Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 630 - Going to Be a Father

Chapter 630 Going to Be a Father

Lu Feng froze for a moment when he heard what Rong Min said.

Seeing Lu Feng was stunned, his assistant felt there must be something wrong. He asked Lu Feng in a gentle voice, “Mr. Lu…”

“Get the car ready. We’re going to the Song House.”

The assistant nodded and sent someone to get the car ready.

When Rong Min was done with examining, Song Yunxuan asked her, “Doctor, what happened to me?”

Rong Min smiled, “Miss Song, please wait for a moment. I’m waiting for the test results of your blood sample.”

Song Yunxuan slightly twisted her eyebrows, but she did not pursue the answer.

After a long while, Mei Qi came in, “Manager Song?”

Song Yunxuan sat on the bed and turned to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan with concern and he frowned, “Are you okay?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes fell on Rong Min, “Doctor Rong said we need to wait for the test results.”

Rong Min explained to Mei Qi, “The blood sample has been sent to the test center. The results will come out in about an hour.”

Mei Qi twisted his eyebrows, unconvinced, “How is Manager Song?”

Rong Min replied, “I can’t tell until the test results come out.”

Rong Min insisted.

She would say nothing more.

Mei Qi twisted his eyebrows and walked to Song Yunxuan. He said to Song Yunxuan, “I’ll call another doctor. She might not be reliable, considering she was sent by Lu Feng.”

In fact, that was exactly what Song Yunxuan thought.

Though Rong Min did not hear what they were talking about, she knew that they didn’t trust her.

“Assistant Mei, I’m a doctor. I can’t say anything until I get to know what I need to know. Do you understand?”

“Sure, but…” Mei Qi said to Rong Min, “Manager Song’s not feeling well. If the examination is finished, do you mind leaving us alone?”

Rong Min didn’t seem surprised by being asked to leave.

She nodded and left the bedroom.

After Rong Min left the bedroom, Mei Qi said to Song Yunxuan, “What do you think it is?”

Usually, people would kind of figure out what they had.

However, Song Yunxuan had no clue.

She couldn’t make a guess.

The only thing that she could come up with was the after-effects of returning from the dead.

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan gently touched the amulet on her neck.

It was the amulet that Mei Qi prayed from Thailend.

Seeing this, Mei Qi remembered something, “I’ll call another doctor over to find it out.”

After that, Mei Qi left the bedroom.

Song Yunxuan suddenly said, “I think Lu Feng is about to come.”

Mei Qi stopped and turned to Song Yunxuan, “I can stop him.”

“No need. Let him come.”

Since they were engaged, it was reasonable for Lu Feng to visit her when she was sick.

She pursed her lips and did not say anything else.

Without further instruction, Mei Qi left the bedroom and called another doctor over.

When Lu Feng arrived at the Song House, he ran into the doctor called by Mei Qi.

It was Tan Yi.

Tan Yi stared at Lu Feng for a second. Yet he looked away immediately for the lack of familiarity with him.

Lu Feng slightly twisted his eyebrows as if he had known who she was.

He called Rong Min, “Doctor Rong.”

Hearing Lu Feng’s voice, Rong Min came to him and greeted, “Mr. Lu.”

Seeing Tan Yi walking towards Song Yunxuan’s bedroom with Mei Qi, Lu Feng was displeased. They invited another doctor. Obviously, they did not trust the doctor he had sent.

He felt upset and angry about not being trusted.

Lu Feng asked Rong Min, “How is she?”

“Miss Song is pregnant for seven weeks.”

Lu Feng twisted his eyebrows, “Seven weeks of pregnancy?”

Chu Mochen happened to die about seven weeks ago.

It was well-known in Yuncheng that Song Yunxuan was once engaged with Chu Mochen. If they knew that Song Yunxuan was pregnant, they would know it was Chu Mochen’s baby.

After all, Song Yunxuan was not known as an easy woman.

Lu Feng’s assistant had worked for him for many years. He was aware that Lu Feng intended to marry Song Yunxuan.

Hearing that Song Yunxuan was pregnant, he asked Lu Feng hesitantly, “Mr. Lu, what should we do now?”

In fact, he was asking whether Lu Feng would still marry Song Yunxuan or not.

If Lu Feng decided to marry her, he would certainly want Song Yunxuan to have an abortion.

If he did not marry Song Yunxuan, he might suffer a huge loss.

The assistant felt it complicated.

Lu Feng did not speak for a moment.

After a long while, he said, “Doctor Rong, did you tell Song Yunxuan about her pregnancy?”

Rong Min was a smart woman, and she had worked for Lu Feng for so many years. She didn’t dare to tell Song Yunxuan about the pregnancy.

Rong Min said, “Mr. Lu, I think it’s better to wait for you to come. I didn’t tell Miss Song.”

Lu Feng nodded, “I was thinking about an abortion.”

His first reaction was not to break off the engagement with Song Yunxuan.

Therefore, it was necessary for Song Yunxuan to abort the baby.

Because he didn’t want to be the father of another man’s child at all.

He was not interested in raising another man’s child.

It was just that…

Song Yunxuan would definitely refuse him if he requested her to have an abortion.

Chu Mochen was dead. The Chu Family had no rightful heir.

Even if Song Yunxuan broke off their engagement, she could get help from the Chu Family because she carried Chu Mochen’s child.

The baby was a great help for Song Yunxuan at this moment.

It was good news like timely rain.

Lu Feng gently rubbed his mid-brows and said, “She must be happy to be pregnant.”

The assistant knew Lu Feng was talking to himself.

But Rong Min interrupted, “We could have had the chance to get Miss Song an abortion before another doctor had come. But now…”

Obviously, it was not easy to get Song Yunxuan an abortion secretly.

Rong Min could tell that Song Yunxuan was pregnant.

The doctor invited by Mei Qi was also able to diagnose it.

Lu Feng made up his mind, but he was still hesitant, “If Song Yunxuan refuses to have an abortion, it will be a joke for me to marry her.”

If people knew that Song Yunxuan was married to Lu Feng with Chu Mochen’s baby, Lu Feng would be well-known as a cuckold.

No man would like to be a cuckold in the world.

Song Yunxuan was only his nominal fiancée.

The assistant said, “Mr. Lu, have you ever considered another candidate?”

“I’ll talk to Song Yunxuan.”

Lu Feng did not want to give it up easily.

After all, Song Yunxuan was indeed a great help.

Lu Feng hesitated.

Tan Yi finished her examination. She said to Song Yunxuan, “Congratulations, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan slightly twisted her eyebrows. She did not know what Tan Yi was congratulating about.

Tan Yi said, “You must be confused, right?”

Song Yunxuan looked at Tan Yi, “What are you congratulating about?”

“Because Miss Song has a good helper.”

“A good helper?”

Song Yunxuan slightly twisted her eyebrows.

Mei Qi said, “You can drop the last veil.”

Tan Yi smiled and said, “Miss Song is pregnant. According to the Colour Doppler, it has been seven weeks.”

Hearing Tan Yi, Song Yunxuan slightly twisted her eyebrows.

She touched her flat abdomen, “Really?”


Tan Yi answered.

Mei Qi said, “I remember you’re specialized in cardiology. Are you familiar with the ob-gyn?”

“If you doubt my profession, I can get a good gynecologist to re-examine Miss Song.”

Tan Yi said so.

Mei Qi believed in what she said.

Song Yunxuan did not doubt Tan Yi’s diagnosis.

It was just that she had mixed feelings.

When Chu Mochen was alive, he wanted her to be pregnant more than once so that he could marry her.

She turned him down again and again.

Now he had passed away. But she became pregnant.

It was just that…

She frowned and was puzzled in mind.

She said to Mei Qi, “Bring Linda here.”

Linda was a hybrid maid. She trusted her. Only Linda and the housekeeper knew that she had been on the pill when she had sex with Chu Mochen.

Theoretically, she took birth control pills every time. She shouldn’t have been pregnant.

How could she have been pregnant for seven weeks?

She twisted her eyebrows and waited for Mei Qi to bring Linda to her.

Linda came in two minutes.

When Linda saw Song Yunxuan, she looked somewhat uneasy, “Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan asked directly, “I’ve been pregnant for seven weeks.”

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