Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 1031 - A Negative Example

Chapter 1031: A Negative Example

“Have you guys not eaten for many days?” asked Lan Xinyu pitifully.

Their faces turned as red as the buttocks of a monkey. It was too embarrassing. Too embarrassing.

“Remember, the disciples of the Su family are able to do many things. So, please do not steal. Look at how hungry they are,” said Su Yizhi earnestly to Su Yanhua and the others before he left. Great, Su Yizhi was using them as a negative example!

Feng Zijin opened his mouth, wanting to cry but no tears came out. Although they hadn’t robbed anything decent these days, there was plenty of game in the mountains. How could they be hungry? If they had to blame someone, they could only blame these people for making such a delicious breakfast. It was simply too mouthwatering! Plus, they had consumed everything so quickly and only left a piece of venison. And it was such a delicious piece of venison too! Shouldn’t they be the ones to be blamed?

“Don’t be sad. If you follow the sect leader, you will always be able to eat your fill and never go hungry again.” Su Xiu’er was kind-hearted. Seeing the two people’s miserable expressions, she couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to comfort them.

“No, no, we really aren’t-” Feng Zijin wanted to explain himself.

“No need to explain. I understand. Bandits also have dignity,” said Jiang Wuhen with a face that clearly stated ‘I understand you’ as he patted Feng Zijin’s shoulder. As a swindler who had travelled far and wide, Jiang Wuhen had suffered all kinds of hardships. He believed that he understood their feelings and deeply sympathized with their miserable bandit life.

“But, we really hadn’t been starving,” cried Feng Zijin out loud.

Unfortunately, everyone had left, so no one heard him.

After packing up, the group entered Qianzhong Ridge under the lead of Feng Zijin and Deng Zaibei. Thinking that they would soon be able to go to the chaotic land to train, Su Yanhua, Lan Xinyu, and the others were very excited.

As soon as they entered Qianzhong Ridge, everyone could clearly feel that the spiritual qi was incomparable to that of a large sect like Celestial or Flowing Clouds Sect. In fact, it was also much weaker than other places in the Sacred Realm of the Sects. It was only slightly stronger than the other countries on the continent. It was no wonder that the large sects allowed the chaotic Qianzhong Ridge to exist. It must have something to do with the strength of the spiritual qi here. Even the small sects would not be interested in such a small amount of spiritual qi.

However, although the spiritual qi was a little weaker, the scenery here was quite unique. Along the way, there were strange peaks, steep mountains, lakes, and beautiful scenery of flowing clouds and waterfalls. It was a place that people could not forget to return to.

A road winded between the mountains. Although it was spacious, it was rugged. Ling Chuxi and the others couldn’t be bothered to take the carriage anymore. They got off and walked, admiring the beautiful scenery along the way.

“Feng Zijin, tell me more about the forces in Qianzhong Ridge. Who are they?” Since they had nothing else to do, Ling Chuxi wanted to find out more about Qianzhong Ridge to see who was easy to provoke and who was not. She didn’t want to stir up a hornet’s nest.

“Qianzhong Ridge has a circumference of ten thousand miles. When it comes to forces, there are a lot of big and small ones. There are at least a hundred of them. However, Qianzhong Ridge is divided into two layers depending on the strength of the spiritual qi. We are still in the outer area, and the spiritual energy is very weak. It is said that the spiritual energy in the inner area is very strong, almost no weaker than that of the major sects. The smaller the distance to the inner area, the stronger the force. The forces closer to the outer area are the weakest,” said Feng Zijin without stopping.

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