Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 502 - Spoilers

Chapter 502 – Spoilers

TL : GoldenLung

In the distance, in the direction of the spectator’s stand, there was a loud explosion and the protective barrier was directly pierced. In that empty spectator’s stand, a 30-meter wide gap appeared, and that section of the spectator’s stand seemed to have been wiped out.

The might of that single strike was terrifying.

The dark blue color rolled back and landed on Lan Xuanyu’s right thumb. At the same time, the rainbow scales on his body melted like snow and retracted silently without a trace.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu felt as though he was in a dream. Only at this moment did he truly wake up from his dream.

He raised his wrist instinctively and looked at the time. Then, he raised his head and looked at the frightened Zheng Longjiang, who didn’t dare to continue attacking him. He smiled. “Senior, time’s up.”

At this moment, the entire place was silent.

Zheng Longjiang stared at him in shock.

There was no doubt that ever since Lan Xuanyu entered Shrek Academy, he had been displaying astonishing talent. Although his soul power wasn’t strong, he could always turn the impossible into a possibility and lead his small team of first years to create miracles time again.

However, it had never been as shocking as this moment. If he had only lasted for a full minute against Zheng Longjiang, it wouldn’t have been so shocking. Most importantly, in the last 20 seconds, he had suppressed Zheng Longjiang, who was an eight-ring soul master, and almost killed him.

What kind of strength was this? But his cultivation base was merely three-ring !

It was simply unimaginable for a three-ring soul master to suppress an eight-ring soul master. So what if it was a self-soul fusion skill? Was this really something a human could do?

Hence, when Zheng Longjiang saw the smile on Lan Xuanyu’s face, he felt a chill down his spine. He suddenly felt that it wasn’t a wise decision to scheme against such a brat! If the first years were already so scary, how scary would they be after growing up?

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu wasn’t feeling happy. He was still immersed in the entire battle.

There was no doubt that the staff had greatly increased the power of his three elements, but the control of the elements’ power was fundamentally different from his own. Previously, all the elements were so obedient. Even water and fire, these two opposing elements, were so gentle when they were mixed together. They would explode at any time he wanted them to explode. It was as if he was using his arms and fingers, there was no waste at all. All the power was so concentrated.

Also, he was able to predict the enemy’s movements and always make the corresponding response before Zheng Longjiang made his next move. This allowed him to turn danger into safety and not give Zheng Longjiang any chance to get close to him.

‘Is this over 100% control? Although I’m not strong enough, I was able to fight against an eight-ring soul master in that short period of time!’

Teacher Nana had proven to him that the strength of a person was indeed related to one’s soul power cultivation, but it was also closely related to one’s control over one’s own abilities.

In this aspect, he really had to put in a lot of effort! Also, that staff was really useful just now. When he used it, the elements in the air would naturally gather and they were especially obedient. It was an unprecedented experience.

In the stands, Nana sat there quietly as if nothing had happened to her.

Just at this moment, a figure appeared silently beside her.

“Is it really okay for you to interfere with our students’ competition like this?”

Nana turned her head and looked at the person with the veil. “I’m just teaching him. Also, this competition isn’t very fair. Furthermore, why would my disciple lose?”

“Alright, up to you. This is good as well. At least, it’ll make people think that the Silver Dragon Spear is still in Shrek and that we’ve really taken it back.”

In the arena, Ying Luohong looked at the huge hole in the outer wall of the mecha training ground and was speechless. She slowly descended from the sky and landed on the ground.

“Does the one minute promise still count?” She looked at Zheng Longjiang.

Zheng Longjiang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ‘You’ve already said that, how can I not keep my word? Do I want to lose face ?’

“Count, count.” Zheng Longjiang said bitterly.

Ying Luohong nodded her head and said, “Very good. Then, I hereby announce that the first years are victorious in this year-skipping challenge and have achieved a complete victory.”

The moment these words were spoken, the silent first years in the stands erupted into cheers. One by one, the first years jumped off the stands like madmen, and the first to jump was Xiao Qi.

The teacher-in-charge of the first years could no longer remain calm at this moment. He charged towards Lan Xuanyu crazily, grabbed him and threw him into the air.

At this moment, the first years had become a sea of joy.

This was unprecedented. They had accomplished an unprecedented feat in Shrek Academy’s history! In any generation of Shrek Academy, there had never been a situation where the first years defeated their seniors all the way to the sixth years.

Even before the start of the last match, Xiao Qi was able to remain calm because as long as they lost one match, they would not be able to win the competition.

But it was different now. They had won, they had really won, no matter what the rules were. The first years had challenged the higher years and won five consecutive matches. This record would remain in Shrek Academy’s history forever, and as their teacher-in-charge, he would definitely leave a deep mark in Shrek’s history.

This was the glory of the first years, the glory of every student, and also Xiao Qi’s glory. Although he didn’t do anything, these adorable children were his disciples!

No one could change this.

The victory of the first years also meant that they had achieved the magnificent feat of going to the Elven Planet together to watch the ceremony. At this moment, everyone was so excited that they went crazy. There had never been a time when a class was so united.

Tang Yuge, who had always been calm, was also jumping up and down in excitement. Tears flowed down her face uncontrollably. They had won, they had won. They had fought with everything they had and finally defeated the sixth years.

This was an unprecedented honor, the glory of a team, and the glory of the first years. With the third years, she had never felt such excitement before. Right now, she felt that everything was worth it and all the grievances she had suffered were nothing.

Zheng Longjiang wasn’t disappointed. He was different from Hua Linhan in this aspect and didn’t really care about winning or losing. He was more surprised by Lan Xuanyu’s performance at the last moment. How the heck was this a three-ring’s strength ! In the previous matches, Lan Xuanyu had never displayed such a strong side. His junior was truly amazing!

Thankfully, he had earned some money from him previously. 30 purple emblems were enough to comfort his little heart.

But just at this moment, Ying Luohong’s voice resounded in his ears once again. “Both parties are responsible for destroying public property in the competition, and I hereby sentence both of you to compensate for it together. We will set a price of 50 purple emblems and each of you will pay half.”

“What? Dean, you can’t do this! I am an Outer Court student under your leadership! This is considered an accident, and the academy wants us to compensate, isn’t this going to hurt the hearts of your Outer Court students? Also, this section doesn’t even cost 50 purple emblems, right?” This time, Zheng Longjiang got truly frightened and immediately panicked.

Title : Victory !

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