Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 746 - Nonstop Disputes

Chapter 746 – Nonstop Disputes

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Whether he has a way or not, he is the East Empress after all, representing the attitude of the East Land. Look, all the families and sects present in the East Land have signed this contract. They definitely want to give the East Sovereign face. Otherwise, without the protection of the East Sovereign, they may not be able to survive.”

Soon, nearly half of the families had signed their names. Just then, someone suddenly stood up and raised an objection.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely no opinion on the matter of destroying evil spirits. After all, I am also a person who has personally seen evil spirits.” This man was the Sect Master of Heavy Mountain Sect, and his cultivation had reached Earth Realm’s Major Perfection Stage.

He glanced at Yan Tianhen and said, “But should all evil Qi cultivators in this world be put to death?”

Sword Saint Tianshu said, “Naturally.”

Yan Tianhen’s heart sank.

Sure enough, Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master sneered, pointing in Yan Tianhen’s direction. “Prince Ye, Yan Tianhen, is also an evil Qi cultivator. This old man once witnessed his cultivation method of controlling evil spirits. Now he is sitting here with a splendid appearance, hanging out with us. Are you all blind? Is it just because he is the son of King Ye and the successor of the Qianyuan Dynasty? Can he hide from the world and fool us? If so, this old man will be the first to refuse to obey!”

In an instant, the eyes of the hall all looked towards Yan Tianhen. There were doubts, consternation, and uncertainty.

Wan Yitong, who was sitting behind Yan Tianhen, took the lead in reacting, and stood up with a fierce slap on the table.

He pointed to Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master and shouted, “What are you talking about? Regardless of whether Yan Tianhen was really an evil Qi cultivator or not, when he was in the Dragon Tomb Holy Land, how much did he help you? We can see whose side he was on. I would advise you to not be unreasonable and have a conscience!“

The Sect Master of Heavy Mountain Sect was scolded by a junior in public. Naturally, he felt ashamed and even more angry.

He stood up and said coldly, “Arrogant boy! When was I unreasonable? If he is an evil Qi cultivator, I can’t doubt his intentions? What if he pretended to be on our side, but in fact, he wanted us to relax our vigilance and open the way for evil spirits?“

“Don’t confuse the public!” Wan Yitong raised his eyebrows. “If he is truly on the evil spirits’ side, you will be the first to die!”

“You–!” Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master was so angry that he could hardly speak.

“Prince Ye is an evil Qi cultivator, is it true or not?” The young master of the Wan family also spoke up. The Wan family didn’t show their attitude until this matter.

Only then did he ask, “I heard a lot of rumors before, but I didn’t believe the rumors were true. Prince might as well clarify his identity for himself by taking advantage of everyone’s presence, so as to block the leisurely mouths of those who are interested.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the young master of the Wan family.

His name was Wan Liyao. He was Wan Yitong’s older brother. He could play the flute and was good at attacking with rhythm. He was the leader of the Wan family. He was granted the title of young master a few years agoSince Wan Yitong broke away from the Wan clan for the sake of Bei Shitian, Wan Liyao announced that he would expel Wan Yitong from the family tree and would never give him the chance to return to the Wan family again. This time, Wan Yitong went back to the Wan family to steal the stringless zither, but he also went back secretly. He didn’t dare let people know.

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When Wan Liyao finished speaking, someone echoed, “Yes, if Prince really was framed, it would be better to explain clearly and prove your innocence.”

“Yes, I don’t know who would be so ill-intentioned, but it is cruel to pour dirty water on Prince.”

“Prince Ye is the closed-door disciple of Fuyao Sect’s Esteemed Lan Yue and a student of Myriad Dao Academy. How could he be an evil Qi cultivator from the rumors? Someone must deliberately want to slander Prince Ye. We must find that person to prevent a piece of rat excrement from spoiling a pot of porridge!”


There were different opinions, and the hall became noisy gradually.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes slightly. He saw the faces of some people watching the drama, and also saw the sinister nature of their hearts. Lin Xuanzhi stood up and looked around, and the voices gradually died down.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Is it important whether or not Ah Hen is an evil Qi cultivator? It’s true that he saved people and killed evil spirits. It’s true that he selflessly publicized the method of killing evil spirits. It’s also true that he racked his brains to kill evil spirits. Isn’t what he did enough to prove his determination to kill evil spirits?”

In any case, Lin Xuanzhi was a Grandmaster and his words naturally carried weight. Especially for the orthodox Dao, Lin Xuanzhi was the representative of all kinds of leaders. Therefore, many people fell into thought when he said these words at first.

Wan Liyao suddenly said, “It is naturally very reasonable for Huarong Sword Venerable to say these words, but we are also concerned about who is slandering Prince Ye.”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “Naturally, those who are waiting to see our infighting are slandering his original intentions.”

Wan Liyao narrowed his eyes and said with deep meaning, “Huarong Sword Venerable suspects that someone has deliberately spread such rumors?”

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “It’s not doubt, it’s affirmation.”

Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master sneered, “After all this talk, whether Yan Tianhen is an evil Qi cultivator or not, this old man will know at a glance!”

Before the words were finished, Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master suddenly attacked Yan Tianhen. The treasure in his hand was a magic weapon of the earth level. One move was worth the full blow of a cultivator in Earth Realm’s Major Perfection Stage.

In a flash, a heavy fist slammed towards Yan Tianhen.

With a loud noise, purple evil Qi condensed into a heavy shield, which blocked that heavy fist. The people were almost shaken by the aftershock. Before they recovered from the shock, they heard a loud noise. Unexpectedly, the Sect Master of Heavy Mountain Sect was slapped away with one palm. He flew back, broke two thick pillars, hit the ground, and and spat a mouthful of blood.


Everyone looked at each other in shock.

They all stared at Lin Xuanzhi, only feeling that the refined man who looked as white as snow now had sharp and aggressive sword Qi surrounding him. He unexpectedly looked as if he was ready to slaughter.

“Master!” The Young Sect Master of Heavy Mountain Sect gave a loud scream. After discovering that Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master was badly beaten, he angrily pointed to Lin Xuanzhi and said, “How dare you!?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him as if he were a dead man. “Whoever dares to touch this Venerable’s person will come to meet his end.”


Sword Saint Tianshu came to his senses and sighed heavily.

Lin Xuanzhi’s temper was usually always calm, but once he encountered any matters regarding Yan Tianhen, he would be like a thunder bomb that could explode at any second. With his attack, the situation would become out of control.

“Huarong Sword Venerable, you’ve gone a little too far.” Wan Liyao took the lead in opening his mouth, holding the flute in his hand. “It was just a test. You didn’t have to be cruel to Heavy Mountain Sect’s Sect Master. If I didn’t know better, I thought you were going to kill him.”

The head of the Yue clan also snorted coldly. “We have all seen the moves made by Yan Tianhen just now. The purple evil Qi is thick and cold. What would he be, if he wasn’t an evil Qi cultivator? I thought Huarong Sword Venerable was the most just person, but now it seems that’s not true!”

“Hiss–Prince Ye was really an evil Qi cultivator! Huarong Sword Venerable, we respected you as the Light of Daoism and an elder of all Dao. How could you protect an evil Qi cultivator and fight against us?”

“Has Huarong Sword Venerable been bewitched?!”

The voice of doubt grew louder and buzzed in Yan Tianhen’s ears.

Lin Xuanzhi was criticized, and several sect masters and patriarchs took the lead in questioning him.

“You don’t have to say anymore!” Yan Tianhen suddenly stood up. “I did cultivate evil Qi. But have I killed people? Have I ever wronged any of you? If I didn’t cultivate evil Qi, how would I know the weaknesses of evil spirits? If I really did join them, how could I make public the method to kill the evil spirits? You might as well show evidence and say that I, Yan Tianhen, did something wrong!”


The hall became so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

Lin Zhan sighed softly and whispered, “This silly child. I told him to deny it no matter what happens, but he still couldn’t endure it.”

“Did you say that to him before?” Xuan Wushe asked.

Lin Zhan said, “Yeah, I guessed this would happen, but I didn’t expect it to involve Xuanzhi. Ah Hen couldn’t endure it after they involved Xuanzhi.”

Xuan Wushe said, “This is like me.”

Lin Zhan, “…”

At this time, why was Xuan Wushe still making jokes?

“It’s no use worrying now,” Xuan Wushe said. “Words that have already been spoken are like water that has been spilt. We should think about how to handle it.”

After a while, someone in the hall whispered, “He… What he said is true. At that time, my brother was also present at the Dragon Tomb Holy Land. If it weren’t for Prince Ye, my brother may not be able to get out. Why should we look at his origin?”

“I believe in Prince Ye’s character.” The Rong family’s First Elder also touched his beard and said, “Based on my knowledge of him, he could never side with the evil spirits.”

Another Grandmaster asked, “How do you know?”

First Elder Rong rolled his eyes at his old friend and said, “He is the second heir of the Qianyuan Dynasty, and there is still no news about the cub in the stomach of the East Empress. So these Nine Lands would be Prince Ye’s in the future. Why would he beat around the bush and bring trouble for himself? Brainless!”

The old friend: “…”

This last word, “brainless”, made the faces of many people present flush red.

The Rong family’s First Elder was very reasonable. What was Yan Tianhen’s identity? Why would he need to collude with evil spirits to destroy the Nine Lands?

Lin Zhan and Xuan Wushe soon gained a lot of attention.

Xuan Wushe’s cold gaze swept past, and several pairs of eyes hurriedly looked away.

Lin Zhan touched his stomach and hissed. “Don’t stare at my stomach. The East Land is not interested in that position.”

Xuan Wushe looked at Lin Zhan.

Lin Zhan asked, “Why, is there a problem?”

Xuan Wushe replied, “I just want to say that my wife is right.”

Others: “…”

What on earth is this occasion, to even be stuffed with dog food? There’s simply no justice!

Seeing this, Sword Saint Tianshu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He cleared his throat and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, in fact, the sect has long known about Yan Tianhen’s identity as an evil Qi cultivator, but the good and evil in the world should be divided not by race, but by character. I hope everyone can open their hearts and be broadminded in this crisis.”

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