Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 777 - In Hospital

Chapter 777 In Hospital

Ding Tong had long dreams on the plane to Thailand.

Yuan Xi was in all her dreams.

Ding Tong was extremely worried before she set off.

Suddenly, she was awakened by a nightmare before landing.

Ding Tong looked at the sky and the ground that she was slowly approaching with a cold sweat. She couldn’t help clenching her fingers.

Shao Tianze sat next to her. Just by looking at her, he knew that she was worrying about Yuan Xi so much.

However, according to Song Yunxuan’s style of doing things for so long,

Yuan Xi had fallen into Song Yunxuan’s hands. It was unlikely that he would be alive as a whole.

After Ding Tong landed, she suddenly realized that Song Yunxuan didn’t tell her where Yuan Xi was locked up.

She hurriedly called Song Yunxuan after getting out of the airport.

She called and called. But Song Yunxuan turned a deaf ear to it and didn’t answer.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s phone vibrating constantly on the desk, Mei Qi asked her, “Aren’t you answering?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “There is no need.”

“You think Ding Tong can find Yuan Xi, Manager Song?”

“She needs to think about it carefully. If she fails to find him, she could only meet Yuan Xi after he died.”

At the hands of Song Yunxuan were the contracts of the Song enterprise.

But she hadn’t gone through them yet.

They were piled tall, which was unusually eye-catching on the desk.

Mei Qi sat on the opposite side of the desk.

When it came to things that Song Yunxuan couldn’t remember, she would ask Mei Qi.

Mei Qi had a thorough understanding of the Song enterprise’s business. He could answer Song Yunxuan’s questions quickly and easily.

Song Yunxuan put down the pen and rubbed her eyebrows gently after going through a few of the contracts that were relatively important.

“Take a break if you feel tired, Manager Song.”

Mei Qi was worried that she might physically collapse.

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, “I’m fine.”

After that, she grabbed a cup, took a sip of water, and continued to work.

As long as she stopped and relaxed, she couldn’t help thinking of Miaomiao.

She wound think of her voice and her face.

She would think of how miserable she was when the blood was flowing out of her body.

Only work could stop her from thinking and bring her a moment of peace.

The stack of files became smaller and smaller.

And the sun was moving west bit by bit.

From noon to evening,

The afterglow of the sunset poured in through the arched floor-to-ceiling windows of the study.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyes and glanced out the window.

In winter, even if she didn’t go out, she felt chill and dry vaguely.

Holding the pen in her hand, Song Yunxuan’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and she said, “How long it has passed since Christmas?”

“Five days.”

“It’s almost New Year, isn’t it?”

“Nine days to go.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Then she retracted her gaze and continued to work.

In the end, Miaomiao didn’t get the chance to celebrate this New Year.

She had Yi though.

She needed to take good care of Yi and avenge Miaomiao.

Song Yunxuan was busy with work in the study until the evening.

Ding Tong had gone everywhere she thought Yuan Xi might be until sunset since she arrived, but she didn’t find him.

Shao Tianze was also tired. Seeing that Ding Tong didn’t even take a drink, he asked her, “It’s getting dark. Do you want to keep looking for him or find a place to take some rest?”

After listening to Shao Tianze, Ding Tong frowned, “Do you think I’m in a mood to rest since things have come to this point?”

Ding Tong asked Shao Tianze coldly.

Shao Tianze said, “No matter how terrible things are, it’s no use of being anxious. You’d better take a break and pull yourself together. Then we think about where exactly Mr. Yuan will be locked up, or we can call the police for help.”

“Call the police?”

Ding Tong asked Shao Tianze, “We will only ask for trouble if we call the police.”

She had criminal records in many countries around the world.

Thailend was one of them.

If they called the police,

Ding Tong might go to prison before she could find Yuan Xi.

Ding Tong had figured it out.

Shao Tianze was being rational, “Our aimless search is no different from looking for a needle in a haystack. We can’t find him in such a short time.”

Ding Tong took out her cell phone to call Song Yunxuan again.

Shao Tianze stopped her, “She won’t tell you where Mr. Yuan is even if you call her a thousand times.”

Ding Tong frowned and said nothing. She couldn’t think of where else Yuan Xi would be.

“Besides, if she had wanted to tell you, she would have done it early in the morning. She won’t tell you now on the phone.”

It was simple.

If Song Yunxuan had intended to tell Ding Tong, Song Yunxuan would have told her early.

If she didn’t want to do it, there was no use calling her now.

Hearing this, Ding Tong clutched the phone and fell silent for a long time.

Shao Tianze comforted her, “Miss Ding, think about it carefully. Who had beef with Mr. Yuan?”

“Who had beef…” Yuan Xi had beef with many people. He hurt White Dragon King, which made him unpopular anywhere in Thailend.

Moreover, revealing his identity would put him in great danger.

“Miss Ding, if Song Yunxuan knows any force in Thailend holds grudges against you and Mr. Yuan, she will definitely lock Mr. Yuan up there.”

Shao Tianze said so.

Ding Tong suddenly thought of White Dragon King, “I know where he is.”

Ding Tong hurriedly asked the driver to drive to White Dragon King’s house.

Although that place was burned beyond recognition,

The White Dragon King had helped many wealthy politicians and businessmen.

Therefore, many people funded White Dragon King to rebuild his house secretly.

It was just a few dozen days. When Ding Tong arrived, half of the house had been erected on the ruins.

It looked exactly like the previous house.

Ding Tong got out of the car and saw White Dragon King’s house was under construction. She frowned, “It’s fast.”

“What’s fast?”

Shao Tianze didn’t understand what Ding Tong meant. Yet Ding Tong didn’t bother to explain it to him.

After they getting out of the car, they quickly walked to White Dragon King’s new house.

The workers on the construction site got off work late.

When Ding Tong passed by, quite a few of them were still working on the site.

Ding Tong squinted her eyes when she saw them.

Those workers saw Ding Tong came near. They were afraid that there would be an accident on the site, so they tended to drive her away.

The foreman came to Ding Tong personally and tried to talk her to leave.

Unexpectedly, before the foreman could make a sound, Ding Tong pinched his neck and asked him where Yuan Xi was in fluent Thaii?

The foreman was surprised by the strength of her hands.

He couldn’t answer the question for a while.

Ding Tong thought he must refuse to say. She frowned and increased the strength of her hands.

The foreman had trouble breathing.

Seeing the foreman was struggling breathlessly, workers nearby noticed it was not good.

They got down from the shelf and looked for opportunities to separate them.

Shao Tianze noticed the fierceness in Ding Tong’s eyes.

He knew she was hostile and worried about Yuan Xi too much.

However, it seemed that the foreman really didn’t know where Yuan Xi was.

He persuaded her, “Miss Ding, I think he really doesn’t know where Mr. Yuan is.”

“He doesn’t know?”

Ding Tong firmly believed that he must know it.

She squeezed the foreman’s neck even harder.

The foreman couldn’t speak, foaming at the mouth.

Seeing this, the workers’ eyes turned red, showing hostility towards Ding Tong.

Shao Tianze hurriedly stepped forward to take hold of Ding Tong, “Miss Ding, it’s not good to cause trouble here. We didn’t bring anyone. They’re outnumbered.”

Ding Tong refused to let go, her eyes wide.

Shao Tianze reached out to hold Ding Tong’s fingers, “Do you want all of us to be taken down?”

Ding Tong’s eyes changed slightly. She let go of the man in her hand.

The man immediately crooked to the ground.

Those workers rushed to check him out.

Shao Tianze got out of there with Ding Tong in chaos.

After Ding Tong was pushed into the car by Shao Tianze, she asked him in displeasure, “I didn’t get anything out. Shall we just leave?”

Shao Tianze motioned to the driver to drive.

Then he answered Ding Tong, “Mr. Yuan is definitely not here.”

“How do you know?”

“You were being tough there. If Yuan Xi were really here, they would tell you. According to their expressions, they seemed not to know Yuan Xi at all. He is definitely not there.”

Ding Tong also had a dim feeling of that.

After listening to Shao Tianze, she lowered her eyes and muttered to herself, “Where is Yuan Xi?”

“Think carefully about what Song Yunxuan told you.”

Shao Tianze said so.

Ding Tong actually thought of a place.

Seeing her face change, Shao Tianze asked her, “Did you think of anything?”

“The hospital…” Ding Tong thought of the private hospital where White Dragon King was before. She said, “Maybe in the hospital.”

“Which hospital?”

Shao Tianze asked Ding Tong.

Ding Tong frowned, “The hospital where White Dragon King had stayed.”

Song Yunxuan sent Yuan Xi there to let the force of Thailend deal with him.

The most direct way to get revenge was an eye for an eye.

Then… Yuan Xi should have been beaten badly in that hospital…

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