Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress

Chapter 1431 - Class B Mission: Assassinating Xia Ruya!

Chapter 1431: Class B Mission: Assassinating Xia Ruya!

She would never spare anyone who harmed Old Mr. Mo, and Ning Shuqian was no exception.

Ning Shuqian had been controlled by the Korean-Chinese Alliance which instigated her to manipulate Wen Haowen into pushing for the entertainment city project. Now that it was at a crucial juncture, they had to perfect Plan S and execute it according to the pace of the entertainment city project.

Apart from Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian, there was also the Korean-Chinese Alliance who had hurt Old Mr. Mo. If Ning Shuqian were to die, the entertainment city project would definitely face plenty of obstacles and their plan for the heirloom sales strategy would go up in smoke.

If Plan S could not be executed successfully, they would lose their only chance to deal with the Korean-Chinese Alliance. The next opportunity might not come by again.

Wen Xinya was well aware that the Korean-Chinese Alliance was the root of the problem, and only by getting rid of them would Old Mr. Mo be safe. He would not longer be threatened and she would then be able to take revenge for her mother.

Due to the fact that Ning Shuqian was not the mastermind behind Old Mr. Mo’s lapse, she would not deal with her using such extreme means.


Although she would not resort to extreme means, it did not mean that she would let Ning Shuqian off!

“I will let Ning Shuqian live a living hell…” Wen Xinya said before finding it a little perplexing. Her voice turned softer and her consciousness began to blur as well. She instinctively looked into Si Yiyan’s eyes which were dark and gloomy like vortexes that were sucking away her rationality.

She found it to be rather inappropriate, but she could not explain it clearly either. She tried hard to open her eyes, only to feel like they weighed a ton. She tried to sober up, but could not snap herself out of a daze.

Wen Xinya slowly closed her eyes.

Si Yiyan heaved a sigh of relief and kissed her on the lips. “Baby, be good and sleep for a while!”

Wen Xinya was mentally and physically exhausted after all that happened. Hence, she needed to rest. However, she was still very worried about Old Mr. Mo and insisted on staying by his side. Since she refused to sleep, he had no choice but to hypnotize her into doing so.

Fortunately, Wen Xinya was also thoroughly exhausted, thus allowing his hypnotic techniques to work.

Si Yiyan pulled the blanket over her body and lit up some aromatherapy incense that would help her sleep. He then played some classic music before leaving the room and closing the door stealthily.

As soon as he exited, Gu Yuehan stepped forth. “Ninth Young Master…”

Si Yiyan shot him a glance which made him stop talking.

Gu Yuehan stared at the closely shut doors and thought to himself, The VIP room in the hospital has great soundproofing effects. Even if we talk loudly outside, the people inside won’t be able to hear it. Did Ninth Young Master forget about this?

Si Yiyan brought Gu Yuehan to the living room which was dimly lit with some warm, yellow light that made his face look exceptionally tensed and cold. “How’s the investigation going?”

Although they had already guessed the reason for Old Mr. Mo’s sudden lapse, they still had to investigate thoroughly, lest they make any blunders.

“I found out that a secret fax that was sent by an anonymous sender to the fax machine in Old Mr. Mo’s private study. We couldn’t find out the content of the fax, but it was sent from a fax machine in an internet cafe, half an hour before he suffered the myocardial infarction. There are no other peculiarities. I’ve already sent someone to keep close tabs on it.

“We managed to find out the identity of the sender. He’s just a normal secondary school student. According to him, someone gave him 500 yuan to fax a document, but he doesn’t know the identity of that person or what the content of the document was about. Hence, there are no leads.”

It had been seven hours since they began investigating, but the clues were limited because of how careful the mastermind acted. Hence, they could not find anything at all.

“The Korean-Chinese Alliance came prepared because Old Mr. Mo is the one they want to deal with. Hence, they’re much more conscientious compared to the past. It’s normal that you couldn’t find any information.” Si Yiyan had long expected that to be the case. The Korean-Chinese Alliance had been wary of Old Mr. Mo for so many years but had never once dared to harm him. Since they had taken action now, they would definitely keep themselves out of trouble.

“However, there’s a major finding from the hospital. We made some special arrangements at the hospital in secret before Old Mr. Mo was sent there. We discovered a few suspicious personnel as well as a cardiology rescue assistant, all of whom we have controlled and are now under investigation. We found out that they are related to Ning Shuqian.”

However, they did not take any action on those people yet because they had to wait for Si Yiyan’s instructions.

“Cardiology rescue assistant?” Si Yiyan asked with an icy cold gaze in his eyes. It seems he had made the correct guess about the Korean-Chinese Alliance having already planted their snitches in a bid to kill Old Mr. Mo.

If it weren’t because of the prior arrangements that he had made, the results would have been dire.

“This is the rescue assistant. She was supposed to take part in the rescue mission in the emergency room, but I found her to be suspicious and hence, secretly arranged for her to be replaced. I did not alarm her.”

Si Yiyan suspected there to be something fishy about Old Mr. Mo’s condition and hence, did not keep a high profile when investigating and instead chose to do it secretly. Si Yiyan had closely monitored all of the doctors, assistants, and nurses who would be taking part in the rescue. Hence, he had been very conscientious and careful.

“Yes, you don’t have to do any redundant actions. Just monitor closely when Old Mr. Mo is hospitalized.” Since Wen Xinya had decided to kill Xia Ruya and take action against Ning Shuqian while keeping the bigger picture in mind, there was no need to deal with those snitches.

They just had to ensure that they wouldn’t pose a threat to Old Mr. Mo.

“I know, Ninth Young Master.”

Si Yiyan stood before the window and looked at the pitch dark sky outside. The darkness seemed to have penetrated through the window and was cast into the room. The bright lights could not overwhelm the darkness, however.

He was standing in a spot where darkness met the light. It was as if he was standing in between Heaven and Hell. Staring into the dark with eyes that were gloomier than the night, Si Yiyan said, “As the final decision maker of Jiayuan, I hereby declare the commencement of Xia Ruya’s assassination. It’s a B Class mission and I want the results in five days!”

His voice turned icy cold in the dark.

His face was defined like jade and he looked breathtakingly noble.

His slender body seemed to have become one with his shadow.

At this moment, he was the biggest decision-maker of Jiayuan, the boss and the dictator of the underworld.

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