad.

He had performed a test, and even after a month, they were no different from when he first put them into his inventory.

It was only because Luke was obsessed with cleanliness, and didn’t want to eat food that was a month old, that he got rid of everything by giving them to Gold Nugget.

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