Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 638 - I Want to Live

Chapter 638 I Want to Live

Presumably, Long Yinghua was a frequent visitor. Ms. Tian held his little hand and led him to Lin Moyan’s cradle as if she had done this many times. In the big cradle, the baby who had been fed was smiling and looking at his little uncle who was not much older than him, widening his big black eyes.

Long Yinghua stretched out his little bun-like hands and gently patted on Lin Moyan’s body. His little mouth kept mumbling. “Little nephew, grow up soon. When you grow up, I will give you my little ball and all the delicious food, OK?”

Lin Mengya was standing at the door, and when she saw this warm scene, her eyes were full of smiles. A six-year-old kid was coaxing a one-year-old kid. It was a rare scene. “Madam, why are you here? Anything wrong?”

Turning around, Ms. Tian saw Lin Mengya and others standing at the door. She immediately led them in. Since she had arrived at the mansion, her life had become much better than before. Therefore, she had become more energetic and gradually had restored her former shrewd look.

Since Lin Mengya had entrusted Long Yinghua and Lin Moyan to Ms. Tian, sure enough, there had been nothing wrong in the slightest. Long Yinghua used to be a proud prince from the palace, but now he had turned into a little gentleman, and unexpectedly, he didn’t envy Lin Moyan at all. Lin Mengya guessed it must be because Ms. Tian had taught him well.

Seeing this, she felt relieved. “There is nothing wrong. I ate too much at dinner, so I went out for a walk and brought Long Yinghua to see Lin Moyan in passing.”

Lin Mengya walked slowly behind Long Yinghua. In the cradle with new bedding, she saw Lin Moyan gained more weight than a few days before. He looked like a little bun. She reached out her hand and gently fiddled with his clenched fist. Maybe because the child liked her very much, he immediately grabbed her fingers, revealing his little gums without teeth, looking like an old man.

“Look, the baby likes you very much. Speaking of which, when Madam gave birth, she was your age. I am old, and I don’t know if I can live to the day you give birth.” This was something that no one else could say. But it was from Ms. Tian’s mouth, so Lin Mengya could only smile.

Her current physical condition was not suitable for gestating a baby. So, she wisely chose to keep silent, focusing on teasing the baby who was laughing.

“Will you have a baby in the future?”

Long Yinghua suddenly turned around, looking at Lin Mengya seriously with his big eyes. The latter was stunned and then nodded gently. Inwardly, she was a little speechless. Why did even a kid ask her this question?

“Then, when you have a baby, I will give him half of my good stuff. The other half will be given to Lin Moyan. Then, will they both call me uncle and follow my orders?”

What? Lin Mengya looked at Long Yinghua’s serious face in surprise.

Was this the embryonic state of ganging up? However, seeing Long Yinghua look like this, Lin Mengya knew that in Long Yinghua’s little heart, he had already regarded Lin Moyan and her future child as his family.

This was indeed a good thing for Long Yinghua and the kids. Touching Long Yinghua’s little head, Lin Mengya pondered how to put it.

She then said, “Yes, Lin Moyan and my future baby will call you uncle. So, you must protect them well and not let anyone harm them. They will also protect you in return. Do you understand?” Looking at Long Yinghua nod heavily, Lin Mengya didn’t know what to say.

With the status of Concubine Xian and Long Yinghua’s identity, in the future, Long Yinghua might be Long Tianyu’s right-hand man after he grew up. The childhood feelings were the most intimate and sincere. Perhaps in the future, this experience would become the firmest invisible bond between the kids. If so, she could rest assured.

After talking with Ms. Tian for a while, Lin Mengya hold Long Yinghua in her arms, who had already fallen asleep, and walked to her Liuxin Courtyard. The child was innocent. He was still chatting with her in the first second but fell asleep in the next second.

Qinghu silently took over the little guy from her arms. This kind of silent care was always so timely, but it had never been overwhelming. “Qinghu, I don’t want to die.” For no reason, Lin Mengya whispered. Hongyu and Baiji who were holding the lights in front did not hear Lin Mengya’s words.

“I will not let you die. Even the King of Hell can not take you away in front of me.” The overbearing words were obviously serious. But in Lin Mengya’s heart, the fear of death was merely suppressed. When life was getting better, she felt the fear was like a sharp knife hanging over her head.

“I thought I had seen through life and death. But now I know that I can’t die, and I don’t want to die.” Her physical condition was now very special. Even she didn’t even know whether she could completely detoxify herself and regain her health after taking those medicines.

Even though she seemed OK now, only she knew that the bomb buried deep in her body might explode at any time. She was afraid that everyone around her would be affected by then.

So, she wanted to live. In any case, she would do her best to save herself. “Don’t be afraid. I will help you.” Qinghu’s eyes flashed with distress.

He had barely seen her so fragile. Only he could understand her feelings.

He had tried his best to survive in this world for fear that Lin Mengya would be sad if he died.

He hadn’t expected that this kind of misfortune would fall on her. “Tomorrow night, you will meet me in Sanjue Hall.”

Lin Mengya’s eyes finally showed a trace of determination. Actually, from the day she had taken over the music score for the green stringed instrument, a crazy idea had taken root in her heart.

But this idea was too crazy, and the success rate was too low. If she hadn’t stuck in this desperation, she would not take such a risk.

But now, she wanted to live in peace so much. No matter what the cost would be, she wanted to continue living around the people she loved. So, she had to stake all and take the risk. “OK, I will wait for you there.”

For her, Qinghu was willing to do anything. Besides, it was for saving her life. Even if he had been asked to die immediately, trading his life for hers, he would be willing to do so.

Lin Mengya looked at Qinghu gratefully. No one would agree with this plan except Qinghu. Qinghu was different, and only he could understand her madness at the moment. What was more, if she succeeded, Qinghu would also survive just like herself.

This was an adventure that belonged to her and Qinghu. They could not drag anyone else into it. After a brief conversation, Qinghu carried Long Yinghua to the side room where he usually lived. At this time, Long Tianyu had just returned from the study, and he looked a bit tired. Even so, he stood at the gate of Liuxin Courtyard to welcome his princess.

“Why are you waiting here?” Lin Mengya looked at Long Tianyu crossly, and her eyes were flashing with the affection deep in her heart. Maybe, she had traveled from another time and space just to meet him.

So, even if she had to suffer all the hardships, she was willing. “I miss you.” An extremely honest expression appeared on Long Tianyu’s face at this moment.

His deep black eyes were full of love. Lin Mengya looked at him fascinatedly, feeling unwilling to part with him. But love had strengthened her resolve. “Fool.” She lowered her eyes. In the end, she was the first to escape.

She was a person from modern society, but she couldn’t bear the sweet talk of an ancient person. It could be seen men had some innate advantages over women in some aspects. For example, in the aspect of the degree of shamelessness. After taking a bath and changing clothes, Lin Mengya personally lit a piece of incense in the incense burner on the table.

The lingering fragrance curled up, and the room was full of the sweet sleep-conducive smell. Lin Mengya stared at the lotus-shaped incense burner in a daze. “What are you thinking about?” A low and magnetic voice suddenly came from behind. In a flash, Lin Mengya fell into a familiar embrace.

The familiar breath made Lin Mengya stretch out her hands and hug Long Tianyu’s neck tightly. “Nothing, I just feel a little tired because too many things had happened in the past few days.” She closed her eyes and leaned against his sturdy chest. Only in this way could she restrain herself and prevent Long Tianyu from seeing the slightest abnormality.

His big hands picked up a strand of her soft and fragrant hair and put it in front of his nose. He then gently sniffed and curled up the corners of his lips because he was very satisfied with the fragrance. “Have a good rest, and I will take care of everything. By the way, when I went to the palace today, I heard from my mother that the Empress would hold a religious rite in the royal temple outside the city. It is said that she wants to pray for the prosperity of Jin State. My mother said the Empress may summon all the madams of the noble families to attend. I have already told my mother to help you shirk it. She will say that you are unwell and cannot go with her.”

Opening her eyes slowly, Lin Mengya looked up at Long Tianyu with a bit of doubt in her eyes. “Only women will attend? What about the Emperor? What about the princes? Will your mother attend?”

Long Tianyu explained to her in detail. This was the rule of the royal family of Jin State. As long as there was a serious natural disaster, the Emperor must promulgate an Edict of Introspection, begging God for forgiveness.

The concubines of the harem and the women of the noble families who had official titles must go to the royal temple to conduct a very grand ceremony.

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