Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 789 - Spare Her Life

Chapter 789 Spare Her Life

Song Yunxuan took a look at the night sky out of the window. After the bell of New Year’s Eve rang, there were still hundreds of fireworks rising into the air and bursting.

However, the most wonderful play of this year’s New Year’s Eve was over.

She smiled and drew the curtains contentedly.

After the light-proof curtain closed, the room was plunged into darkness.

Song Yunxuan went back to the bed, held the pillow, and lapsed into sleep.

In her dream, Miaomiao’s indistinct appearance appeared before her eyes.

She smiled, saying, “Good girl. I’ve avenged you.”

Though Ding Tong was alive, she would be a dead-alive and worthless person as long as Yuan Xi died.

She would surely have nothing to stay alive for.

Mei Qi was waiting for Ding Tong in the Song Family as Song Yunxuan told him.

Ding Tong drove her limited-edition luxury sports car with excellent performance recklessly towards the iron gate of the Song Family and smashed it open.

Then she raced her car towards the door of the villa.

Even though it was a limited-edition sports car, it was just a car. It was not a tank or an armored vehicle.

When she raced her car to the step of the front door, the engine roared, and then she could go no further.

Mei Qi stood in front of the bulletproof glass at the door and watched Ding Tong rush down from the car. She fired at the door several times with the silver pistol in her hands.

Bodyguards that standing nearby rushed forward to subdue her but were stopped several steps away by the bullets out of her gun.

Ding Tong was firing randomly and unskillfully.

Mei Qi realized without any fight that Ding Tong was already lost.

She completely lost not only in this confrontation but also in the final faceoff against Song Yunxuan.

There were a few bullet holes on the bullet-proof glass in front of him.

But the glass was impenetrable, so the bullets were merely stuck in the glass.

Mei Qi raised his hand and felt the bullets on the glass, saying piteously, “What a pity. She is still so young…”

“Come out, b*tch! Come out to see me!”

After rounds of firing, the gun was empty. Ding Tong had nothing like enough time to change the clip, so she threw her silver guns and pulled out another two from her waist pocket.

The bodyguards turned to see the look on Mei Qi’s face.

Song Yunxuan had let Ding Tong off in one piece once, so the bodyguards in the Song Family were not sure if they could hurt Ding Tong this time.

They all turned to Mei Qi to look at his face.

Seeing Mei Qi nodded slightly, those bodyguards understood him immediately.

Obviously, there was no need to show any mercy.

Once they got the permission, they had nothing to fear. At a few sounds of bangs, bullets ripped into Ding Tong’s legs easily.

Ding Tong used to be known as a devil, but she was hopelessly outnumbered,

Not to mention she was standing in Song Yunxuan’s place.

“Where is Song Yunxuan? Let the b*tch come out to see me!” Ding Tong shouted hoarsely.

Seeing Ding Tong knelt because of the gunshot wounds, bodyguards came close to her slowly, knocked her down, and took her guns.

Mei Qi could see that Ding Tong was certain to lose.

He walked out the front door of the villa and came to Ding Tong step by step. “We’ve let you go. Why ever come back to the dangerous place to cast away your life, Miss Ding?” asked Mei Qi.

Ding Tong lay face down on the ground with her wrists dislocated.

And her legs got shot.

She had never been so pathetic all her life.

But even if she was in such a sorry state,

The fierce look in her eyes never faded away.

Rather, she got savagely mad with the malicious look in her eyes as if she had been going to eat all her enemies alive. She questioned Mei Qi, “Where is Song Yunxuan? Get her out to see me!”

Mei Qi looked at Ding Tong, who was lying prone like a dog but still full of resentment and violent rage. He smiled, saying, “Manager Song won’t come out to see a loser.”

“She is a whore! I killed Gu Miaomiao! I did it! So what?”

“Well, nothing. But you’re gonna pay the price.”

“Pay the price? When have you ever known me to be afraid of paying the price? Come out if you dare, Song Yunxuan!” Ding Tong kept shouting hoarsely.

Sitting in the room, Song Yunxuan heard nothing of Ding Tong’s hoarse voice but the gunfire.

She could only hear Mei Qi and those bodyguards standing beside him.

“Mr. Mei, should we…”

One of those bodyguards asked Mei Qi hesitantly, wondering if they should take methods to stop Ding Tong from yelling.

Or if they should simply finish her.

Seeing Ding Tong lay on her stomach and tried her best to raise her head, Mei Qi pondered and crouched, saying, “Do you have any idea who Manager Song is?”

“She is a whore!”

Mei Qi smiled and said, “I can’t help you if you keep saying that.”

After that, Mei Qi straightened.

Ding Tong laughed darkly, “Do you still think I’m gonna yield to Song Yunxuan at this stage?”

“Maybe we can spare your life if you yield. But if you don’t, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen to you.”

“You and Song Yunxuan will regret letting me off alive. I swear I’ll be back and chop your fr**kin head off.”

Hearing that, Mei Qi could not help but laugh, saying, “Really?”

“Just wait and see!” Ding Tong said, gnashing her teeth.

Mei Qi said, “Do you still think you can find someone to help you take revenge?”

Ding Tong froze for a moment at his words.

It seemed that she totally lost her mind after she saw Yuan Xi fell to his death. The only thing she knew was to come after Song Yunxuan recklessly.

She had never calmed down and really tried to find a way to beat Song Yunxuan completely.

But Mei Qi’s words reminded her of something.

Maybe she still got allies.

She still had Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze and she were on the same boat.

Shao Tianze would lose an ally if she died.

“I shouldn’t have been so impulsive. I should have gone to Shao Tianze and made a careful plan with him.”

Ding Tong thought, frowning.

Mei Qi saw her through, somehow. He said, “I know you don’t wanna die yet.”

Ding Tong compressed her lips and didn’t speak a word.

Mei Qi smiled, saying, “I can let you live.”

Ding Tong’s eyes dilated when she heard him.

“To be honest, I don’t think there is anyone to help you now. You’re worthless, after all.”

Hearing his insulting words, Ding Tong gnashed her teeth with eyes slit.

“No way! I’ll definitely avenge Yuan Xi as long as I breathe,” she thought.

“I cannot die yet. I must survive!”

“I can send you to the hospital if you crawl out of the gate of the Song Family.”

Mei Qi said to Ding Tong.

Something changed suddenly in Ding Tong’s eyes.

“What if Manager Song blames you, Mr. Mei?” A bodyguard worried when he heard Mei Qi.

It was because Song Yunxuan did not intend to let Ding Tong off alive.

Mei Qi was clear about it. So was it okay to change the mind and let Song Yunxuan’s enemy go without her permission?

Those bodyguards really doubted it.

But Mei Qi was pretty calm. He said, “Shouldn’t we give her a chance since she wants to live so badly?”

His bodyguards tried to talk him out of this one after another.

But Mei Qi raised his hand and said, “Just let her go. I’ll tell Miss Song.”

After that, his bodyguards pulled back their guns from Ding Tong’s head and stepped away from her.

Ding Tong turned to Mei Qi with a scowl.

And then she struggled to crawl towards the gate of the villa.

As she crawled, the blood from the gunshot wounds on her legs stained the ground and left two scary bloody lines.

And they were getting longer as she crawled forward, stretching along the road in the yard of the villa.

Standing in front of the window, Song Yunxuan could not help sneering when she looked at the woman wriggling pathetically towards the gate like a dog.

“You want to live?”

Ding Tong chilled in the back when Song Yunxuan said this. She felt that someone in the room was looking down at her.

She turned her head subconsciously, looking at the window behind which Song Yunxuan stood.

She said fiercely with her eyes slit, “D*mn you, Song Yunxuan! I’ll definitely kill you.”

She turned her head after that.

Standing quietly behind the window, Song Yunxuan looked at Ding Tong and enjoyed the way she struggled.

Standing at the door, Mei Qi was also looking at Ding Tong crawling towards the gate.

One’s thirst for survival could be really impressive.

When death was coming, the unquenchable desire for life could always create miracles.

But he did not know if Ding Tong could get another chance, as she wished, to confront Song Yunxuan.

Only when Ding Tong was nearly at the gate did Mei Qi come to Song Yunxuan upstairs.

Hearing a knock at the door, Song Yunxuan said, “Come in, Assistant Mei.”

Just as Mei Qi expected, Song Yunxuan was standing there and looked out through the window.

“I thought you were in bed, Manager Song.”

“Well, the sound of gunfire was too noisy. It scared Miaomiao out of my dream.”

Song Yunxuan said, smiling, but the note in her voice was as cold as ice.

“Sorry for disobeying you, Manager Song. I let Ding Tong go.”

“Not yet. She’s still at the door. I can get her back at any time if I want.”

Mei Qi said, “But I promised to call an ambulance for her if she can crawl to the gate.”

“What’s the situation now?”

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi.

“She got her legs shot and wrists dislocated,” Mei Qi replied.

“I can let her off alive today since she tried so hard to live. It’s hard enough to crawl to the gate on arms only, after all.”

“You would let her go, Manager Song?”

“I can let her go, but only today.” Song Yunxuan said, smiling, “Call an ambulance. She is already at the door.”

Hearing that, Mei Qi nodded and said, “Yes, Manager Song.”

Mei Qi kept his promise and called an ambulance for Ding Tong.

Ding Tong was ghastly pale when she finally arrived at the gate because of excessive loss of blood. She could not hold on any longer and soon passed out.

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