Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 772 - Are You Anxious?

Chapter 772 Are You Anxious?

“As long as I tell you, you can help me avenge my sister?”

With tears in his eyes, Gu Yi looked at Yuan Xi.

Yuan Xi curled his lips with confidence, “Yes.”


Gu Yi was filled with deep sorrow, but he still clenched his fists and tried his best to maintain the only remaining sense of reason to judge and question Yuan Xi’s words.

“Gu Yi, even if you don’t believe me, do you have other choices now?” Yuan Xi reminded him without mercy, “Your father, Shao Tianze, definitely will not avenge your sister.”

Gu Yi pursed his lips, and his heart full of hatred was about to bleed.

Yuan Xi was right. And Gu Yi also knew this point clearly.

Even if Yuan Xi didn’t tell him who killed Miaomiao, he could already guess it in his heart.

It was Gu Changle.

From the beginning, Gu Changle had wanted to kill them. Nevertheless, she could not succeed because of the obstructions of various relationships in the family.

Then, Gu Yi and Shao Xue came to Harbor City one after another.

Only Miaomiao had been left in Yuncheng, which gave Gu Changle the chance.

As long as Shao Tianze acquiesced, Gu Changle would kill Miaomiao without hesitation.

Thinking of these, Gu Yi gritted his teeth, “Tell me first who killed my sister.”

“Gu Changle.” Yuan Xi didn’t want Gu Yi to guess and directly said, “Gu Changle pushed your sister down from a place that was higher than the tenth floor. And your sister died outright. I have shown you the photos of her body. Tragic.”

Gu Yi took a deep breath, “Can you kill Gu Changle for me?”

“Yes, I can. As long as you tell me everything you know.”

His mind was still immersed in the grief of his sister’s death, but he thought about all the questions that should be considered.

Gu Yi said, “Normally, no matter who I meet, people in Yuncheng will know right away. They even will stop me. Did you come to see me with my father’s permission?”

Yuan Xi hadn’t expected that the child would ask such a pointed question. He smiled and said, “What do you think?”

“Gu Changle also knows?”

Yuan Xi smiled with no words.

He admitted that this child was indeed very smart.

He almost saw the current situation clearly.

However, so what?

His death was imminent. The only value of his existence was that he knew about his mother, Gu Changge.

“Then, I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

As the smile on his face became sly, Yuan Xi said, “It is rare that you can still analyze your situation at such a moment.”

“Since my death is approaching, why should I believe that you are not Gu Changle’s accomplice? Why should I believe that you will avenge my sister?”

“If you tell me what I want to know, maybe I can save your life?”

Yuan Xi said to Gu Yi.

Gu Yi lowered his eyes a little and said, “My survival and revenge for my sister, which one do you think is more important?”

“It depends on whether you are afraid of death and whether you believe me.”

“I can die, but will you definitely avenge my sister?”

Yuan Xi smiled, “Yes, I will.”

He definitely would because his ambition was to swallow the whole Shao Family from the beginning.

And after he got the Shao Family, it would be better to completely eliminate the remaining people of the Shao Family.

Moreover, he could also get a badly injured Song Family by the way. It was a perfect plan.

“What do you want to ask me?”

“I want to ask…” Yuan Xi smiled, “Is Song Yunxuan like your mother?”

After hearing these words, Gu Yi considered for a while, “You should ask Song Yunxuan about this rather than me.”

Gu Yi’s answer was unexpected.

Yuan Xi creased his brow.

He felt something wrong.

However, when he just felt it and before he could do anything,

The bodyguard sitting in the front seat suddenly put the gun on his head, “Little Master is right. You could ask Manager Song in person. Manager Song is waiting for you.”

As the gun suddenly was put to his head, Yuan Xi squinted and asked, “Is this a trap set by Song Yunxuan?”

The bodyguard didn’t say anything.

He put his eyes on Gu Yi.

Gu Yi didn’t look at him at all. He looked directly out of the car window. The tears in his eyes had not yet dried.

His fingers were tightly clenched into fists.

Judging from the current situation, he had escaped the danger.

However, Miaomiao would never call him brother again and would never show up in front of him.

Ding Tong was waiting in the living room of Gu Yi’s house.

She had planned to go home with Yuan Xi after he got the information they needed.

However, after she drank two cups of tea, Yuan Xi still did not come back. Unexpectedly, Yuan Xi’s man called her.

The voice was a little frightened, “Miss Ding, Miss Ding, we’ve gotten in trouble.”

Hearing the subordinate’s panicking voice, Ding Tong felt annoyed and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s gone… It’s gone…”

Finding that he couldn’t even speak clearly, Ding Tong became even more irritable, “What’s gone?”

Hearing the question, the subordinate said, “Mr. Yuan’s car. Mr. Yuan’s car is gone. We lost it.”


As her eyebrows frowned immediately, Ding Tong said, “Do you mean that you have lost Gu Yi’s car?”

Ding Tong was extremely careful and cautious in everything she did,

Especially when the things were related to Yuan Xi.

When Yuan Xi got into Gu Yi’s car, she was worried.

Therefore, after the car left, she immediately arranged for people to follow Gu Yi’s car.

However, they lost it now.

“How could you lose it?”

“After we drove out of the downtown area in the eastern suburbs, the car disappeared.”

“It disappeared out of thin air?”

“No. Another Pentley car appeared, exactly the same as Gu Yi’s car. We thought that was Gu Yi’s car and followed it. However, when we saw the person who got off the car just now, we realized that we were following the wrong one.”

Because of his words, Ding Tong frowned and cursed, “Idiots! You are idiots! What is the point of me hiring you idiots? How could you lose him?”

Hearing Ding Tong’s anger, the man didn’t dare to speak.

Ding Tong was anxious and worried.

When she thought of Song Yunxuan’s identity, she felt the blood in her hands flow faster.

Shao Tianze and Gu Changle had planned to get rid of Gu Yi. At this time, they lost Gu Yi’s car probably because Song Yunxuan took him away in order to protect him.

And her Yuan Xi also disappeared.

It would be fine if this was a coincidence or an incidental thing.

Ding Tong could yield to Song Yunxuan and lie to her so that Song Yunxuan could release Yuan Xi.

However, if it was a part of Song Yunxuan’s plan to take Yuan Xi away, not incidentally, it would be troublesome.

Ding Tong squinted, and her fingers couldn’t help but clench.

The subordinate on the phone still asked her, “Miss Ding, what shall we do now?”

“What shall we do now? Asking me what to do is the only thing you know? Can’t you think of a solution by yourself?”

The subordinate hesitated and didn’t dare to talk casually.

Ding Tong frowned and said, “Where is Song Yunxuan now? Find out if Song Yunxuan is in Yuncheng now!”

Hearing Ding Tong’s words, the subordinate immediately went to investigate where Song Yunxuan was now.

Ding Tong had felt this kind of danger before.

While they were still irritably investigating Song Yunxuan’s whereabouts,

Ding Tong received a text message on her mobile phone.

The text message simply wrote three words, “Are you anxious?”

Were you anxious? After losing the one you loved, did you feel anxious, Ding Tong?

Seeing the three words she sent on the phone, Song Yunxuan squinted her eyes.

She really wanted to take a look at Ding Tong’s desperately worried look now.

She got off the plane.

She looked at the Harbor City sky outside, stopped, and did not leave immediately.

Seeing her stop, Mei Qi said, “Manager Song, where should we put Yuan Xi?”

“Send him to Thailend.”

Song Yunxuan said.


Mei Qi didn’t quite understand what Song Yunxuan meant.

“Not many people know that Yuan Xi hurt White Dragon King. Both White Dragon King and Xuanshui Dragon King are very important to me. I am the indirect reason why White Dragon King is like this now. Now that we have caught Yuan Xi, we should send him to Thailend and let those who should give him a lesson do it.”

“What about Ding Tong…”

“Ding Tong…” Song Yunxuan smiled, “She should be anxious now. However, it does not matter. Let her worry. She will meet Yuan Xi again anyway.”

Song Yunxuan turned off her phone and went to see Gu Yi with Mei Qi.

After careful consideration, Ding Tong decided to call Song Yunxuan.

She was almost certain that Song Yunxuan did this.

As long as she called Song Yunxuan to test her attitude, the matter would be much easier to handle.

She racked her brain. After dialing Song Yunxuan’s number, Ding Tong waited nervously for Song Yunxuan to answer the phone so that she could negotiate with Song Yunxuan.

However, after Ding Tong made the call, Song Yunxuan did not answer it.

Not only did the call not get through, but also it prompted that it was turned off.

Ding Tong was stunned.

She gritted her teeth, “It is you! Song Yunxuan!”

She suddenly got up from the sofa and walked out.

A bodyguard of the Gu Family watched Ding Tong walk out of the house but did not stop her.

After Ding Tong left Gu Yi’s house,

The bodyguard called Mei Qi, “Ding Tong has left.”

Mei Qi told Song Yunxuan that Ding Tong had left.

Song Yunxuan said, “Leave her alone.”

They did not need to care about her.

Now that Yuan Xi was missing, Ding Tong was more anxious than anyone.

Nevertheless, the really interesting part of the show was yet to come.

Since Ding Tong excessively got involved in the Shao Family’s affairs, she should have thought that the people she had killed would come to her for revenge.

They would make her pay a heavy price.

Yuan Xi should be more important than Ding Tong’s own life.

Since Yuan Xi was so important to her, let Ding Tong experience what it would feel like to lose an important person.

After all, Song Yunxuan lost Miaomiao.

Ding Tong should experience the same pain with her, which made her feel the world collapsed.

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