Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 732 - A Barrel of Vinegar

Chapter 732 – A Barrel of Vinegar

Shuiyun Nichang had slipped out of the palace after disguising herself. She talked and laughed with You Ming and the others along the way, and her manner was relaxed. However, when she was about to reach the palace gate, her expression suddenly changed when she saw the graceful figure standing at the palace gate, which seemed like he was waiting for someone. The bright smile on her face instantly disappeared, turning into a deadpan dignified appearance.

Yan Tianhen, who witnessed all this, secretly clicked his tongue in admiration. This face-changing speed really is incredible.

The man Shuiyun Nichang married was Yi Zishang, the current master of the Yi family. Although Yi Zishang was from the Yi family, he was not an alchemist but a sword cultivator.

He stood out from the crowd and was selected as the patriarch of a family whose previous patriarchs had mostly been alchemists. It could be seen that Yi Zishang’s personal ability was strong.

Yi Zishang and Yan Zhonghua had completely opposite personalities. At the beginning, You Ming liked Yan Zhonghua because Yan Zhonghua looked very gentle and kind, like a spring breeze. He must be a person with excellent personality and good manners.

Yi Zishang, on the other hand, gave people a feeling of indifference, which was somewhat similar to the East Sovereign Xuan Wushe. Probably because of this, the relationship between the East Sovereign and Yi Zishang was quite good.

Yi Zishang first glanced at Shuiyun Nichang, and then looked to Yan Zhonghua and the others.

“King Ye, we are honored by your presence. Excuse me for not going out to meet you,” Yi Zishang simply said a cold sentence without showing guilt, and then added, “The East Sovereign had told me your intention, but the Illuminating Sky Cauldron was already loaned out a few days ago. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint King Ye this time.”

Instead, Yi Zishang said to Shuiyun Nichang, “It’s been cold recently, so you shouldn’t wear only one coat when you go out. You should wear that shawl when you go out next time.”

Shuiyun Nichang’s eyes lowered and she whispered, “Got it.”

Yi Zishang grabbed Shuiyun Nichang’s shoulder and said to Yan Zhonghua, “We have other matters at home, so pardon us for not being able to accompany you.”

Shuiyun Nichang suddenly raised her head and looked at the man one head higher than her and said, “They are my guests.”

Yi Zishang replied nonchalantly, “They’re looking for the Illuminating Sky Cauldron. If they can’t find it, naturally they’ll have to find another substitute. They don’t have time to stay here for long.”

Shuiyun Nichang was a little angry. She pushed away Yi Zishang and stood beside him. “Even so, they’re still my friends. They have nothing to do with you.”

Yi Zishang looked at Yan Zhonghua, his eyes darkening. “Suit yourself, but don’t forget, you’re a married woman.”

After that, Yi Zishang walked through the palace gate.

You Ming: “…Shit! One day, Laozi will beat him! Listen to what he just said!”

Yi Zishang’s figure had already disappeared by now.

Shuiyun Nichang sighed, a little depressed. “He was truly too impolite, but he wasn’t like this before. Who knows what’s gotten into him this time? …But I probably can’t help much regarding the matter with the Illuminating Sky Cauldron. With Yi Zishang’s attitude, it’s clear that he isn’t going to reveal anything.”

You Ming narrowed his eyes and sneered, “No matter. Since he wants to drive us away, I’m going to stay here. If he doesn’t reveal the cauldron’s whereabouts, I’ll force him to reveal it.”

Yan Zhonghua also had some criticisms regarding Yi Zishang’s attitude, but he didn’t like to complain about others behind their backs, so he didn’t say anything. He merely marked the man who dared to bully Shuiyun Nuishang in front of outsiders down as a debt to settle later.

Although the successor of the Yi family made it clear that he didn’t want to see them, Yan Tianhen still decided to brazenly move into the South Sovereign’s Imperial Palace.

After all, this place was Shuiyun Nichang’s territory, not the territory of their Yi family. What’s more, after comprehensive consideration, it was necessary to get the Illuminating Sky Cauldron.

How could they give up so easily after merely getting a cold reception? In addition, Yi Zishang threatened them. Among the four people present, except Yan Zhonghua, the other three were basically stubborn in the way that they liked to annoy those who treated them impolitely. When met with a strong rejection, those three would respond with an even stronger response and would never retreat. So, the four people stayed in the South Sovereign’s Palace together.

On the first night, Shuiyun Nichang held a private banquet in the palace and got drunk with the four guests, and the next night, Shuiyun Nichang wanted to sit down with them and discuss the Dao. She did not leave the gate of Yan Zhonghua’s residence for three days, and the place was filled with laughter everywhere.

On the fifth night.

Yi Zishang stood outside the tightly-shut gates of Yan Zhonghua’s hall, and he gnashed his teeth so much that he almost broke them.

The personal attendant who grew up with him was indignant and said, “Master, Madam has actually been with those men for five whole days, and she never even came back at night. She really doesn’t care about you!”

Yi Zishang shouted with a cold face, “Shut up, it’s not your place to talk.”

The young man pouted, looking wronged. “I just can’t bear to see Madam being so cold to Master. Usually, the South Sovereign always looks at you like a stranger and doesn’t want to talk. Even though you were so kind to her, she was still cold to you, but she actually smiled at those people.”

Yi Zishang’s expression was ugly, but he said faintly, “If I hear these words again, you can return to the Yi residence.”

When the servant heard this, he didn’t know if Yi Zishang really meant it or not. He immediately knelt down and begged for mercy, “Master, this servant doesn’t dare to say anymore. Please don’t drive me away.”

Yi Zishang stared at him for a long time. “Go and ask Madam to come out, just say I have something important to discuss with her.”

The attendant hurriedly nodded, then rushed to knock on the door.

Yi Zishang was very unhappy in his heart. He had been Dao companions with Shuiyun Nichang for so many years. Usually, Shuiyun Nichang always had a respectful attitude towards him, but what he wanted was the lively and energetic girl who loved to laugh and stir up trouble without regard for other people’s criticisms.

What he liked was that kind of Shuiyun Nichang.

He thought that when they became Dao companions, he would get that Shuiyun Nichang, but unexpectedly, Shuiyun Nichang had such an attitude towards him.

Although Yi Zishang’s cultivation and state of mind were both profound, he still felt panic in his heart when he saw his wife smile like a carefree little girl upon meeting her old sweetheart again. Furthermore, Shuiyun Nichang actually didn’t return at night. She accompanied Yan Zhonghua and the others all day and night for five whole days.

Yan Tianhen crouched in the corner, holding a mirror in his hand, watching Yi Zishang, who looked as if he wanted to eat someone. Yan Tianhen said with some excitement, “Is he going to smash the door? Dage, look at his expression. He looks like his wife gave him a green hat, hahaha!”

You Ming said airily, “I also feel like I’ve been given a green hat.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

When he turned his head, You Ming was unexpectedly standing behind him. Yan Tianhen awkwardly rubbed his chin and stood up. “Father is still discussing the Dao with Aunt Nichang?”

You Ming said, “Like hell they are. Both of them are talking about private affairs. They’re so embarrassing. I came out to get some air.”

Yan Tianhen asked, “Dad, do you hate Aunt Nichang very much?”

You Ming nodded hastily, looking disgusted. “I hate her to death. She only knows how to pester someone else’s husband all day. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that she wants to be my husband’s concubine.”

“Ah.” Yan Tianhen said, “Dad, I just heard Yi Zishang say to his page outside that after we leave, he would first beat Aunt Nichang, then lock her up.”

“What?” You Ming flew into a rage and immediately rolled up his sleeves, prepared to go out and beat someone up. “I think the person surnamed Yi doesn’t want to live anymore, to actually dare to bully my younger sister!”

Yan Tianhen became amused and pulled You Ming back. “It seems that the relationship between Dad and Aunt Nichang isn’t bad.”

You Ming paused, then kicked Yan Tianhen. “Little bastard, how dare you fool your dad!”

Then he added, “Your father already recognized her as an adopted sister. So it’s fine for me, her sister-in-law, to bully her. But how can others bully her?”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Yan Tianhen said, “Aunt Nichang also has a hard life. The South Land’s situation isn’t very good. There are too many families and sects in their own camps, and the Shuiyun clan has no outstanding juniors. Aunt Nichang is really having a hard time supporting an entire family alone.”

You Ming breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s why your father is teaching that lass how to stabilize her position right now.”

Inside the house, Shuiyun finally sighed faintly. “It can’t be helped. What can I do with this mess that my dad left me? I thought that I could get a little break after marrying Yi Zishang, but unexpectedly, Yi Zishang didn’t even touch me on his wedding night, so I knew he didn’t like me.”

At this point, Shuiyun Nichang sobbed. “I didn’t know he actually hated me this much. He always spoke coldly to me and didn’t help me when he saw the Yi family bullying me. Even this time, he must have known that you were coming to borrow the Illuminating Sky Cauldron, so he gave it away before you arrived.”

Yan Zhonghua frowned deeply. “You’ve been married for over ten years. Don’t tell me that you’ve never consummated your marriage?”

Shuiyun Nichang sighed and wiped her eyes. “Let alone consummating the marriage, it’s rare for us to even kiss or hug each other. I don’t know what I did wrong. The people I like have either been stolen away by another hussy, or they ignore me and are always fierce to me. My road in love really is full of bumps. Could it be that I’m too outstanding, so not even Heaven can stand seeing me happy?”

Lin Xuanzhi sighed and said calmly, “Maybe it’s not your fault, but perhaps that part of his is defective?”

Shuiyun Nichang suddenly froze.

She looked up at Lin Xuanzhi, stupefied. “W-what you said is quite reasonable.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled knowingly and said, “There is no man who is not lecherous. Aunt is gorgeous and easy-going, so she’s definitely popular with men. He has been married to you for over ten years and has been avoiding sexual intercourse with you. Thinking about it… That kind of defect is also a possibility.”

Shuiyun Nichang’s face turned green and white, and she was unable to sit or stand still.

If Yi Zishang really has a problem in that aspect, should I be kinder to him and give some comforting words? Fuck, so that’s why Yi Buxun, that old man, was in such a hurry to marry Yi Zishang to me!

Shuiyun Nichang could not sit still anymore and was just about to get up and leave first, when she heard the knocking at the door.

Da Man’er, Shuiyun Nichang’s personal attendant, came over and said in a little hurry, “Your Majesty, Master Yi’s little page knocked on the door and said that Master Yi has urgent business with Your Majesty.”

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