Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 521 - The Surprise Brought By The Thorn Dragon

Chapter 521 – The Surprise Brought By The Thorn Dragon

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Everyone sat in a circle. Before they set off, he had given some fruits from this place to everyone. Also, the students who had storage soul devices never lacked food, so it was not a problem to share the fruits.

They gathered together and there were already five people who had gone back early. Liu Feng had gotten the Thorn Dragon’s approval but remained with his teammates.

They were still over 20 people.

Bing Tianliang said, “Class leader, it seems like we really have to rely on luck to find suitable soul beasts. Also, it depends on our Martial Souls. I reckon that lightning-type soul beasts like mine are harder to find. And other ice-type soul beasts aren’t easy either for Mengqin and Qianqiu.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head and said, “That’s right! So I reckon that in the end, it will be very difficult for even half of our class to have the recognition of a normal soul beast. We still have to see if it suits us after all. Yuge will probably have a harder time too. Her Five Elements Qilin Martial Soul is very unique. It’s really not easy to find a suitable Spirit Soul. Yuge, what Spirit Soul do you need now?”

Tang Yuge said, “I’ve actually fused quite a number of artificial Spirit Souls in the past. Unlike most soul masters, I’ve fused five Spirit Souls for my first five soul rings, representing wood, fire, earth, metal, and water attributes respectively. Breaking through to five-ring has allowed me to get the Great Five Elements Divine Light, and at the same time, it allowed my Spirit Soul to evolve as well. This allowed my strength to increase qualitatively. By the time I reach six-ring, this soul ring will actually be produced by them together. So, I actually don’t really need a Spirit Soul anymore. I just need to increase my cultivation and let these five Spirit Souls that I already have evolve continuously to help me produce new soul rings. An additional one would instead destroy the balance of the five elements. So, I’m just accompanying everyone.”

Lan Xuanyu thought about it and said, “What if it’s a Spirit Soul that purely increases one’s energy? Will it be helpful?”

Tang Yuge shook her head. “It will be very difficult. Also, a person’s Spiritual Power is limited. Five Spirit Souls is actually already past the limits of a soul master. My situation is peculiar and I can only barely do it with the help of the five elements. So, I really don’t need to add more Spirit Souls.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded. “Understood.”

Dong Qianqiu said, “My own situation is rather unique too. I have a very strong Spirit Soul that will help me birth multiple soul rings, so I don’t need a Spirit Soul now.”

Lan Mengqin replied, “I do need one, and it does not have to be compatible with my Heavenly Snow Woman’s ice attribute. My Jade Phoenix Zither is fine too. For example, if I meet a phoenix or something, I can do with it too.”

Lan Xuanyu rolled his eyes. “A phoenix? How can there be a phoenix in this world! Phoenixes and True Dragons practically don’t exist. You’re thinking too much. Is a chicken acceptable too ? It should have a trace of phoenix bloodline.”

Lan Mengqin raged, “You’re the one who needs a chicken for your Spirit Soul, I don’t want it. Hmph!”

Lan Xuanyu immediately laughed. “Let’s go back to searching and fuse with it if there’s a suitable one. But I have to remind everyone! Don’t blindly choose a Spirit Soul just because you’ve encountered a ten thousand-year soul beast. Not all soul beasts are suitable for us. The best choice is to match our Martial Souls and abilities. Otherwise, it might be counterproductive. That’s why I agree with Liu Feng’s decision when he gave up on his Spirit Soul. It doesn’t matter how good it is if it doesn’t suit you.”

Upon hearing his words, the first years all revealed thoughtful expressions. They were all geniuses and proud sons of heaven; their comprehension abilities far surpassed their peers.

Seeing companions around them each getting a ten thousand-year Spirit Souls, it was impossible not to be envious. Everyone hoped that they could have one too. But just as Lan Xuanyu said, the one that suited him was the best. Once one fused with a soul beast that was unsuitable, it might really create the opposite effect and that would be bad.

Just as everyone was deep in thought and gradually calmed down, Lan Xuanyu suddenly stood up. Tang Yuge jumped up with him almost at the same time. The two of them looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.

The others began to sense that something was wrong. The reason was simple—the ground was trembling.

That’s right, the ground was trembling.

Gradually, low rumbling sounds came out. It wasn’t a single sound, but many concentrated sounds.

“Dong dong dong, dong dong dong!”

“What’s going on? Could it be a soul beast riot?” Lan Mengqin asked in fear.

Lan Xuanyu’s gaze froze and he said in a deep voice, “We must be on guard. Everyone, climb up the trees. Find a big tree and hide in the canopy. Quick.” As he spoke, he took the lead and leaped up. He flung out a golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass and wrapped it around a thick branch, pulling himself up quickly.

Everyone’s cultivation wasn’t weak, so climbing a tree wasn’t a difficult task. They displayed their abilities and quickly climbed up the surrounding trees. In the blink of an eye, they were on the crowns of some tall trees.

That low rumble became more obvious. Lan Xuanyu and his teammates were hidden in the treetops, and their eyes were filled with suspicion.

What was going on? From the sound, it seemed like it came from a soul beast.

Right at this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt a wave of dizziness in his head as an extremely strong intent swept across his body. He quickly grabbed the tree branch next to him. In his chest, his bloodline vortex spun at high speed, and his bloodline aura naturally burst forth from his body. The Dragon God’s scale on his chest also produced a warm sensation, which reduced the dizziness.

He wasn’t the only one; the other students around him were also dizzy. Thankfully, everyone’s spiritual power wasn’t too bad and they were able to stabilize their bodies.

That terrifying intent flashed by and everything returned to normal. When they woke up one after another, they realized that the rumbling sound from before had disappeared.

Lan Xuanyu blinked. Could it be that what he felt just now was just an illusion?

But very soon, he realized that it wasn’t the case because a thought suddenly entered his mind.

“Master, Master, I’m back. I brought a nice surprise for all of you. Come down quickly.”

How could Lan Xuanyu not recognize this flattering voice? Wasn’t it the ten thousand-year Thorn Dragon that just left?

Lan Xuanyu’s heart stirred, and he said to Dong Qianqiu and the others, “Everyone, don’t move first. I’ll go down and take a look. It seems like the Thorn Dragon is back, don’t worry.” As he spoke, he crawled out of the tree crown, and a golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass wrapped around the branch and slowly slid down.

When he came out of the dense canopy and looked down, he was stunned.

It was impossible for him not to be stunned because right under his big tree, the ten thousand-year Thorn Dragon was right in front. And behind it, there were actually over 100 different soul beasts gathered here.

Almost every single one of these soul beasts emitted a majestic and oppressive aura, and they were all over the ten thousand-year level. They had different forms, but they were all looking in his direction.

In that instant, Lan Xuanyu felt like he was a small boat in the ocean and could collapse at any time under this terrifying pressure.

But it was also at this moment that the Dragon God’s scale on his chest suddenly emitted a strange aura. In an instant, a rainbow-colored halo lit up on Lan Xuanyu’s chest and a rainbow-colored ray of light automatically floated up and left his chest. In the next moment, it landed between his brows.

Lan Xuanyu only felt his glabella heating up. In the next moment, all the pressure disappeared and his eyes turned the color of rainbow. After being stimulated by his bloodline, he subconsciously raised his head and let out a long and drawn-out dragon roar.

This dragon roar wasn’t loud, but it sounded like a dragon roaring at the heavens.

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