Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 717 - The Murderer Pt.3

Chapter 717 The Murderer Pt.3

Hearing what Shao Xue said, Song Yunxuan knew that she must start to blame herself.

Song Yunxuan tried to comfort her, “Even if you didn’t tell Shao Tianze that Luo Xi wanted to visit Luo Jiachi, Shao Tianze would also lock up your room and prevent you from going out casually because of his cautiousness.”

If what Song Yunxuan guessed was right, Shao Tianze intended to kill Luo Jiachi.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t hinder Luo Xi from accompanying Luo Jiachi.

Song Yunxuan was thoughtful and considerate.

Shao Xue didn’t immediately think of these things. She pursed her lips and said, “Yunxuan, did I say anything bad for Luo Xi?”

“No. You helped him.”

Shao Xue didn’t understand what she meant.

Song Yunxuan didn’t explain to Shao Xue clearly. She just said, “Take care of yourself. Don’t worry about Luo Xi. Believe me.”

Shao Xue nodded and said, “Will his grandpa be all right?”

Song Yunxuan drooped her eyes and said in a low voice, “That depends on whether Luo Xi can get there fast enough.”

Hearing this, Shao Xue got nervous and anxious again.

However, Song Yunxuan didn’t continue the topic, and she just enjoined Shao Xue, “You stay here. If Shao Tianze asks you, you just say that you could not stop Luo Xi and were knocked unconscious by him.”


Song Yunxuan finished speaking and hung up.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips when Mei Qi made a phone call and said, “Shao Tianze has already started to take his action.”

“What perfect timing.” Song Yunxuan said. She just let Luo Xi out, and Shao Tianze was going to make his move.

She wondered what Shao Tianze would look like and how he would explain when Luo Xi saw him killing Luo Jiachi.

She lowered her eyes and didn’t speak.

Mei Qi asked her, “Manager Song, why do you stay up so late?”

“How am I supposed to sleep with all this going on tonight?”

“However, you are pregnant. It is not good for you and your baby to stay up.”

Being reminded, Song Yunxuan gently touched her abdomen and then became silent.

When Mei Qi heard Song Yunxuan’s silence, he knew that Song Yunxuan had heard what he said.

“Have an early rest, Manager Song. I’m keeping an eye on everything here.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Thanks for your hard work, Assistant Mei.”

“It’s okay. I have nothing else to do anyway, and I’m glad to watch the fun.”

Song Yunxuan smiled.

It was worth seeing tonight.

When Luo Xi came out of the hotel, the security guard who had opened the door and led him to the back door said, “Mr. Luo, I can’t go on seeing you out. We may get caught. Please go on your own.”

Luo Xi nodded, “Thank you.”

The security guard said with a wry smile, “You should thank Manager Song. If it weren’t for her arrangement, how did we dare to let you out?”

Luo Xi frowned and said, “Did Song Yunxuan know I was going out tonight in advance?”

The security guard felt that he had said something wrong. But since Luo Xi had asked, he had to answer.

Then he explained to Luo Xi, “It was arranged after the accident in the noon.”

To prevent Luo Xi from asking any further questions, the security guard immediately said, “I don’t know anything else.”

The security guard said like that. Luo Xi couldn’t continue to ask, so he said, “Thank you anyway.”

“You’re welcome. You’d better go before you’re seen, Mr. Luo.”

The whole hotel was covered with surveillance cameras, so it was not easy to let Luo Xi out. Fortunately, Song Yunxuan arranged early, and many security guards inside were paid off by her. So security cameras along Luo Xi’s way out had been cut off successfully.

As thus, even though Luo Xi left the hotel, Shao Tianze could hardly know how Luo Xi left.

Luo Xi hurried away after he finished the talk with the security guard.

Although there were few cars at twelve o’clock in the evening, he was lucky enough to hit a taxi as soon as he got to the roadside.

The taxi driver was in a good mood, wearing a yellow cap on his head, and asked Luo Xi, “Young man, would you like to take a taxi?”

“Yes. Drive to the Harbor City Hospital at once.”


When he got in, the driver put his foot on the gas and sped the car away. Fortunately, there was not much traffic on the road at night.

Luo Xi had no time to look at the driver’s face. He couldn’t resist urging, “Could you hurry up?”

“We can’t go any faster. This is the highest speed in the city. I’ll be fined if I go any faster.”

Luo Xi frowned, “I’ll give you more money.”

Hearing this, the driver smiled and said, “You know what we’re thinking, young man.”

“You can drive as fast as you can regardless of red lights, and I’ll pay you all bills.”

The driver laughed, “I can’t run red lights, or I’ll get my license revoked.”

Luo Xi was displeased, “Someone is dying. If you drive too slowly, I can’t arrive at the hospital in time.”

Hearing this, the driver immediately sped up the car and said, “Since you say so, I’ll drive faster.”


The driver’s hands were steady but without thin calluses that often came from steering. But he raised the speed like an experienced driver.

Luo Xi was pressing furiously behind him.

The driver had been smiling. As he drove the car fast, he comforted Luo Xi, “Life and death are decreed by fate. I am driving as fast as I can. If you can’t make it to see your loved one for the last time, that’s fate.”

Hearing all this, Luo Xi began to speak unhappily, “This is my business, so don’t talk about it.”

The driver smiled, “OK. I won’t talk about it anymore.”

When the driver rushed to the hospital, Luo Xi got out of the car and rushed to the hospital gate without paying.

The driver reached out his hand through the window and tried to stop Luo Xi, “Hey, you haven’t given me the taxi fare yet!”

Luo Xi had no time to listen to the driver. He was in a hurry and didn’t have his car keys with him, not to mention his wallet.

The driver saw that he was in such a hurry. He didn’t get off or ask for the fare.

Seeing Luo Xi ran into the hospital, the driver raised his hand to pick off the cap on his head.

As his cap had been picked off, the driver sitting inside the car was no one else but Mei Qi, who called Song Yunxuan a while ago.

Luo Xi was in hurry, and the sound of his footsteps in the hallway was coming closer and closer to Luo Jiachi’s ward.

In Luo Jiachi’s ward, the vice dean of Harbor City Hospital wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and tried to stop Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, you really can’t do this. Although Mr. Luo is not from the four great families in Harbor City, the Luo Family also has prestige. If you do something to Mr. Luo and he dies in our hospital, it is hard for us to give an explanation to the Luo Family.”

Shao Tianze frowned, “The Luo Family doesn’t even have a master now. Do you need to give an explanation to the Luo Family?”

“Luo Chen is still there…”

The vice dean was perplexed.

Shao Tianze said with a grim smile, “What if it is Luo Xi who is in charge of the Luo Family?”

The vice dean also knew that Shao Tianze’s younger sister had married Luo Xi.

If it was Luo Xi who was in charge of the Luo Family, Shao Tianze’s asking him to inject Luo Jiachi with allergy medicine meant that Luo Xi acquiesced in letting his grandfather die at this moment.

The vice dean was in some doubt.

Shao Tianze didn’t want to listen to his verbiage. He stretched out his hand and took the injector on the instrument tray and the medicine to which Luo Jiachi was allergic.

The vice dean frowned. He tried to save Luo Jiachi’s life but seemed not so sincere, “I don’t think it’s okay under my nose, Mr. Shao.”

“How much money do you want?”

Shao Tianze put on his mask and pushed the injection up a little.

The medicine spurted from the tip of the injector.

The vice dean’s greedy face looked particularly hideous in the lamplight, “How about this?”

The vice dean held up five fingers towards Shao Tianze.

Looking at the vice dean’s five fat fingers, Shao Tianze didn’t even lift his eyelids and said, “OK.”

Hearing this, the vice dean was extremely happy.

Then he added, “Mr. Shao, this means five million.”

“I know. I don’t need you to remind me. It is affordable for the Shao Family.”

“Then I’ll pretend I don’t see it.”

Watching Shao Tianze lift Luo Jiachi’s arm in a hospital gown, the vice dean thought he’d better leave.

Then he turned his head and opened the door of the ward.

Shao Tianze didn’t care where the vice dean went, and he just stared at Luo Jiachi’s arm.

Luo Jiachi was in a shallow coma. However, when Shao Tianze lifted his arm, he struggled to open his eyes as if he had sensed the danger.

There was a cooing sound in his throat.

His heavy breathing and shivering fingers caught Shao Tianze’s attention.

Raising his eyes, Shao Tianze found Luo Jiachi was looking at him with turbid eyes.

There was anger and fear in his eyes.

Shao Tianze didn’t mind telling him the truth before he died. As he rubbed his arm with aseptic cotton to find Luo Jiachi’s vein, he spoke slowly, “Mr. Luo, you should know what I’m going to do. Just put up with it, please.”

Although Luo Jiachi had just woken up, he was not a dotard.

He had always suspected that Shao Tianze killed his wife Gu Changge.

Now when he saw that Shao Tianze was going to give himself an injection with a creepy smile, a chill went down his spine.

He subconsciously felt that what Shao Tianze was going to inject into him was definitely harmful.

He struggled, trying to pull his hand away.

But Shao Tianze clutched his wrist and said, “Please forgive me. Luo Xi has married my younger sister, so he should be the head of the family, right? If you don’t die, what can he do?”

Shao Tianze seemed sincere and earnest when he was speaking. However, Luo Jiachi’s eyes were fixed at him, and he said with difficulty, “You… Vile…”

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