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Chapter 1760, - Spirit Flower

Chapter 1760, Spirit Flower

Zi Long pondered for a while before he continued, “En, the Immortal Source Liquid is the dew formed by the accumulation of essence over countless years on the leaves of the Immortal Tree. For the Immortal Source Liquid, regrowing lost limbs is simply a waste, it is a natural miracle elixir that can even bring people back to life!”

“Resurrecting the dead!?” Zi Dong looked shocked, “If just the trivial dew can have such a miraculous effect, then the Immortal Tree itself…”

“Hmph, if one can obtain the Immortal Tree and refine it, they can obtain an immortal and indestructible body, with longevity equal to the Heavens!”

“What?” Zi Dong was truly shocked when he heard this. Even as Purple Star’s Young Master, he could not help feeling astonished and would have dismissed it as nonsense if it weren’t his father who said it.

“If I can have an endless lifespan, your father will be able to achieve something no one has before. When that time comes, I will surpass the Origin King Realm and get a glimpse of the mysteries of the Great Emperor’s realm!” When Zi Long said this, his entire figure seemed to radiate excitement and fanaticism.

Zi Dong stared at his father in a daze, not having seen such an expression on his face for many, many years. One could only imagine how powerful the Immortal Tree’s temptation was to his father.

“Father, does only our Purple Star know about this?” Zi Dong asked again.

“No!” Zi Long shook his head, a look of frustration appearing on his face, “I’m not certain about others, but Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce must know about the existence of the Immortal Tree, because two thousand years ago, you Grand Uncle came here with the previous President of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. That’s why that old fart Ni Guang came this time. He must be aiming for the Immortal Tree as well.”

Zi Dong frowned and asked suspiciously, “If that’s the case, why didn’t father bring more masters along?”

Zi Long smiled lightly, “This kind of information can’t be known by too many people; after all, there is only one Immortal Tree. Even if gathering more people leads to successfully obtaining it, who will claim ownership in the end? In front of such a supreme treasure, one can only believe in themselves, all others…. are enemies.”

Zi Dong pondered thoughtfully before nodding, “This child understands.”

“En, you are still young and the road ahead of you is still long. Father’s purpose in bringing you here this time was to hone your will and expose you to some true dangers, which will be of great benefit to your future growth. I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

“This child will do his best!” Zi Dong quickly declared.

As the Sect Master of Purple Star, Zi Long had countless children, but Zi Dong was the one he liked the most. Among his countless children, only Zi Dong stood out and was thus the only one who received his nurturing.

Zi Dong also understood this well, so he had not dared to slack on his cultivation all these years.

Entering the Severed World this time was truly dangerous, but it was also a good test. As long as he passed this test, his position in Purple Star would become unshakable.

Zi Dong came to clench his fist secretly as he swore to perform well this time.


At the same time, somewhere far away, Yang Kai and a group of four headed by Ni Guang were advancing through the Severed World.

They did not encounter much danger on their journey, but also did not gain many benefits, making the Severed World seem to not live up its reputation.

However, Ni Guang had taken out something that caught Yang Kai’s eye.

It was an artifact that resembled a communication artifact but was somewhat different because it had a pointer on it. Ni Guang had taken it out two hours ago and had yet to put it away, moving it from side to side as they travelled.

As he moved it around, the pointer would occasionally undergo some subtle changes, and each time it did, Ni Guang would slightly change direction.

Luo Lan was confused and wondered what kind of magical effect this artifact had, secretly guessing that Ni Guang was somehow using it to avoid dangers, but since this was related to another’s methods, she knew better than to ask and had to keep her curiosity to herself.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was surprised because he noticed that this artifact was able to detect the location of some hidden Void Cracks.

Whenever the pointer on the artifact pointed towards a certain spot, Yang Kai would be able to sense some obscure Space Force fluctuations from that direction and Ni Guang would always avoid it in advance.

This was obviously a special artifact that was refined to cope with the Severed World’s environment, and whoever refined it had most likely also cultivated the Dao of Space!

Yang Kai was certain of his guess; after all, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was a massive super force so the number of talented people it possessed was immense. It was only natural to assume that some of these talents had cultivated Space Force.

However, Yang Kai also inferred from the sensitivity of this artifact that the person who refined it was far less accomplished in the Dao of Space than he was.

Because this artifact was not able to detect all the hidden Void Cracks in their surrounding!

There were some Void Cracks that the group passed within a few dozen metres, which Yang Kai was able to perceive clearly. Obviously, the artifact had given no response to these Void Cracks. When such occurrences happened, Yang Kai was put on the edge, for fear that Ni Guang would inadvertently run into one.

Fortunately, nothing of the sort happened along the way so there was no need for Yang Kai to reveal his secrets to warn Ni Guang to change their route.

Sometimes, there would be traces of tears in the air that were clearly Void Cracks which were visible to the naked eye.

These tears were like rips in the sky, permanent features, adding to the dangerous atmosphere of the Severed World.

And as the group forward, whether it was the visible Void Cracks or the ones that were hidden, their number was clearly increasing.

Yang Kai and the others even saw a few massive, sky crossing cracks that gave off terrifying fluctuations, making it impossible to determine what lay beyond it.

When he saw such Void Cracks, Yang Kai became quite eager to explore.

He clearly felt that this huge Void Crack very possibly had what he needed: Space Spirit Crystals bred from The Void itself. It also seemed to contain the insights he longed for regarding the Dao of Space. Either way, Yang Kai felt strongly that if he were to rush into it, he would definitely gain greatly.

Unfortunately, he was currently acting together with Ni Guang and the others, so he did not dare leave the team rashly. He could only pass by this Void Crack for now. In any case, in the Severed World, there were many opportunities like this, so he was not in a hurry.

“Hm…” Ni Guang, who was leading the way, suddenly stopped, turned his head to look in a certain direction, and called out in surprise.

Following his line of sight, the other three in the group soon saw a person lying on the ground about a thousand metres away.

“That’s…” Luo Lan whispered, “His clothes seem familiar, was it someone who came in with us before?”

“It seems so,” Ni Guang said solemnly, scanning the figure with his Divine Sense carefully before his face slightly changed. “But it seems he’s already dead.”

Luo Lan’s pretty face went pale hearing this. Among the cultivators who entered the Severed World before, besides Yang Kai, Xue Yue, and Zi Dong, the rest were all Origin Kings, none of them weaker than herself.

However, after just a few hours, they came across a dead body here.

It was hard to imagine what kind of attack this man suffered. With his powerful Origin King cultivation, he died here, and there were also no signs of struggle in the surroundings, as if there hadn’t been a fight at all. In order words, this man had been attacked by something so powerful that he had died without being able to resist.

If it had been her instead, Luo Lan imagined that her fate might not have been any better.

She began to rejoice that her luck had been so good.

“Should we investigate?” Xue Yue pondered for a moment before pointing in the direction of the corpse, “There seems to be something next to his body.”

Even without her reminder, everyone had noticed that there was indeed something besides the body of this fallen Origin King. It was a small cockscomb-like flower that was growing straight up from the ground, and even from a thousand metres away, everyone could smell its fragrant scent.

This aura was calming and refreshing, causing everyone’s tight nerves to relax slightly.

“What kind of spirit herb is that? Do any of you know?” Ni Guang turned his head and asked.

Luo Lan shook her head wryly while Xue Yue also indicated she did not know. In fact, even Yang Kai, who was an Origin King Grade Alchemist, was ignorant.

He had never seen this kind of spirit flower before. He had obtained the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture from the Emperor Garden, which not only recorded countless lost pill recipes, but also details about innumerable exotic flowers and plants. It was almost a comprehensive record of all herbs in existence, so in terms of pure knowledge, Yang Kai was confident no one in the Star Field was better than him.

However, Yang Kai had not seen anything like this flower in the many records of the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture.

Ni Guang frowned and after hesitating for a moment said, “I’ll go take a look, all of you stand here and don’t move.”

Confident in his great strength, he did not want to give up the opportunity in front of him, and regardless of what spirit flower this was, just the corpse of the Origin King next to it was a treasure trove. If he could obtain the other party’s Space Ring, it would be a good harvest.

“Do you want this Mistress to accompany you?” Luo Lan asked.

Ni Guang glanced at her and nodded, “Then, you should be careful.”

“This Mistress certainly will be,” Luo Lan responded with a smile before slowly approaching the spirit flower together with Ni Guang.

Yang Kai and Xue Yue stood back, paying attention to the movement ahead.

The two crossed the thousand-metre distance quickly, but to everyone’s surprise, even after Ni Guang and Luo Lan arrived next to the corpse, there were no signs of danger.

Ni Guang looked puzzled and scanned the corpse below him, soon whispering solemnly, “This person was attacked from behind by something and killed instantly. There are two bite marks on the back of his neck, similar to those of some snake-type Monster Beast, a venomous one at that!”

Luo Lan nodded as she also noticed this, because this corpse was lying face down and the back of his neck was clearly exposed.

It was conceivable that this person had been bitten in the back of the neck by something unsuspectingly, then fell to the ground, dying immediately, resulting in this kind of defenceless posture.

Obviously, the venom which entered him from his neck was something even an Origin King couldn’t resist.

“Elder Luo, please take this corpse with you, I’ll pick the spirit flower,” Ni Guang ordered.

“Understood,” Luo Lan nodded before proceeding with caution. Instead of touching the corpse with her hands directly, she used her Saint Qi to wrap it up before quickly retreating backwards.

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