Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1421 - Failed Terribly

Chapter 1421: Failed Terribly

How could he not know what his daughter was planning?

It looked like she was really angry. She even dared to threaten him.

She was indeed Ye Zhifan’s daughter. She was not lacking in viciousness. But it won’t do to be vicious but not have the ability.

Having been seen through, Ye Ying bit her lower lip. If he knew that she was his daughter, why was he so aggressive towards her?

Ye Zhifan ignored her grievances. There was even a hint of impatience in his cold voice. “If you still refuse to face reality, Ye Ying, you will never be able to stop Ye Jian from moving forward. If you don’t learn to lower your head, you will only be able to look up at Ye Jian. Ye Ying, do you think you have the right to raise your head in front of Ye Jian? Do you have the right to show off in front of her?”

“Do you?”

Did she?

No, she didn’t! She didn’t have anything! What right did she have to raise her head in front of Ye Jian? What right did she have to show off?

Ye Ying’s face turned pale. After some time, she shook her head gently and said weakly, “No, I have nothing. She has everything that I can’t get.”

“Since you don’t, keep your head lowered today. Make sure your words match your actions,” Ye Zhifan said coldly as if he didn’t believe Ye Ying at all.

He regretted not bringing Ye Ying with him when he was working in the town hall. She grew up to become as arrogant as Sun Dongqing.

Ye Jian had already walked so far but his daughter, whom he always thought was outstanding, was still in the same place… If he doesn’t let Ye Ying face reality, she will keep thinking that she was amazing!

He reminded her many times to be clear-headed and not to look down on Ye Jian. She needed to realize her shortcomings and realize that she was indeed not as good as Ye Jian. In the end, his words only had a small effect at that time. She reverted to her old ways soon after.

As he thought about this, Ye Zhifan glared at his wife… She played a huge role in his daughter’s current state!

Sun Dongqing didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say… She thought that her daughter was better than Ye Jian but what happened?

The truth was in front of her. Her daughter needed to find connections before she could enter the military unit. As for Ye Jian, she already had a gun in her hand.

Facing her father’s accusation, Ye Ying pursed her lips even tighter.

Lower her head to Ye Jian… How could she do that? How could she do that?

She tightened her grip and her gaze turned even more sinister. She couldn’t overcome the hurdle in her heart and couldn’t accept bowing down to someone who she thought was inferior to her.

Ye Zhifan sneered.

He put in so much effort to nurture her. He was unwilling to accept such an outcome either!

Now, if he wanted his daughter to stand on her feet, he could only rely on Ye Jian. He wanted to use her to let his daughter see the truth and stop being arrogant.

Tragic. How tragic. He had failed terribly in educating his daughter.

The atmosphere between the father and daughter became tense.

Sun Dongqing was so nervous that she didn’t know what to do. Then, she looked at her daughter who was sweating due to the sun. Her heart ached. She took out the umbrella from her bag. “Yingying, hold the umbrella. It’s too hot. Be careful not to hurt your skin.”

The sun was really hot. Ye Ying reached out to take the umbrella subconsciously. Also drenched in sweat, Ye Zhifan’s face darkened. “We’ve been here for more than ten minutes but Ye Jian hasn’t moved. She’s standing but you’re sitting!”

Ye Ying retracted her hand as if she was electrocuted.

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