Spirit Vessel

Chapter 884: Young Noble Zi

Chapter 884: Young Noble Zi

Eighth Master Gu smiled and said: “It’s fine, go heal.”

He then gave a sixth-ranked pill to A’mao and stood up: “Not bad, not bad, finally one half-demon who can beat my slave.”

“That’s nothing, I want to challenge you!” The demon hybrid swung his hammer around like a windmill and gathered more lightning bolts before attacking the young lord.

The latter shook his head and raised his hand to create a massive seal. A divinity exploded in the air and sent the large demon flying. It was as easy as swatting a fly.

“Bah!” The demon got up and found his palms cracked with a stream of blood oozing out. Nonetheless, his eyes were red with battle intent.

Meanwhile, the half-demons were speechless.

This was their enemy’s cultivation?

“You’re barely qualified to fight my servant, let alone me. Today, I’ll spare you out of respect for Senior Tian Nu. One more and it’ll be your death.” The eighth young lord snorted and said.

“I don’t know who the hell you’re talking about! Just come and kill me then, you pretentious asshole!” The half-demon’s wounds were closing at a rapid rate.

The eighth young lord slightly frowned and felt an urge to kill. Alas, he stared at the hammer and stopped: “You don’t know that your hammer, Arcburn, belongs to Senior Tian Nu?”

Arcburn? Is it famous? The demon hybrid grew up in the wilderness and lived with an old man. The old man gave it to him before he left the mountain.

Just because he didn’t know didn’t mean that others didn’t. Sixth-ranked and seventh-ranked seniors from the half-demon alliance became startled after finding this.

“Since you’ve won, I’ll give you two choices. The first is picking any of these thirteen girls, I’ll return her freedom. The second is no rent for a month.”

“No, you won’t take any of them away!”

Feiyun had a good impression of this big fella. The guy seemed reckless but still had principles. He was superior to Feiyun in this aspect.

The eighth young lord’s expression darkened: “It’s not up to you, I’ve given the senior some face but this doesn’t mean that I won’t kill you. Who do you think you are? Even a Heaven’s Emergence paragon must think twice before offending our clan, hmph!”

The scowl turned into a sonic wave and sent the half-demon flying again. The latter bled from the mouth, nose, and ears.

The young lord didn’t dare to offend a paragon but he was fine with killing a paragon’s disciple. Those from the last generation couldn’t interfere with the young generation’s problems. This was a rule in Sixth Central. A medial clan certainly wasn’t afraid of one paragon.

“Leave one girl behind, we’re leaving.” The young lord coldly uttered before glaring at the half-demons. He started leaving.

The crowd was furious but there was nothing they could do.

Feiyun watched and didn’t take action this time. He realized that he alone was too weak and couldn’t deal with a medial clan. The demon hybrid only survived because he had a paragon as his backer.

This was a lesson to the young half-demons here. They wouldn’t fall into the same trap again. Pain was the best teacher.

“Eighth, leaving so soon? I haven’t gotten enough of the show yet.” A cool young noble in a purple robe sauntered into the alliance while waving a paper fan. “His” face was covered by a faint light, stopping others from peering.

‘Why is she here, doesn’t she hate half-demons the most, damn my luck.’ The young lord stopped and cursed inside.

He cupped his fists and slightly bowed with a smile: “Young Noble Zi, excuse me for not welcoming your arrival sooner.”

The young noble got next to the young lord and closed his fan. He then patted the young lord’s shoulder with it and said: “Eighth, looks like your luck is quite good today.”

The young lord stooped lower while being patted by the fan. Nonetheless, he maintained a forced smile: “Just a personal hobby, I’m sure someone of your high status doesn’t care for this trivial matter.”

“I don’t have time to worry about your conduct, I’m rather vexed about something else recently.” The young noble glanced at the half-demon crowd before smirking.

Meanwhile, the half-demons were confused. Why did the arrogant Eight Lord Gu act so subservient to this newcomer? This young noble had an even higher status?

The seniors of the alliance were shocked to see the young noble because her background was prestigious. Even the seventh-ranked half-demons thought about coming out to greet her.

“May I ask what it is? How can I be of service?” Eighth Lord Gu asked.

“It’s so frustrating! I agreed to give someone a million-mile of land, one hundred thousand slaves, and three thousand beauties. I’m just missing twelve beauties now, where do I go to find them? Sigh.” The young noble waved her fan while staring at the elite group of half-demons.

“They’re right here!” Eighth Lord Gu brought the twelve slaves over.

“This doesn’t seem fair to you.” The young noble smiled.

“It is an honor to be of use to you, Young Noble Zi.”

The half-demons were furious. These two viewed the female geniuses as items for trade. This was the same as stomping on the crowd’s dignity.

One half-demon couldn’t handle this. He secretly summoned his spirit treasure, wanting to risk his life to injure the two.

However, something sealed his body and he couldn’t move. The one doing it was a sixth-ranked old half-demon: “Stand still if you don’t want to die.”

“But… but they’re pushing it…” The young half-demon’s eyes were red; his body trembled with rage.

The demon hybrid earlier was also furious. Another senior stopped him as well: “That young noble is not someone you can provoke, it’ll cause a disaster for the alliance.”

Those wanting to attack were stopped and warned. They could only watch the girls being exchanged like cattle.

“I don’t think they appreciate this!” The young lord glared at the elites; his eyes as sharp as blades.

“It’s fine.” The young noble smiled and pointed at the group: “Feng Feiyun, come and accept your reward.”

The half-demons followed the direction of the finger. It stopped at Feng Feiyun. They all moved and gave way.

Ye Xiaomu standing next to Feiyun couldn’t believe it either. She lowered her head since they were the center of attention now.

Feiyun looked calm outside but in his mind, he was surprised. He knew that the girl was a big shot but to be able to force Eighth Lord Gu to be subservient?

“Liu Suzi.” Feiyun responded.

“How dare a half-demon like you utter the young noble’s name?!” A servant of Eighth Lord Gu knew who she was and shouted at Feng Feiyun.

“Why answer when I’m not talking to you? What do I call her if not by her name? A’mao or A'gou?” Feiyun stared at him with disdain. [1]

1. As mentioned in the previous chapter, A’mao and names similar to that are usually given to servants/slaves

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